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6 Must Have Summer Smartphone Accessories

Here we have put together a choice of helpful, fun and essential accessories to take with you on your summer travels or just to look great on a sunny day.

Amazon echo

Amazon Echo Can Now Be Bought By Everyone

Amazon Echo was previously only available to those who were invited to test it out, but Amazon is now allowing anyone to purchase the digital assistant for use in their home. Anyone living in the...

Amazon To Use AI To Overhaul Review System

In order to prevent fake reviews and product star ratings, Amazon has turned to artificial intelligence. A new artificial intelligence machine learning system that has been custom built by the online marketplace will help...

best camping gadgets

The 10 Most Awesome Gadgets For Camping

When heading out into the great outdoors it can be tempting to pack all manner of unneeded technology just in case you have the chance to use it, meaning you often forget the things...