5 Must Have Car Accessories That Come Cheap As Under $100

We often find it hard to kick start our cars in deserts and long for having a kit or several other car accessories that we otherwise ignore at shops. These car accessories 2020 are must have to keep your car running and have everything available at hand’s reach. These accessories that we have selected will make your travel comfortable.
All these accessories even the car jump starter kit come under $100. Some of our selected items are even cheaper than you think they might actually cost.

#1 AUTOPHIX OM500 Japanese Vehicles Scanner JOBD Engine Code Reader for Toyota Nissan Honda etc

This is one of the highly useful Japanese car diagnostic tool with 0BD OBD2 code reader scanner for nearly all old and new cars by Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda and Nissan. Some of its highly effective uses are mentioned below:

1- It is best for the car models of 1996 and later JOBD compliant Japanese cars
2- It can detect the flaws and cause in Check Engine Light (MIL)
3- With it you can turn off Check Engine Light (MIL), clean codes and reset monitors
4- Compliant with JOBD 16PIN all car models. Best for automobile engineers as well for professional use
5- It can easily retrieve car data
6- Built-in OBD II Fault code lookup library
7- Very simple to operate and very reliable

#2 OBDPROG MT003 Car Key Programmer for Nissan Infiniti -China

This device OBDPROG MT003 has been exclusively designed to read a Pin Code, programming auto Keys or even correct the Mileage a part of vehicles.


1- It can convert 5-digit code to 4-digit code or even a 20-digit code to 20 digit code.
2- There is no need to connect with computer, plug and play, the whole programming is done automatically
3- No real need to buy any tokens
4- Single key Upgrading
5- Free software upgrade for one year
6- Size(L x W x H)- 22.50 x 9.00 x 5.50 cm / 8.86 x 3.54 x 2.17 inches
7- Weight- 0.28kg
8- Contents – 1 x OBDPROG MT005 main unit, 1 x USB cable, 1 x Nylon bag

#3 Cool Car Trash Garbage Bag- China

One of the coolest car trash garbage bags available on market cheap. Its storage pockets are leak proof and have vinyl portable lid.

1- The car organizers and storage can accommodate tissues, wrappers, napkin, bottles, and even unfinished drinking. HOTOR vehicle trash can with lid can help you away from trash and odors.
2- Leak Proof – It have very durable vinyl linings to keep the garbage within. You can keep even drinks in it.
3- Very durable and its longevity is remains intact for years.
4- Stylish – It is very stylish and the thermal insulators being waterproof can hold ice, drinks and snacks cool for several hours.
5- Flexible and foldble
6- Very collapsible and adjustable strap

#4 3-in-1 Emergency Tool- USA

This 3-in-1 emergency tool by IDEALPLAY is the quickest car charger for Android and iPhone that comes with Matching Cable 2-packs. Get ready for your daily travelogue and vlogs now. This device can charge multiple devices.
1- Built in glass breaker
2- Builtin Seatbelt cutter
3- A great safety tool
4- Available in Black, Black + Gold or Black + Rose Gold colors
5- Made of Plastic and metal

Kit Has:
2 x Car charger emergency tools
2 x 2-in-1 USB-to-micro USB & 8-Pin charging cables
Manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty

#5 FLOUREON 12000mAh With LED Light Jump Starter

Flpureon 12000mAh has LED light jump starter with 600A at peak current jump starter and is equally available for the Europe and the UK. You can avail the best jump starter kit at a time when you could have it for a cheaper price than real retail price.


1- Over charge Protection and detection voltage 12.75±0.10V
2- Over charge detection delay time 1.5s Max
3- Over charge release voltage 12.45±0.15V
4- Over discharge protection over discharge detection voltage 8.10±0.3V
5- Over discharge detection delay time 150ms Max
6- Over discharge release voltage 9.0±0.35V
7- Over current protection over current detection voltage 0.20±0.04V
8- Over current detection current 16~20A
9- Release condition cut load
10- Short protection detection condition and exterior short circuit

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