25 Must Have iPhone Gadgets To Buy – Part One

New gadgets for the iPhone are being created every day and a search to find an amazing gadget to be your next purchase can often leave you overwhelmed with choice and confused about which gadgets are the most practical. We’re taken the hard work out of gadget shopping- after scouring the internet we’ve come up with a list of the best iPhone gadgets to buy, so you just have to choose your favourite.

Fli-Tunes $12.46

This simple but cool gadget for your iPhone is a flat flying disc that can be used for games in the park or on the beach but transforms into a hollow cone to act an amplifier for your music, making the volume doubly loud.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- bioliteBioLite Camp Stove $210.52

If you regularly take your iPhone on camping or outdoor trips then this two in one iPhone gadget is definitely worth taking a look at. The BioLite Camp Stove uses wood to produce heat so you can cook on the stove but also converts some of the energy into electricity so you can power your iPhone. This is not an everyday gadget but one that travelers and campers will love.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- converge popConverge Pop Hub and Docking Station $69.99

This futon style docking station and hub can charge up to four devices at once and stores the cables in the back for less mess. This gadget is perfect for iPhone as the chargers appear from the bottom of the hub so can be easily plugged into your phone while it sits in a convenient position.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- smart gloveSmart Glove $10.90

These clever gloves allow you to use the touch screen of your iPhone without having to take your gloves off and let your fingers freeze. The gloves have conductive material woven into the fingertips which won’t scratch your screen but will allow you to use your phone with ease.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- olloclipOlloclip 4-in-1 Lens $79.99

If you’re looking to improve on your iPhone’s current camera without needing heavy extra equipment then the Olloclip iPhone gadget will be perfect. This 4-in-1 lens clips over your phone to improve both the front and back cameras and includes fisheye, wide angle, 5x macro and 10x macro lenses so you can take amazing super sharp shots.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- collosusCollosus 12 Foot Cable $9.99

It’s debatable whether a simple cable is actually a gadget, but this is one of the most useful accessories for iPhone that you can buy. The chargers supplied with iPhones are fine for some uses but there are lots of times when we wish they could be just that bit longer. Thanks to the Collosus you will never have a problem with a cable that’s too short again. This huge 12 foot long charging cable comes with either a lightning or micro USB connector and will work with the plug adapter that came with your iPhone.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- magic mountmagicMOUNT $19.99

This cool mount will allow you to easily mount your iPhone on any surface thanks to the 3M adhesive. The included magic plate can be attached to your iPhone or hidden under a protective case so that you just need to hover your phone near the mount and it will be magnetically attracted and held securely in place. This is great for a car but can be used on almost any surface to mount your iPhone quickly and conveniently. The mount also has a locking ball joint and built in cable clip.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- impossible instant labImpossible Instant Lab $179

This cool must have iPhone gadget turns your phone into an instant photo lab with the use of a micro processor controlled film processing unit. You choose your favourite photo on your phone, place your phone screen side down on the gadget then watch as your image is printed out. The Instant Lab uses the same style of film as Polaroid cameras so you can actually see your image developing onto the paper before your eyes.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- golfsenseGolfSense 3D Golf Swing Analyser $122

This is a must have iPhone gadget for golfers and will enable you to analyse and improve your swing. The wearable motion sensor can be attached to any golf glove and syncs with a downloadable app that helps you evaluate your swing plane, club path, hand path and more. SwingScore tells you how close you are to achieving your personal swing goals which makes this such a cool golfing gadget for the iPhone.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- nilogieNilogie Extendable Self Portrait Stick $11.99

There’s no need to pay $40+ for a Selfie Stick when you can buy a perfectly functioning alternative for a fraction of the price. This cool iPhone gadget features a phone clamp with extendable stick and included Bluetooth shutter release for ease of use.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- nestNest 2nd Generation Learning Thermostat $239

The Nest is a super cool home gadget that is controlled by the iPhone to create a personalised heating system and learns your preferences to save up to 20% on your heating bill. You can control your heating from your phone while you’re not even in the house with this easy to program and functional gadget.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- celluonCelluon EPIC Ultra Portable Full Size Vitrual Keyboard $90.08

This must have iPhone gadget connects via Bluetooth to create a full size version of a keyboard in a safe form of projected laser. The cool and convenient keyboard works on any flat and opaque surface, meaning you can use this in multiple places for an easy way to type with your iPhone.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- nokeNoke $69.99
The Noke is an awesome iPhone gadget and one that you may not have heard of before. The Noke is a padlock that has no physical key, instead you use your iPhone to lock and unlock it. This means you’ll never lose the key and sharing it with others is easy. You’ll need the Noke app to use the padlock but once downloaded the lock will pair with your phone over Bluetooth and you’ll be able to set and share codes. The padlock is modern and attractive with a waterproof hardened steel body containing a battery that will last for over a year. You can also set custom tap codes for the lock in case you forget your phone or run out of battery.

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