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best cover letter tips 2020

How To Write A Cover Letter

A cover letter holds a very important position when we have to apply for a job. Your cover letter is so important that getting a call for the job interview or being totally ignored,...

learn to pronounce quickly

10 Tips On Correct Pronunciation

People learn different languages for different reasons. But its a fact that the correct way to pronounce a word of that particular language is an important part of learning it. Other people should understand...

educational tools for students 2020

5 Content Creating Apps For Students

With the change in education there’s a rising trend seen in the field of education. It has been observed that according to this new trend the teacher does not do most of the speaking...

stop Procrastination

The 10 Best Ways To Stop Procrastination

Procrastination is the art of delaying a task by doing something else instead. We are all familiar with the act of checking social media, YouTube, texting or just daydreaming when we should be getting...