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We welcome a variety of sizable guest posts from all over the world on Wiproo to share their news, press releases, periodicals and articles on this incredibly pacy platform that leads in its category as the beacon of quality on the basis of its quality publications. 

The quality of writers always matters to us. You can contribute your enthusiasm for writing on this platform about the stories of your struggles, startups, researches, product launches or any other category to the range of our wider audiences. Please do take time to review our section for guest posts to avoid rejection. We have laid down guidelines for the naive and veteran writers who can contribute to the following Write-For-Us categories:

  • Technology (including IoT, Blockchain, Web 3, Robotics, AI)
  • Finance/Fintech
  • Gadgets and Gizmos
  • Start up Stories 
  • Education
  • Automotives
  • Business
  • Careers
  • Communication
  • Health and Fitness
  • Hobbies 
  • Gaming 
  • Home Improvement 
  • Internet 
  • Law
  • Self-Help
  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Biography
  • New

What Are The Benefits Of Guest Posting For an Online Business?

  • Exposure to Million of Readers 

Our platform receives a good number of readers every month which keeps increasing to read high quality guest posts and sponsored published. Our community shares these guest authors to a multitude of new audiences. Your shared experience might help others to scale in the respective field which has the same nature and texture. 

  • Quality Backlinks to Your Websites/Blogs 

Our platform has maintained a quality score which can help new businesses and blogs to scale with giving backlinks for guest posts to improve their rankings. If content is the king, its foundation is the quality backlink which is only provided through a reputable website. 

  • Guest Posts Help Increase SEO Score of Your Blog 

We are also looking for authors who understand the online scalability of the businesses and importance of SEO. Our platform can help you get the right readership for your blog which can be a free SEO resource for your blog. This way you can increase your website’s SEO score for free with a single premium guest post. 

  • Real Time Value 

The writers believe that veterans or students can follow their premium posts, share them with their peers or university administration for better future prospects while the veterans can also share their valuable thoughts on the number of categories mentioned above. This will provide them real time value in their respective fields including business, interests or academics. 

  • Audience Building 

The writers can build their audience based on the common thoughts they share with the community of readers. These readers are genuine and can help the writers to multiply their audience. 

  • Content Quality and Control 

We always encourage quality content over quantity which is beneficial for the authors as per se. We would never encourage spam on our platform which is detrimental and devastating to the writer’s reputation and readers. So the new guest authors on our platform can always find their premium contents standing in ranks and files of our popular posts which are already trending on the search engines and socials, not just this platform. 

  • Zero Hassle 

In today’s world everyone keeps a busy schedule so they have made the process easy for you to get approved instantly if the contents is good enough. Hassle free guest posting is streamlined for the valuable authors. 

  • 24/7 Editorial Support 

We always ensure on our platform to give instant feedback to our authors and make necessary suggestions if they may be needed. The team of expert editors stays in the distance of a quick message and comes to your assistance. Our editors spend due time on your premium article submission to review it and suggest progrssive changes. 

  • Giving Back to the Community 

Writing guest posts also improves the author’s inner strength to give back value to the community. A word of wisdom can truly be a virtue if it makes someone’s life better and helps him improve. We provide our authors this platform so that they can truly give back to the community. 

  • The Joy of Writing 

A devoted writer always finds joy in writing. It’s a virtue of sorts which helps to harness the skills. Your next guest post is always a better written version than the previous one. It multiplies it when the audiences connect to the author and applaud him for his quality write-ups. So these “Write for US” posts give you an opportunity to open yourself to the world of those who understand and value your efforts. 

What Would You Get in Return of Sponsored Posts?

We give our authors a chance to establish their readership through our community and also push their contents for authority backlinks to their blogs and websites. 

We expect our new prime authors to reflect their ability to provide value back to the readers for their valuable time by reflexing their writing experience. To achieve that and make it possible for the new guest writers we have laid down a few easy-to-follow guidelines so that they can be at home with the requirements while writing. 

Guidelines For Guest Posts

  • Originality

We encourage authors to write original articles for guest posts that get published instantly and also generate good value for you as a writer. So all those posts which are already available online will not be entertained. Please be unique in every possible way while submitting articles here. 

  • Length of the Guest Post 

In order to maintain value and quality we encourage authors to submit guest posts of word-length between 1000-5000. Remember the more descriptive you are the better value readers can derive from it. 

  • Exemplification 

Examples always make it easy for the audience to get the gist of something. So if your written pieces are loaded with the right examples they will help others understand your take on things and the motto of your products if you are writing a product review. 

  • Product/Business Reviews 

If you are submitting a guest post about a business or product make sure to include how it affects the society and how much value can people drive from it. So we are looking for writers who can truly explain their pitches well without hustling around much. 

  • Good English or Workable English?

Please be as considerate as possible and submit your best piece for publishing as a guest post at our platform. We encourage writers who have a flair for English and genuine flow in their writing style. However, we are also looking for a variety of authors, not just a select genre of writers not limited to any class, ethnicity or region with convincing workable English that translates your thoughts well. 

  • Title of Your Sponsored Guest Post

If you can carve the most fitting title for your guest post—it’s half battle already won. So make sure to choose the suitable title for your post which can also be SEO friendly or let our editors choose it for you. 

  • Article Body

There are few things we strongly discourage in the article body:

  1. No profanity or obscene language against any religion, caste or system. 
  2. No pornographic contents of any sort or media
  3. No hate speech (constructive criticism is something else)
  4. No fake news
  5. No plagiarism 
  6. No AI written contents 
  7. No beating about the bush that wastes readers valuable time and bring zero value to you as an author
  8. No copyright infringements 
  9. No copyrighted media 

Things we accept that you can include in the article body including:

  • Press releases 
  • Product reviews 
  • Company profiling 
  • General Purpose Guides 
  • Research-based opinions 

For more details contact us 

  • Linkback to Your Blog/Website/Product

We always look for authors that submit valuable write-ups to scale up their business or blogs or in some cases even individual products by allowing them to link back to the resources. You can always get the do-follow links for the resources of your choice.

Here are some of the guidelines while using backlinks in the guest posts

We provide a chance to backlink your website through guest posts which can be do-follow in most cases that allow Search Engines to follow. 

  • Please do no include spam links in your guest posts 
  • Make sure the links you include are HTTPS
  • No repetitive links unless they are crucial and substantial to the story follow up
  • You can include natural links which will be more valuable to your site’s ranking. 
  • The links can be dofollow and nofollow 

Sponsored Posts

You can get your sponsored post published for a cheaper price and on a range of high quality PA DA domains. You can write your sponsored post about anything you want. Suppose you have an established Drone Startup that you want a wider audience to read about or you want a few quick backlinks to your blog, you can achieve that through publishing sponsored posts. 

How To Find free and paid opportunities for guest posts on Google and Bing?

Google is the best place to look for sponsored posts opportunities to enhance the SEO of your website. We suggest search for the following keyphrases in Google:

  •  “become a contributor”
  • “become a guest blogger”
  • “guest posting guidelines”
  • “Writer for hire”
  • “Write for us”
  • “become guest writer”
  • “submit content”
  • “contributor guidelines”
  • “guest author”
  • “guest post courtesy of”
  • “contribute to our site”
  • “guest post opportunities”
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  • “submit an article”
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  • “submit your content”
  • “submit news”
  • “this is a guest post by”
  • “want to write for”
  • “submit for us “
  • “Guest article”
  • “writers wanted”
  • “guest blogger”
  • “Guest bloggers wanted”
  • “write for us technology”
  • “write to us” + “blockchain”

What are Guest/Sponsored or Write For US’ posts?

Simply put, guest posts or ‘write for us’ posts provide authors a chance to submit contents for publication that may or may not reflect their own story, initial struggles or products that they have become fond of etc. 

An author can navigate to the website’s section of ‘Write For US’ and read the guidelines about submitting a guest or sponsored post. Guest posts provide genuine value to the websites or blogs they are linked to. Please do not confuse sponsored posts with advertisements or banners. There’s a wider difference between the two that need not be confused. 

What can a single guest post provide to your blog?

SEO strategists look for paid free opportunities to get their sponsored posts published to raise the rank of their client’s websites/blogs by getting a few quick backlinks. Even a single well-written guest post can truly be very beneficial for the website/blog it’s linked to. They get high traffic to their guest posts or domains which increases the DA and PA of a page which boosts its search volume on Search Engines. The brand awareness and value of the products also increases. Guest blogging or “write for us” or sponsored posts are beneficial for the hosts and blogs they are back linked to. 

Then what are you waiting for! Write For Us Today, Rightnow! 

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