How To Monitor Air Quality In Homes – Best Smart Air Quality Monitors For Homes

Allergies have been in the news throughout this year in one form or another. It’s necessary to keep our families safe and keep monitoring the air quality inside our homes. The question is ‘How to monitor air quality in homes.’

The modern designs of air quality monitors inside home are so sleek that they become nicely done interior pieces and ensure hygiene to a great level. There are a great number of air quality monitors that track the quality of air.


We have compiled a guide to walk you through to get the best air quality monitors of the year that tell a lot about monitoring air quality in homes with some of the best air quality monitors ranked. These air quality sensors will definitely give you great value for each buck.

#1 Huma-i HI-150 – Portable and a good quality air monitoring system


This air quality monitor Huma-i HI-150 is a very cute and portable one with all the necessary qualities of a large one. You can carry it with you from one place to another. Even if you are vacationing.

It measures air quality not only inside, but is very portable and accurate. One of its short-comings is that its shut off time is very short. You can take it with you or place it inside your or even leave it in your baby’s room. It has a built-in display screen that reads out clearly and it can shut itself off after a fine run of 10 mins.

Outside homes it takes some time to evaluate data which would take time. The best thing about HI-150 is that it shows real time results. Shows VOCs, CO2 levels, particle details, humidity and temperature of the area. Its portability, accuracy, performance and small size makes it perfect for travelers.

#2 Airthings Wave Plus – Best of the best air quality monitor


On the first look you will mistake it for a smoke alarm. But its high performance and accuracy will give you reasons to like it. It suits today’s interior standards and gives an appeal to rooms. It can easily point out allergens and ends to most of our worries about the air around our children that they breathe.

Airthings Wave Plus comes with a lot of exclusive and accurate readings that show radon, carbon dioxide, toxins and impurities properly monitored. Besides, temperature, air pressure and humidity can also be monitored with it. For example it shows the purity or impurity through different colors. It represents good air quality with green; fair enough with yellow and poor air quality with red.

It works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT software on your smart gadget. Two AA batteries are needed to run it, it works with the bluetooth but there is no WiFi. To get readings on your smartphone you need to stand close to it. Generally, it’s a smart choice that shows readings with accuracy and shows real-time stats.

#3 Temtop P10 – The air quality monitor which gives you best return for your money


Temtop P10 is a smart device that looks a lot like a cute alarm clock. You can connect it with your phone and monitor air impurities in your home. This device can really give you the best value for your money as it measures dust, smoke and gaseous presence in the closed environment displayed on a bright LCD which you can read from a distance.

There is no WiFi system in it for an app. The batteries used in it are rechargeable. Due to its short battery life it does not last all day. You can switch to a new side if there is an allergy season to get alerts of dust, smoke or gaseous buildup. You need to address the issue quickly. Simple put, if you want an air quality monitor which tells you about the health of air around you accurately Temptop- P10 is the best deal.

#4 Eve Room – One of the best air quality monitors with a homekit monitor


If you want a homekit-enabled monitor accurate details –Eve Room should be your pick. You can get readings about the quality of air, temperature and humidity of your home. It’s very compact manufactured with silver aluminum which works fine.

Eve Room allows you to measure VOCs, temperature and amount of humidity present in your home. You can view this from a distance. You can also make a comparison between records of a month and a year. You can use a kit of connected appliances such as humidifiers and other devices. It has an e-ink display that shows reading, graphs and what’s happening around your homes.

Even it shows air quality if it improves after a while. It works with all smartphones and other smart gadgets including iPhone, iPod and iPads but you cannot connect it with WiFi. However, you cannot run it with an Android which is its only flaw. The chargeable batteries are used to power it which last for weeks which is an awesome feature.

#5 IQAir AirVisual Pro – The best air quality monitor which works indoor and outdoor very well


We have to face allergy seasons quite a few times and during that specific time we must monitor air quality. AirVisual Pro by IQAir has sensors which give you a good reading about the air you inhale.

There is an alarm system in it which alerts regularly about the dangerous CO2 presence. IQAir has a clean display which shows temperature, humidity and pollution level not only inside but outside as well. It works with IFTTT and alarms you of changes as they take place.

You can even download the gathered data from the IQAir on your gadgets, track trends, weather changes and other related information. AirVisual Pro is good but expensive too. But it also gives you accurate information and updates about other things that may cause a change.


Many people suffer due to unpleasant air quality and face traumatic airborne diseases like asthma and lung issues. Some air quality monitors are not as good as they claim through marketing ploys but there are few likes of Airthings Wave Plus which truly give you value for your money. Besides, they also blend with the interior of your house.

These reviewed air quality monitors, technically, are primary for our homes. You can get detailed reports about them on your smart gadgets. Don’t think about the portion of your income that you spend on these gadgets, think about the comfort and hygiene level they bring to our families.

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