7 Latest Innovative Products That Make Life Easier

There are tons of innovative everyday products that make our life easier. Since everything is becoming smarter and cooler everyday than yesterday, we have gathered products which will make your life minimalist and technological advanced with their ergonomic designs.

#7 Tile Pro – Make Anything Smart


Tile Pro is an Internet of Things device that has been around for quite some time but it has become known more commonly now than ever before. A tile can be attached to any of your items or things making them easy to find later on. It can be attached to a keyring or a sticky pad so that you can always find your stuff.

If you are missing an item that you may have misplaced you can always ring your tile pro and find it as it would cause a sound. So it would be through that ringing or sound that leads to find the missing item. You would not have to turn the upside down the entire house. You will know the location of your item in a split second. However, you can also use its GPS system to see it on a map in a real quick time.
You don’t have to charge your tile pro everyday. The best part is they it comes powered by a battery CR2033 that you can replace once a year. You can find tiles on Amazon at affordable prices. Keep checking other ergonomic and innovative smart gadgets that make life easier.

#6 DJI Osmo Pocket – A Stabilized Smallest Smart For Vlogging From The Future

DJI Osmo released its DJI Osmo Pocket, possibly one of the lightest and smallest smart cameras on the planet which can fit anywhere and easy to carry for vlogging and other shoots. This camera is so tiny that’s something that came from the future to give you a concept of what exactly a 3-axis gimbal typically looks like.

This smallest smart camera is so small that it can fit into your regular jeans pocket with its gimbal. Even GoPro small camera with gimbal looks quite big before it. If you look into its positioning and its integrated features, this could be a one stop shop for vloggers and or any quick movement capture, this is a small camera replacement.

DJI company is popular with youtubers and vloggers which makes great tools for amateur content creators. It’s actually a miniature smart camera that also comes cheap on pocket. It’s a mechanical gimbal and feels pretty tough. It records 30fps, 4K footage in 1080. It records in 4K/30fps in default settings which is its great advantage.

Vlogging with world’s smallest smart camera
We tested it for vlogging and found that it may need an external mic as we need to record footage being on the go. For its cheap price, this thing is an exclusive movie making machine.

#5 VH80 – Smart Measurement Length Device


As digital measuring tools are becoming increasingly popular, it has never been the best time to invest in this technology than now. This smart measurement tool is one of the world’s great pieces of technology of its kind which sets up new standards for measuring and leveling. VH80 is the latest laser leveling gadget that makes it easier for us to level picture frames, hang sceneries, position your furniture or for measuring anything during your construction projects.
It is filled with tons of features to make your life easier with smart measurements.

It performs as a multifunction tool and allows you measure distance while offering perfect levels with laser. It can literally give you precise measurements of anything with advanced technology at a push of a button. You can measure lengths up to 260 feet.

#4 August Smart Lock


Our homes are getting smarter every day. It’s high time to use a smart lock and secure our expensive things. This smart lock by August has everything you need for a smart lock; you can automatically lock and unlock what you need to. You can be able to lock your home remotely or even check history who locked or unlocked your home.
This smart lock is a treasure for hosts and travelers. This lock has already been integrated with AirBnB and home away to seamlessly check-in and check-out with the help of app. You can use the app to check everything no matter where you are.
August smart lock is at home with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and other smart assistance.

#3 Ideum Multitouch Table – The Smart Ergonomic Table For Gadgets


Ideum is a company that’s known for making different types of smart tables. These tables come with smart features to control various gadgets and bring new technology to your home. Ideum has been creating these tables for the last 10 years. They are truly leading the smart table industry with the innovative new technology. They have created many top of the line smart tables. This Ideum Multitouch Table 49” 4K display that can be operated through touching and is designed for entertainment and information purposes.
You can load this smart table with various games and apps. So that you can always have an entertaining game to play with friends and family. You can enjoy these games with other friends. It has a minimalist interface that you can simply use just like your smartphone. Adults, children and everyone else you can enjoy entertainment on this multitouch table.
These tables are not cheap and come quite handy on purse. Check out one on Amazon below in case you are interested in.

#2 X1 Bike – The Perfect Bike For everyone

The XI Bike series is designed as your travel companions. They can be folded up when not in use and you can virtually take them anywhere. They are electric and you can ride them to about 37 miles if you choose the better battery power. They are available in different colors and cost about $1100+.

The Lithium battery used in these latest electric bikes give you a great mileage of 25000 miles before replacement. These electric bikes are easy to operate, just unfold them and hop on them.

Footpads are located on the front tires. So that you can easily lean back while driving. You don’t have to worry about back pain or cramps that are common in other electric or gasoline powered similar bikes.

What is great about XI Bikes?
The XI Bikes can manage to speed up to 19 miles per hour, so if you are living in a chaotic city, these bikes can truly help you get through all the traffic. It can save you and the cost of gasoline. If you are under 260lbs you can ride this bike and they can fit anywhere after use.

#1 Smart Mosquito And Flies Trap


If you don’t know how to deal with mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects, give this smart trap a chance. This is the latest smart insects trap which is the most powerful solution to all those creatures.
How does smart mosquito trap work?
This smart mosquito trap uses UV light to trap the fruit flies, mosquitoes and other insects. Then uses a fan to suck them in. Having done that, you will find the insects stuck on the gluey base inside the trap that you can easily change.
Its design is ergonomic that you can use at home and in the office or even carry it during your travels. With this cool smart insect trap mosquitoes and other bugs will never bug around your family anymore.

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