Revolutionise Your Listening Experience With Sennheiser – Coolest Headphones in Market

Since their launch in 1945, Sennheiser have been at the cutting edge of the audio industry, producing headsets, headphones and microphones for personal use as well as professional, where high quality is of utmost importance. Sennheiser has helped shaped audio technology over the years and as such their are products are now known for their reliability and superior standards among professions such as sound technicians, scientists and pilots. But what does that mean for the casual music lover? Well, with brand advocates such as P!ink, Miley Cyrus and Bruno Mars, Sennheiser brings their personal products to the forefront, creating headphones and earphones for home, travel and sport use.
If you haven’t heard of this cool headphone brand then you need to take a look at their innovative listening products. Forget the earphones that came with your smartphone or the bargain you found on eBay, Sennheiser’s audio equipment may not be cheap but you’re paying for a sound quality you may not have even imagined before. Below we take a look at Sennheiser’s newest and most popular headphones to give you an insight into their cool headphone range.

Momentum Wireless $499.95 Sennheiser momentum
The Momentum wireless circumaural headphones are a real investment in your listening experience with their luxurious design and practical features. These light weight over ear headphones feature size adjustment sliders and ball joints made of steel and large real leather ear cushions, plus they easily collapse so can fit in your bag with no trouble. The wireless features are what makes these headphones so cool- they connect via Bluetooth 4 at the push of a button which is even easier than plugging in a traditional cable. In addition to this a VoiceMax microphone features as an integral part of the headphone design so you can make and receive calls without an external microphone.
The sound that the Momentum headphones creates is top of the range and uses a high definition aptX codec to create finely detailed sound, while NoiseGard compensation reduces background noise with four pick-up microphones to ensure you can enjoy every note of your music.
In addition to their wireless capabilities, the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless can also be used with a jack plug cable, designed to be easily removable and discreet for use on mobile devices. A choice of black and ivory colour ways and replacement ear pads are available for these cool headphones, which means with due care and attention they should last you well into the future.

CX 686G SPORTS $69.95 Sennheiser cx686g sports
For those who enjoy a good workout and don’t want to be distracted, the CX 686G are perfect with their sliding mechanism that ensures a perfect fit. These earphones are lightweight but can withstand heavy use as they have a reinforced cable and are sweat and water resistant, plus they feature SteriTouch anti microbial ear adapters. The sealed in ear canal design and provided cable clip mean that outside noise is superiorly reduced so that you can concentrate fully on your training or workout with these cool sport headphones. In addition the inline controls and microphone are fully compatible with a range of smartphones and devices so you don’t need to divert your attention in order to control your music or answer a call.
Sennheiser also makes other sport models that use a carefully designed inner ear piece which doesn’t fully block out background noise, making them great for cyclists, runners and those who train in busy areas.

Urbanite $199.95 Sennheiser urbaniteThe cool new Urbanite headphones feature improved bass without compromising on clarity to create intense sound. The durable hinges make the Urbanite easy to fold and travel with, while aluminium sliders ensure a perfect fit for these lightweight on ear headphones.
These earphones are compatible with a range of smartphones and devices, and on choosing your device you’ll be presented with a detachable cable accessory that includes a three button remote and integrated microphone. This rugged design can withstand everything your busy life throws at it and the headphones are available in a choice of five colours with a handy storage pouch included.

HD 700 $749.95 Sennheiser hd700These high end open circumaural headphones have dynamic stereo and balanced sound reproduction to give you the most awesome listening experience ever. The open back ear cup design helps build transparent sound while the optimised ventilated magnet system minimises distortion in even the most intense of music. The Sennheiser HD 700 are not only wonderful to listen to but also to wear as the luxurious velour ear pads and silicone treated headband maximise comfort while minimising headband resonance. These headphones connect through a detachable symmetrical four wire oxygen free copper cable that delivers a brilliant sound experience, even at higher frequencies. A large range of technology is what makes these headphones so expensive but that results in much more quality for the listener compared to the tiny earphones that came with your smartphone for example. Plus, while the Sennheiser HD 700 may be large, it is lightweight and comfortable enough to wear for long periods of enjoyment.

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