10 Best Gardening Gadgets To Buy For Summer

As summer approaches, many of us are thinking about our gardens and the tools we need to keep our plants and shrubs in check. Garden gadgets can come in all shapes and sizes from the small and simple to the large and powerful, but there are some cool new gadgets for the garden that mix a small size with clever technology. Take a look at our list of the best gardening gadgets to buy for summer to give you some inspiration now that the weather is warming up.

Edyn $99.99

10 Best Gardening Gadgets To Buy For Summer- Edyn
Edyn is an ingenious smart sensor for your garden that tracks light, humidity, temperature, soil nutrition and moisture then uses this to suggest for you the best plants to grow based on weather, plant and soil science databases. In addition the Edyn Water Valve $59.99 works automatically with your current sprinkler system, allowing the system to be controlled using information from the Garden Sensor that you can set through your smartphone. This really is one of the best gardening gadgets and your garden will thank you for buying it this summer.

Ego Cordless Hedge Trimmer $199

This cordless hedge trimmer is the most powerful on the market as it runs on a  56-volt Lithium-Ion battery that can perform as well as petrol but without the inconvenience. This hedge trimmer is great for easily reaching around hedges plus it has a diamond ground steel blade, large cutting capacity and performs at 3000 strokes per minute.

Droplet $299

10 Best Gardening Gadgets To Buy For Summer- Droplet
Another brilliant garden gadget that controls the water your plants get, Droplet combines robotics and a cloud to get your plants watered in the most efficient way. Using your smartphone or tablet you can input the names of plants in your garden and their location so that Droplet knows what to water and where. The sprinkler connects to your hose and has a distance of 30 feet in any direction, making this a brilliant watering garden gadget to buy for this summer.

Infragram Point & Shoot Plant Cam $125

10 Best Gardening Gadgets To Buy For Summer- Infragram

Infragram is an interesting concept in garden gadgetry that uses a point and shoot camera to take photos of your plants in visible and infrared light. The high res images can then be analysed using’s databases to analyse your plant’s health. You can take still photos and 1080p time lapses with this camera and tripod which will help you keep your plants and trees in the best condition you can.

Flymo 1200R $1480

10 Best Gardening Gadgets To Buy For Summer- Flymo 1200R
The Flymo 1200R is a brilliant garden gadget to buy for this summer if you hate having to mow your lawn. This robotic lawnmower can cut areas up to 400 square meters and even recharges itself when it needs more power. The Flymo 1200R is an easy to set gadget that will start performing programs even in the rain and can tackle sloping gardens with ease.

AL-KO GS 3,7 Li Multicutter $117

10 Best Gardening Gadgets To Buy For Summer- Alko Multicutter
This great multicutter can cut both grass and shrubs, condensing the amount of tools you need in order to take care of your garden. The AL-KO GS can be recharged at any point with no memory effect as the Li-on battery is efficient and avoids spontaneous discharging. Trim bushes, shrubs, trees and lawn edges easily with this cutter which also has a telescopic handle for convenience.

VegiBee $29.99

10 Best Gardening Gadgets To Buy For Summer- VegibeeThe VegiBee sonic garden pollinator is a great plant gadget for those who care about their flowers. This is a ‘bee free’ pollinator that’s great to use indoors or in greenhouses, particularly on vegetables like tomatoes, and can increase yield by up to 30%. This vibrating wand and pollen spoon also allows you to create hybrid plants indoors by mixing pollen from different types of plants.

Green IQ $249

10 Best Gardening Gadgets To Buy For Summer- Green IQ
Green IQ is a Smart Garden Hub that allows you to control your garden’s lighting and irrigation via your smartphone from wherever you are. The hub collects weather information and calculates the best water programs for your garden, meaning you can save money on your water bill. You can also connect the hub to other smart garden accessories, making it a brilliant garden gadget to buy now.

Hoont Electronic Pest Eliminator $39.95

10 Best Gardening Gadgets To Buy For Summer- Hoont
If pests like rodents are a problem in your garden then the Hoont eliminator will get rid of the problem for you. This pest eliminator is safe for pets like cats and dogs but creates a loud ultrasonic noise that will repel rodents like rats, mice and squirrels in an open area of approximately 5000 square feet.

Solar Brick Paver Lights $22

10 Best Gardening Gadgets To Buy For Summer- Solar Bricks
These cool white LED solar light bricks are perfect for sitting outside on a warm summer evening. The paver lights have a solar panel that charges from sunlight and then lights the bricks as soon as the sun goes down. These garden gadgets come with a replaceable 700 mAh Ni-MH battery and are a brilliant garden accessory for the summer.

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