What Are The Best Keyboards For Visually Impaired Individuals

Using a gadget due to all abilities is easy and a prime necessity these days. But those who are visually impaired or dealing with diseases like Stargardt etc. find it very hard to keep up with modern technology. Sadly visually impaired people find it difficult to perform simple tasks because of unsuitable keyboards. 

Finding a suitable keyboard for someone with eyesight issues is not an easy task, we have run a research on this and have gathered the best available keyboards for visually impaired people or people who have difficulty in operating computers due to eye sight issues.

Many popular brands manufacture special keyboards for such people to help them over this shortcoming. So have a look at our selection of custom high quality keyboards for people with visual impairment and see what are the suitable keyboards for visually impaired people. 

 #1 Nuklz N


Looking for one the best keyboard for people with visual impairments? Check out Nuklz N, with a great many custom features such as high contrast large lettering keys to help them type properly. 

You can use its wired USB connection to plug it. It does not require any other means to configure it. The large black letters on the white background makes them quite visible to see, identify them and type. 

Some of great features of Nuklz N are mentioned below:

  • Smooth and silent typing 
  • Visible large letters 
  • Wired USB connection 
  • It’s compatible with any operating system 
  • Absolutely portable 

#2 HDE Large Print

The large crisp black letters with white keycaps make it one of the ideal keyboards for blinds. It has a 104 key QWERTY layout which is easy for anyone who has ever used a standard keyboard. 

There is no need for adapting to any new layout with misplaced keys. 2 HDE large print is absolutely compatible with all types of windows including 98 and Mac OS. In short it works with any operating system. There is a big plus of it as it has an extra long cord that reaches anywhere easily. 

  • You can install it easily with a USB plug 
  • No need for finding compatible drivers as it connects automatically 
  • It’s completely any liquid-resistant 
  • Smooth key pressing experience 
  • Compatible with any operating system 
  • Stable, reliable and durable with a long cord 

#3 Keys-U-See 


Keys-U-See is a delicate and high-end keyboard specially designed for people with low vision. Its base is yellow with large printed black keys on it. It comes with a USB connection, 104 keys and is a QWERTY keyboard. 

The keys are very large which makes it easy to see them even in the bad light. There are extra command keys for the internet, multimedia and hot-keys etc. The large print makes it easy to identify those keys. 

It is compatible with all types of windows operating systems. Some of its key features are mentioned below:

  • High compatibility with all types of windows 
  • Large Print US English Keys
  • USB wired 
  • Standard Sized Keys
  • Special command Keys 

#4 EZSee by DC


The next on our list is EZSee, a quiet and beautiful keyboard for someone visually impaired with huge white keys, black jumbo printed letters carved in a black frame. This keyboard has received tons of positive reviews being highly suitable for people with eyesight problems. It has high contrast, standard size and is very suitable for individuals with glaucoma etc. It’s also very useful for people who have to work under poor light conditions. 

It comes with a stable USB connection and works with all types of operating systems. 

Some of its key features are:

  • Very bold printed keys 
  • Totally liquid resistant 
  • More keys for different tasks 
  • Very smooth and crisp typing 
  • Affordable 

#5 Chester Creek

The next big, very useful and wireless keyboard model with large keys is Chester Creek. It comes with very bold letters and imposing keys with a 100 feet operating ease. It’s a highly compatible keyboard with all operating systems. 

This one is a very portable keyboard that you can use with all type of gadgets including your smartphone and tablets etc excluding the ones with android operating system. Two colors are used to create two different keyboards of the same, either you can choose the one with black lettering on white keys or vice versa. 

  • The keys are very big and square 
  • Large letters and numbers 
  • Lasting battery life 
  • Long warranty time 

#6 Ivory 

Ivory USB keyboard is a multimedia keyboard highly suitable for the people with visual impairment. It has large 104 print keys which are very recognizable. There is no need for learning to type on this keyboard as the largest print keycaps can be seen in a big size. 

It’s very durable and can last a lifetime as keys are manufactured to survive at least 10 million strikes. The printed layout is very big, bold and identifiable. Some of its many impeccable features are mentioned below:

  • It’s 104 keys 
  • USB wired 
  • Very durable 
  • Bold printed keys 
  • Comfortable and quiet key pressing 
  • Suitable for people with low vision such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy and cataracts etc. 

#7 LogickeyboardTM


This is a very advanced model which is created on the model of the popular Apple keyboard system to suffice the needs for people with eyesight problems. The users can easily use it due to its large letters and numbers. One can easily operate this keyboard due to high contrast. The large black letters are strapped on yellow keys which strike a great contrast and improve visibility. 

Anyone with low eyesight can use this special keyboard built on the Apple keyboard model. This typical keyboard is solely designed for such people who want a modern keyboard with high-lighted keys. 

If anyone from your family or friends need such a keyboard with special features choose this one in particular. 

Check out some of this keyboard’s special features:

  • It has the same size as does Apple’s LogicKeyboard 
  • Probably smoothest key-press system ever 
  • Light weighted 
  • Stable 
  • Most suitable for people with impaired vision 

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