Switching Between Moods Often? Why It’s Important To Check On Bipolar Warning Signs

In this world of agony and challenges, we all go through periods of ups and downs. Switching between moods is more seen these days, especially in youngsters due to pressures. But do you think a steep rise and sudden dive in behaviour is something to deal with? According to Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, around 6 million people in America suffer from this type of ups and downs, basically called the Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar sufferers undergo mood roller coasters, which visits them during specific times of the year. The elevation swings, manic period, the person would totally feel on top of the world and unbeatable, but as the depressive mood calls, it would be just the opposite. By the behavioural patterns, it’s generally called manic-depressive disorder. Does your loved one show this cycle of mood swings? Or are you confused by the signs what the person is up to? Bipolar disorder can be harrowing for you, same time furtive too. Understanding the signs of this disorder would help the sufferer as well you. Never late than get mistaken, keep your ears and mind open to look up the warning signs of mood disorder.

Manic – Depressive Disorder

Igor Galynker, psychiatrist, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Family Center for Bipolar Disorder at Beth Israel Medical Center, New York, said, “Eventually, people almost always make a big mistake, such as a foolish investment or an ill-advised affair. When they realize what they’ve done, they can crash into really bad depression.

Generally manic-depressive mood swing is classified as two;

Type I Bipolar Disorder: Here the person alternates between mania and depression, and in some both swings may overlap the same time. If mania or depression goes severe, the person tends to hallucinate or go loose with reality.

bipolar disorder

Type II Bipolar Disorder: Here what you could observe is more of depressive times switching with less mania (hypomania). Person showing hypomania swing, are at times much productive.

Bipolar disorder symptoms vary widely from person to person with rapid cycles, less extreme swings (cyclothymia) and bipolar NOS disorder. The more you doubt, the more unclear you are about the disorder. Remember there are many mood disorders which are not bipolar and what make bipolar disorder specific, despite confusions are switching between both the moods. Cynthia Last Ph.D., a clinical psychologist in Boca Raton, Fla., and author of “When Someone You Love Is Bipolar” (Guilford Press), said, “It can start out lovely, but it inevitably leads to depression. And if left untreated, symptoms may grow more extreme, evolving into bipolar I.”

When you have some physical illness, you treat your body to get back your health perfect. This is mental illness and of course treated with psychotherapy and medications (if needed). But, at times the signs go misunderstood with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), plain moodiness by drugs or loops of major depression.

Mania – Warning Signs

On Cloud Nine Feel

When mania episode strikes, bipolar individuals feel high, chirpy and literally speaking blown out. Non-stop talking and moving out from normal responsibility are also noticed.

Igor Galynker, says, “A person who’s usually a reasonable individual may suddenly become impossible to live with.”

They feel quite impulsive, restless and find responsibility a burden. Since they are bubbling with energy, they skip office or school involving in exciting activities. To make note, there are chances of even taking part in dangerous activities.

Racing Thoughts

Manic episodes show racing thoughts and fast speaking in many individuals. Here, as thoughts and ideas jumps between, the individual can be easily diverted and at times mistaken for ADHD. The individual will be full of ideas, energy and feels invincible which is actually not. The person may even feel difficult to meet every thoughts processing.

Bad Investments

A bipolar individual under mania phase thinks great of him/her, and go deposit huge investments, undertake projects, start-up business, though ill-advised. Usually they spend more on things they think happy about, giving more importance to their feelings than financial obligations. Finally bankruptcy and a new debt account is what they attain. Those physical things they purchased may give them joy, but not any mental cure.

Blown Out Ego

Individuals in mania episode generally go through a puffed ego attitude. With their inflated ego, they try to put their loved ones in pain by degrading them. Even flaunt off with new clothing styles to get public attention. Worse is, during depressive swing they would hate them more for the lack of affection and disrespect shown to their close ones.


Less hours of sleeping at night can be a sign of bipolar disorder, if nothing else is bothering. This could happen also during depressive episodes.

Elizabeth Brondolo, Ph.D., a psychology professor at St. John’s University in Queens, N.Y., and author of Break the Bipolar Cycle (McGraw-Hill), says, “People with insomnia typically feel very tired during the day, someone in a manic episode may never feel exhausted. “

Aroused Sex Drive

During mania phase, a bipolar individual takes part in sexual activities which are totally out of place. At times they may not even realise the place where they participate in sex. It might also happen that, some individuals during this swing may go sleep with different partners. The traumatising part is, during the depressive phase, the person shows lack of sex drive and alienates the close one.

Depression – Warning Signs


During depressive phase, they feel hopeless, sad and surrounded by no energy. They even stay back from daily activities like eating, taking care of their loved ones, cooking, bathing, etc. It is called the dark mood where individuals prevent themselves from enjoying their lives. As said above, irregular sleep patterns or insomnia does occur, also long abnormal sleeping pattern is seen where the person feels the slept hours are not sufficient.


Since they behave opposite to the bouncing energy mood in mania, you totally feel weird as you see them hard to move forward with work. A bipolar individual during the depressive state feels lack of stamina; even doing simple tasks like getting of the bed or chewing the food.

Burdened With Guilt

During sad mood, they get haunted by thoughts of guilt, especially on how they treat their loved ones. The dark times make them think badly of their inability to control popping up emotions.

Being Alone – Not Feeling Social

loneliness and bipolar disorder

Loneliness is sometimes they wish during dark swings. Due to pondering depression, they feel to be alone, crashing in their sad mood. They prevent themselves from being social. The previous social activities seem like no more interesting due to lack of energy or anxiety issues. But further cutting off from social or from their loved one could make them collapse more. Best move is pushing out oneself into interesting affairs.

Anger Outburst

Sudden blow of anger is a warning sign of depressive episode. Unfortunately, they soon become irritated and frustrated of their burst emotion, and experience self loathing. They may show up rage mostly on their loved ones even on silly matters. When the person is explained out of the sudden temper, the individual would go in deep remorse.

Being Indecisive

The sufferer may find it difficult to make decisions and even to accept the promises made during manic phase. This behaviour can lead to relationship break ups and later regret for the negative decision. Also at times they feel difficult to remember things.

Suicidal Thoughts

Some sufferers due to deep sorrow and guilt during the depressed phase go suicidal. They get immersed in thoughts of hurting their loved ones and past falls, putting them more and more unpromising.

Bipolar disorder is not a choice, but a dare to live life. Are you or your mate a bipolar sufferer? If you think that you are carrying this burden or your mate, remember, you are not alone to fight it. It may be easy to say than get done. Support from loved ones’, intense psychotherapy, frequent check-ups with psychiatrist or counsellor, natural treatments without medication, are the easy doors to get back your life from switching swings.

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