10 Countries With The Yummiest Cuisine

If you’re looking to broaden your dining horizons, try new food from different cultures and countries then look no further. Within this article we have explored 10 different countries that we think serve up the yummiest cuisine.


Pizza and pasta are the two most famous dishes that we all associate with Italy but often incredible delicacies such as gelato, Italians answer to ice creams. Gelato is much softer and made with different ingredients and can be dairy-free in abundances of exciting flavours. Something you must try when in Italy is tiramisu, a traditional Italian dish consisting of sponge, cream and coffee. Of course we can’t forget the incredible pizzas in all shapes and sizes with unlimited toppings!


We have all enjoyed many a Chinese take away but they are nothing in comparison to traditional Chinese cuisine. With the food ranging widely based on different areas of the country, they all agree on using vast ranges of spices, rice, vegetables and sauces such as soy. Their traditional dishes are often very fresh and packed full of vegetables.  They also use meats such as duck and seafood more widely but have tons of vegetarian variations with tofu being a popular substation.


If you’re an adventurous eater and love to experience and try new things then Thailand should be your first destination. Famous for their red Thai and green Thai curries, this sets a president for food packed with a punch of flavours using fresh ingredients and rice as a staple. Thailand also has a great variety of street food on offer with Bangkok being arguably the best city for street food serving snacks such as Jing Leed which is a wok fried cricket lightly coated in sauce and pepper; if this wasn’t exciting enough locals tuck into other insects such as grasshoppers, worms and beetles.


Mexicans love the use of flavours, sharing dishes and all things colourful! Most famously known for enchiladas, tacos, nachos, burritos and fajitas their cuisine is most definitely delicious and bold. Mexicans also know how to do dessert with their famous churros, these are their take on doughnuts often served in a stick shape with dips such as chocolate sauces.


France is undoubtedly very famous for cheese, fresh bread, pastries and wine, not to mention escargot (snails!) and there is a very good reason for this. There is something very romantic and elegant about the French’s beautiful and best tasting cheeses you’ll find with warm from the oven crunchy topped fresh baked bread. If you’re asking what the French have to offer for those with a sweet tooth then one visit to any bakery should do the trick with croissants, elegant cakes and pastries in abundance.


Morroco is a country that thrives with the love of good food and for a good reason. Moroccan classics such as couscous and tagines are becoming more and more popular across the world as they taste amazing but are also so good for you. Other Morrocan dishes that should definitely be tried are B’stilla (a meat pie often filled with pigeon, thin pastry, almonds, eggs and cinnamom), Zaalouk (a mixed vegetable dish that is packed with flavour) and a traditional peppermint tea to name a few.


Colour and spice define Indian food as these are two staples to any Indian dish. Indian food consists of key elements such as rice and pulses including lentils and chickpeas. Dependent on the different regions of India the food can range in spiciness but never lacks flavour and punch in traditional curry dishes. Once more, India is the proud creators of the delicious accompaniments such as naan bread, samosas and poppadum’s.


Greek food is all about fresh flavour, olive oil and herbs with breads and traditional dips, a personal favourite being tzatziki. Tzatziki is a really fresh dip made with yoghurt, cucumber, mint and garlic perfect for with meat dishes or even bread alone. Of course, not forgetting the famous greek salad and essential pitta breads. To finish that off Greek desserts are predominately a filo pastry, honey and nut combination.


We all love a naughty burger and chips and Americans know how to do it best! With some of the best burger chains, diners or even dining challenges, the Americans are very generous and will ensure that you do not leave with an empty stomach. Americans also show lots of creativity when it comes to combining classics such as oreo milkshake, pancakes and bacon and macaroni grilled cheese, yum!


Spanish cuisine is very famous for their sharing dishes called tapas. Instead of having one large plate of one food, they have small plates of different dishes getting the best of both worlds! Traditional tapas dishes include frittata, often a cold potato omelette, patatas bravas, which is small fried potatoes in a spicy tomato and garlic sauce without forgetting paella. Spanish cuisine also uses a lot of tomato flavours, chorizo, seafood and garlic.



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