Super Gifts For Your Athletic Friends

There are lots of gifts to choose from when considering what to buy your athletic friend. Whether they’re an avid gym-goer or participate in a wide range of sports, get them something they’ll both use and appreciate.

#1 Wacces Ab Power Wheel Ab Roller


Wacces’ ab toner has two wheels to offer more stability as well as cushioned foam handles for better grip. It couldn’t be easier to use and provides a great workout for your abs. There are six colors to choose from and the ab roller itself doesn’t require much room; perfect for easy storage.

#2. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Charcoal


This activity tracker syncs to your Bluetooth device, allowing you to share and compete with friends throughout the day. Not only does the device tell you how many calories you’ve burned and how much distance you’ve covered, it enables the user to track their progress, set goals and earn badges when goals are achieved.

#3. Wenzel Vortex 9×8-Feet Four-Person Airpitch Tent


Tent poles are a thing of the past. The Vortex inflates in under a minute and requires no poles as this no-assembly-required tent needs nothing but an air pump. It also deflates quickly so outdoors types can enjoy what they like doing best without any of the inconvenience that traditional tents can bring.

#4. Action Shot Camera


Never miss a moment again with this digital camera set. Including a helmet mount (so you can film all of your biking and climbing trips), adhesive mount, protective case, USB connection and digital camera, this set will come in handy for those wanting to document all their adventures with photographic evidence. Attach the camera to a helmet and get recording.

#5 j/fit 16″ Round Fixed Angle Balance Board


Increase your balance with this sturdy balance board. The glued-on top surface provides extra grip whilst its wooden body is strong and durable. Its fixed 14° angle of difficulty will be a challenge for the most balanced amongst us.

#6 GoFit 20-pound Weighted Vest


Great for adding resistance and difficulty to your workout, this weighted vest should fit both men and women due to its adjustable Velcro closure and removable weights. Each removable weight packet weighs approximately 0.75 lbs meaning you can adjust the weighted vest accordingly. Its neoprene padding adds comfort, preventing the straps from rubbing on your shoulders.

#7 Ringside Weighted Leather Jump Rope

This weighted jump rope is made of leather rope and has weighted handles to make using the jump rope more of a challenge. The weighted handles add speed and intensity to your workout. The jump rope is ball-bearing driven and comes in three different lengths.

#8 Weighted Hula Hoop for Exercise and Fitness – 1.5 and 2.0 lbs


Hula hoops aren’t just for kids. These weighted hula hoops will add some fun to your workout. Its sturdy material means the item won’t come apart during vigorous exercise whilst the weights are light enough to allow aerobic exercise. The smooth inner surface means this weighted hula hoop won’t feel awkward or painful in use.

#9 Wii Fit U w/Wii Balance Board accessory and Fit Meter – Wii U


Perfect for fitness fiends who own a Wii U, the Wii Balance Board and Fit Meter help users track their progress and workout. The Fit Meter essentially acts as a swish pedometer, keeping track of how many calories you’ve burned and how much distance you’ve covered. The Balance Board can be used in a number of exercises when using the Wii U.

#10 Selk’bag 4G Lite by Musuc


If you’ve ever felt restricted in a sleeping back, purchase one of these person-shaped sleeping bags. Walk about in this lightweight sleeping bag that has a water-resistant finish and is suitable for two season use outdoors. The soft polyester material is comfortable and is rated to 45° Farhenheit.

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