5 Great Tips and Tricks to be the Best on Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight is without a doubt a brilliant game despite it’s troubles on the PC for some right now. It’s been credited with some amazing reviews from gaming critics, some saying it is one of the “best games our generation” and “near perfect”. Overall, the game received a massive thumbs-up as a game and as the final in the Arkham Trilogy that begun with the Arkham Asylum game.

If you’ve just bought the game or are struggling to understand why you’re not quite succeeding at it like some of your friends are then we’re here to help. We’ve played the game ourselves and have gathered enough hours and information to come up with a list of 5 great tips and tricks to be the best on Batman Arkham Knight. These includes tips on what unlocks to get, what abilities to upgrade, how to approach combat and more and more. So here are our tips and tricks.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 18.44.21Do Those VR Missions

VR Missions are one of the most important ways to keep levelling up within the game. The VR missions are a great way to easily earn upgrade points and XP towards upgrading your abilities, tech, Batmobile, combat skills and more. Quite early on, after receiving your second Bat suit, you get the option to do about 6 different VR training scenarios. Each of these scenarios only takes about 5 minutes to complete and they each earn you a Waynetech point to put towards improving yourself.

Along the storyline, as you progress, get new gadgets and more, more VR Missions will open up, pathing the way for you to quickly and easily earn more points to improving upon your Batman. As we said, these are really easy missions that also help you become a better Batman whilst giving you XP to level up along the way.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 18.36.57Unlock the ‘Critical Strike’ Upgrade Early On

One of the best things about the Batman franchise is the amount of different things you can have your Batman unlock. There’s around 40 different upgrades throughout the Batman system from Batmobile upgrades to Combat upgrades to Gadget upgrades and more. These upgrades should be selected carefully as they can be the decider to whether your style of play will be fully utilised.

If you’re someone who finds themselves using a lot of direct brawling combat techniques then you’ll want to quickly unlock the ‘Critical Strike’ upgrade early on. Not only does this upgrade boost your base damage when hitting enemies but it also allows you to build up a critical strike to hit that final blow on your enemies.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 18.53.40Upgrade Your Body Armour’s Defences

Whilst you’re deciding on what to upgrade, we’d also recommend checking out your Batsuit’s defences, both firearm and combat. If you’re someone that often finds themselves not having to patience to skulk around the area and find the best way to surprise your enemies then we’d recommend this even more. Fist combat isn’t as bad, but when you get to enemies with weaponry such as machine guns or pistols, you’ll definitely want to have upgraded your suits defences to it.

Without a few upgrades, you can quickly find yourself in a lot of trouble which can be quite hard to escape gunfire even with a quick flick of your wrist and a bat claw grapple up onto the roof as they can still sight and kill you. Therefore, having your suit upgraded to defences that can have those bullets bouncing off you, can’t hurt. We wouldn’t recommend pretending to be Superman and trying to take on a sentry however.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 18.50.22Aim For The Medics In White

When you come to face a lot of enemies in one area, usually for story missions, you’ll find a Medic dressed in white chilling out with them. Now, we doesn’t exactly hit the hardest but he can definitely be the most annoying enemy to have around if you don’t take him out quickly. The Medic will run around healing the enemies you’ve knocked out, making it feel like a relentless job to try and get them all down. In addition, later on in the story, the Medic starts giving certain mobs electricity suits which can be a real pain. Therefore, when scouting out a group of enemies, we’d definitely suggest looking for a mob in white to take out first.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 21.48.51Armour Before Weapons For The Batmobile Too

Earlier we mentioned upgrading your Batsuit’s armour as this will help you hugely during fights and such. We’d recommend doing the exact same for your Batmobile. The Batmobile is incredibly easily and fun to navigate when it Battle Mode and so dodging the attacks of incoming fire and then getting off plenty rounds of fire is fairly easy. Plus, later on in the story, Lucius Fox will offer you upgrades to your Batmobile such as the option to improve your weaponry system for free without having to spend any of your Waynetech points. Spoiler!

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