Guess the GIF Cheat Codes and Answers: Levels 101-150

So you’re coming into the second half of the Guess the GIF game for iOS and Android and you’ve only got 100 more levels to go but you’re stuck on a level from 101-150, well you’re in luck as they’re the exact level numbers that this specific page gives you. Check out the answers for Guess the GIF, levels 101-150:

guess-the-gif-answersLevel 101: Babe Ruth
Level 102: Super Mario Bros
Level 103: Kill Bill
Level 104: Fantasia
Level 105: Adam Sandler
Level 106: Wayne’s World
Level 107: Pee Wee Herman
Level 108: Lady And The Tramp
Level 109: Ghost Busters
Level 110: Steve Jobs
Level 111: Walking Dead
Level 112: DragonBall Z
Level 113: Rocky
Level 114: Home Alone
Level 115: Bart Simpson
Level 116: Ren And Stimpy
Level 117: Conan O’Brien
Level 118: Jason
Level 119: The Legend Of Zelda
Level 120: SpaceBalls
Level 121: Austin Powers
Level 122: Lost
Level 123: Sonic The Hedgehog
Level 124: Peyton Manning
Level 125: Risky Business
Level 126: Get Smart
Level 127: Emeril
Level 128: Clueless
Level 129: Maury
Level 130: Cheech And Chong
Level 131: Criss Angel
Level 132: Anchorman
Level 133: The Sixth Sense
Level 134: Mike Tyson
Level 135: Orbit Gum
Level 136: Dukes Of Hazard
Level 137: Elton John
Level 138: Tony The Tiger
Level 139: Will Smith
Level 140: Elf
Level 141: Kirby’s Dreamland
Level 142: Field Of Dreams
Level 143: James Dean
Level 144: Paranormal Activity
Level 145: Tom Cruise
Level 146: I Dream Of Jeannie
Level 147: Napoleon Dynamite
Level 148: Silence Of The Lambs
Level 149: Happy Days
Level 150: George Of The Jungle

We hope you found the answers you were looking for!

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