10 iPad Games For Kids Aged 7-11

Here at Wiproo, we’ve decided to come up with three articles that cover three different age ranges that allow you to download some of the best games suitable for your kids of those age ranges. These games will help them learn, improve their motor skills, but most importantly will have them having so much fun. You’ll see a lot of big name characters that you’ll recognise in some of these games which will be great for your kids to play with and will make it more enjoyable for them.

So these are the 10 best iPad games for kids aged 7-11 years old…

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Kids Doodle – Movie Kids Color & Draw (Free)

Kids Doodle is a game that is great for those children that love to get creative by drawing and painting and 1. want to see their incredible creations in neon paints and 2. would love to play back their creations via a neat video app feature. It’s an application that will progress your child’s creative skills by allowing them multiple brush types, erasers and even the really nice feature of being able to import an image into the game to then draw on top of.

screen480x480 (4)The Smurf Games – Sports Competition (Free)

The Smurf Games is a fun Smurfs-themed Olympic style game that allows you to compete in 6 different sports that will test your kids’ tapping, swiping and more skills. The game has some great additional content such as the ability to unlock more smurfs as you win events, medals for every event and more. This game is designed to be great for kids of younger ages but also competitive enough for kids aged 10-11.

screen480x480 (6)Clumsy Ninja (Free)

Clumsy Ninja is a really fun and intriguing game that really caught out attention when doing our research. Clumsy Ninja is less a game and more of a simulation with games inside it that allow you to train your ninja from a basic ninja to a master. You complete multiple different mini-games, but can also have simple interactions with your ninja such as dragging him around, hitting him and having him interact with different objects.

screen480x480 (9)Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Free)

Sonic is a name nearly every household will have heard of and this racing game on the App Store is a truly respectable addition to the series. Its original release on consoles can be seen here with some really nice and fast graphics on the cars and character models. You can choose from over 10 different characters in the Sonic universe, race on different track terrains, play with friends and much more in this great racing game from Sega.

screen480x480 (13)Where’s My Water? ($1.99)

Where’s my Water is without a doubt one of the best and longest iOS games in the App Store to date. It offers up such incredibly addictive gameplay that you can hardly put it down. The premise is to take your finger through the dirt to open up a passage for the water to run through to reach the pipe so the crocodile can have his water for his shower. It’s a game that goes from being very easy to challenging even some adults. But it’s still a great game you should get your kids to try out!

screen480x480 (14)Frozen Free Fall (Free)

Frozen was arguably the biggest film with record box hits, record DVD sales and having one of the first songs from a cartoon hit the Top 10 in the charts. It was an international phenomenon and the game that came out of it isn’t too rusty either. If you’ve played Candy Crush, this is the same premise with a Frozen theme, it is bejewelled with rewards and Frozen characters thrown in for extra fun, basically. You can unlock your favourite characters as you play through the campaign and have a great time.

screen480x480 (16)Fantasy Baby Animals – Care for unicorns, dragons and other cute creatures ($3.99)

So you’re kids have been asking for pets but you don’t think they’re old enough to look after one yet? Why not let them own a Fantasy Baby Animal on your iPad so they can nurture that? In this game your kids can feed them, bathe them, give them water, pet them and even decorate their enclosures and attempt to try and find the right charm to cure them of their curse. It’s an odd concept but one that I’m sure your kids will enjoy with some great visuals and engaging virtual pet simulations.

screen480x480 (17)Cut The Rope HD ($0.99)

Cut The Rope is another game up there with Where’s My Water; it’s one of the oldest and best games the App Store has ever produced. If you’ve lived under a rock for the past half a decade, Cut The Rope is a game in which you have a sweet on the end of the rope and you have to simply slice your finger across the rope to allow the sweet drop into the little Om Nom’s mouth. At first it’s easy with a simple swipe dropping the sweet into the Om Nom’s mouth, but this game involves timing, precision and often clever forward thinking to complete. Good luck kids!

screen480x480 (18)My Om Nom ($4.99)

Following on from Cut The Rope, the little characters in the game are adorable and so your kids may want to own one as a pet if Fantasy Baby Animals isn’t their thing. This game includes all the suual virtual pet simulation game characteristics such as feeding, petting, bathing and playing with your Om Nom. My Om Nom also has some other great features such as the fact your Om Nom (or Om Nelle) can get sick if you leave them too long, you can customise them with different clothes, you can decorate the home they live in, play mini-games with them and even solve the bigger mystery of where Om Noms come from.

screen480x480 (20)My Dolphin Show ($1.99)

Now one for the little girls out there who have always wanted to own a pet Dolphin and wanted them to appear in front of an audience of 100s of cheering fans. The game’s basic premise is that you can complete different missions which involved timed taps, swipes and tilts of the device. However, if you’re successful in these you can then unlock new pets to play with and over 40 outfits to customise them in. Currently the game has 90 levels and has more coming which will certainly keep your kids entertained until it’s time for their dinner!

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