How Online Retailers Can Create and Promote Promo Codes & Coupons

Promo codes are now coming into their own when shopping online.  With high unemployment rates and an uncertain economy, the standard coupon or promo code has seen a revival. Both classic clip-and-save variety and new online options shipped through the web, e-mail, internet sites, and cell phones are becoming very popular with online shoppers and consumers.

Statistics show that promo code redemption in North America saw an increase of 10% last year, and total coupon redemption is now at 4 billion dollars in terms of savings.  Cost sensitive customers want deals, and wise companies realize that promo codes are an easy way in which they can draw in new clients and retain existing ones. Many companies want to use online codes as a simple, cost-efficient way to draw in clients, and whilst it’s simple enough to produce a coupon online, the most important factor is ensuring people discover it.

What is a Web-Based Promo Code or Coupon?

Before we start looking at tips on how to create, distribute, and track online promo codes, let’s have a quick reminder on what a web-based coupon actually is?  The simple truth is, a web-based promo code often means a lot of things: A little clickable banner on the home page offering 10% off a price reduction offered via e-mail, redeemable online, over the telephone, or perhaps a coupon customers bring right into a merchant’s store or office.

How to Make an Online Promo Code

The initial step in creating a web-based promo code is determining how much discount you are going to offer your customers, and just how lengthy you would like the promotion to operate. Be obvious and direct using the promotion: “10% off this week” or “Buy one and you can get another one free today only.”

You will find many coupon code sites that deal in particular consumer brands.  If you are a smaller businesses then you might need to look deeper at the search results to find a coupon code website which targets a local audience.

How to Distribute Your Promo Code

Once you’ve produced a coupon offer, you’ll need distribution. You will need to approach one of the many coupon code websites that have already been set-up as this is where your customers are naturally going to look.  Here are some alternative methods as well;

  1. E-mail a coupon just to your client email list. Allow readers to print the coupon and produce it to your store, or just “mention” the promotion to get the discount.
  2. Blog about the promo code – the Overstock website are great at doing this and are always publishing offers about Overstock promo code offers – check them to see how they do it.
  3. Publish your promo code on an internet business directory website or social networking that instantly distributes coupons to specific audiences using a network of local sites and social channels, for example Facebook,, or Valpak.
  4. If you’re a service business, then produce a Craig’s list posting inside a relevant business or service category offering your discount. A simple text-only coupon is effective.
  5. Publish a coupon banner onto your website that is instantly applicable at checkout. To make this happen, you’ll need a somewhat sophisticated transactional system that enables you to definitely tie a campaign to clicks the coupon banner.
  6. Make use of your Facebook accounts to provide buddies and fans a unique discount. Make certain the promotions you are offering are compelling making your fans feel special. They’re following you for any reason: To obtain deals and also get inside information.
  7. Go viral. Help make your coupons shareable, permitting individuals to pass the offer along to buddies. Try promotions like “Get 20% whenever you refer a brand new client,” or “Bring in three buddies and obtain 20% off for everybody.”
  8. Consider using a social shopping site. Sites like Groupon allow companies to provide coupons to local clients redeemable only when a particular number of individuals join the discount, so it’s a terrific way to attract a lot of new clients.

Whatever mixture of distribution techniques a company selects, remember traditional techniques which have always worked through history will probably still work today.   For instance, place printed coupons in your shop’s counter, market your deal via flyers, or include paper coupons in your postal letters. Despite the fact that online codes are attaining in recognition, attempted-and-true techniques can still drive business.

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