Power Up Your Website Using MaxCDN

The only problem that visitors face with a website is the “Time” that a website takes to load itself. This especially happens in the case of business websites that are used to sell products and/or services. Now the question is how to overcome this issue??

This is where a CDN service plays its role. A CDN (Content Distribution Network) service is responsible for having copies of their clients’ websites and the content of the websites stored in their servers which are located around the world. If a user opens a specific website that has not been subscribed to a CDN service, the website will load using data from the original web hosting server. The original server might be very, very far away from the user’s location causing the user to have an extremely slow experience with the website.

MaxCDN is providing the best CDN services to improve the experience. Websites which are subscribed to MaxCDN services will load from the nearest MaxCDN server. This means that the website will be blazing fast and will load in a jiffy.

We have used MaxCDN on our custom built websites as well in our WordPress sites. We recommend W3 Total Cache plugin to integrate MaxCDN on your WordPress site. You can take more advantages from W3 Total Cache plugin such as full page caching, CSS and Javascript compression and minification, and finally caching WordPress queries using Memcached.

MaxCDN is one of the best CDN services available. This can be justified by the fact that 13,000+ businesses have subscribed to the services provided by MaxCDN. The perks of using MaxCDN services include happier customers or users, improved scalability, more revenue for business websites, better search engine optimization, higher Google ranks, and MaxCDN also offers a 25% Off Discount code which allows customers to purchase MaxCDN service at discounted rates. To avail the 25% discount follow this link and enter MaxCDNcoupon on checkout. To sum it all up, MaxCDN services are simply the best network services for websites, especially the websites that sell products and/or services.

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