Ways To Stop Facebook From Tracking Your Location

It’s a very alarming situation and a clear breach of our privacy that without our knowing, the facebook is busy collecting information about our location, even when the app is not in use.

Though it’s a little hard to comprehend that by simply installing the facebook app on our Android and IOS smartphones how does this social media company get the authority to collect the information of your location.

Most of us may not be aware of this fact, in our face book app if we go in the settings, then there is a certain setting called ”Location History” that is functional by default. So this setting will allow the company to keep a track of your every move even when the app is not in use. So it’s a matter of great concern that every time we turn On location service/GPS on our smartphone, for any purpose, this social media app starts tracking our location.

However there are some good news for the facebook users, there’s a way to avoid this nuisance. The  way out for the facebook users is that they can go to the facebook settings and manually turn Facebook’s Location History option off. Now this will prevent Facebook from collecting our location data even when we are using the app.

However there is a small glitch in all this. When we disable location history then all those Facebook features that rely on the location data, won’t be able to operate.


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