10 Smart Gadgets For Your Car In 2021 That Just Make The Drive A Fun Ride

The advent of 2021 has also given a lot to make driving rather a fun ride than a boring discourse. Unlike other fields of life, cars have become smarter and comfy. In-car gadgets can help you with all sorts of things from security and diagnostics to entertainment. If you’re looking for ways to make your car better and smarter then look no further than our list of the 10 smart gadgets for your car in 2021 that just make the drive a fun ride.

#1 The Dash


The Dash device connects to an app and provides real time diagnostics on your car as well as information on road conditions and driving behaviour. Dash also gives information about fuel efficiency and services nearby, as well as allowing you to connect and compare your driving skills with friends. Dash is built to work with any OBD device so you could get up and running for as little as $10.

#2 Parrot Asteroid TabletBest Gadgets For Your Car Parrot Asteroid

The Parrot Asteroid Tablet is a great gadget for your car that includes apps, navigation, Bluetooth hands free and music all on one in-car device. The tablet is 5″ and supports multi-touch as well as having a wireless remote. Use the Asteroid tablet to get navigation details, make and receive HD calls, listen to new SMS, play music using your voice and access great Android apps.

#3 iOBD2 Engine Data Reader 

Best Gadgets For Your Car IOBD2


The iOBD2 allows you to connect your smartphone wirelessly to your car and use the accompanying app to view real time precise data about your car and engine. You can select the type of data you want to see on your dashboard from 19 different options and view the information on easy to see ‘dash gauges’.

#4 ENNOTEK Dual Car Charger

This great car gadget features a high power charger that can be used to power your phone or tablet but can also be used to jump start your car when necessary. The charger comes with jumper cables and a built in LED light, plus has a charge that lasts for six months.

#5 Viper Smart Start System

Best Gadgets For Your Car Viper smartstartViper SmartStart System is one of the best gadgets for your car as it allows you to lock or unlock your car, start your car, unlock the boot, and warm or cool your car using your smartphone from virtually anywhere. The easy to use software also has a panic button for use in emergencies.

#6 Pally Smart Key Finder 

Best Gadgets For Your Car PallyIf you’re always losing your car keys then this great car gadget will be able to help. Simply attach the fob to your keys and you’ll be able to find them using your smartphone as you can view their location on a map or sound a high pitched alarm so you can locate them in your house or bag.

#7 Parrot MINIKIT Neo 2 HD 

Best Gadgets For Your Car Parrot minikit hd neoThis great portable Bluetooth hands free kit is voice controlled so you can make and receive calls while driving without having to take your eyes off the road. It’s also compatible with HD voice so you can have a crystal clear conversation.

#8 Buzzard 2 

Best Gadgets For Your Car Buzzard 2The Buzzard 2 is a brilliant gadget for cars in the UK and creates a fast 4G signal for use with up to 10 devices. The Buzzard 2 connects directly to the car’s 12 volt socket so you can charge devices through it and it will never run out of battery. This great in-car wi-fi system delivers a super fast signal even when you’re on the move so you can stream music, movies and games with no buffering.

#9 SwissTech BodyGard XL7 

Best Gadgets For Your Car Swisstech bodygardThis is one of the best gadgets to have in your car in case of emergency as the BodyGard has a number of helpful tools- a glass breaker, seat belt cutter, sonic alarm, tread depth and tire pressure indicator, plus an LED light with emergency flasher. You’ll never be caught out in an emergency.

#10 Proper Headrest Mount 

Best Gadgets For Your Car Proper headrest mountThe Headrest Mount from Proper Studio has two viewing positions secured with an X Lock to make sure that one or two passengers can see the screen easily. It fits all headrests and has a simple arm that extends easily to make sure that your tablet is in full no matter whether it’s in portrait or landscape orientation. A simple but brilliant car gadget.


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