7 Of The Best FREE Pedometer Apps for iOS and Android

Fitness trackers are still a huge thing in the technology world, garnering millions of pounds in profits for companies such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin and such. But what if you can’t afford to go out and get the latest fitness tracker? What if you want a companion app to view all your fitness tracker’s data on? What if you don’t see the point when you’ve got a fitness tracker right in your pocket in the form of your smartphone? Well, that makes a lot of sense. Therefore, we’ve decided to compile a list of 7 of the best pedometer apps to choose for iOS and Android. Some of these applications work in ensuring accuracy when counting your steps and others work towards giving you many more features and ways to count your fitness all together. Hopefully, you’ll find the right application you’re looking for whether it’s a basic app to count your steps every day or whether it’s a full-fledged fitness app to track every exercise you do. Let’s get into it.

screen322x572 (1)Runtastic Pedometer (Android/Free) (iOS/Free)

Runtastic are a name that have been around for quite some time on the smartphone app stores and as a result, have garnered themselves quite the positive reputation for having a fitness app for everything. We’ll actually feature another of their applications in a minute, but this first one is simply their Pedometer tracking application. This app is a basic pedometer tracker, tracking your steps, speed, calories burnt and if you have the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, it can track whether you go up and down steps too. Our only problem with this application is that it requires you to stop and start your activities and doesn’t work in the background.

screen322x572Stepz (iOS Only/Free)

Stepz is an iOS-only pedometer application that offers up a beautiful-looking and really minimal way to count your steps and get some basic feedback on the final count. Some neat features about this app are that is shows your steps on the App’s Notifications badge, shows you calories burnt and distance travelled and also, if you have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, shows you how many steps you’ve climbed. It’s a really great little application that runs in the background so you don’t have to think about starting and stopping it like Runtastic Pedometer.

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.11.13Noom Walk (Android-Only/Free)

Having had an iOS-only applicationca, we thought it’d only be fair to have an Android-only one next. Noom Walk is very similar to Stepz in how it works actually despite no connection between the two pedometer apps. Noom Walk works in the background, counting your steps 24/7 without draining hardly any battery. If then shows you calories lost and allows you to work towards weight loss goals and such. There’s also a community feel about Noom Walk, allowing you to add your friends on the service and then track their steps and track their progress towards their goals too, adding a side of competitiveness to the app.

screen322x572 (1)RunKeeper (iOS/Free) (Android/Free)

RunKeeper is an application from the same people who made RunTastic, but RunKeeper offers a lot more options and features. RunKeeper looks to give you as many ways to input your workouts, exercises and walks as possible, giving you a great application for tracking everything you do throughout your day. It obviously keeps track of all other details too such as calories burnt, distance travelled and such also.

screen322x572 (2)Moves (iOS/Free) (Android/Free)

Moves is another application out there that tracks your steps in the background and does all the data tracking without you having to initiate any sort of exercise programming. It’s a good-looking application too, offering up a minimal circular-based design. Moves’ stand-out feature is working out where you work and where your home is and then, with the data from your speed, distance travelled and such it can work where you walked, cycled or jogged, how long it was for, how many calories you burnt and more. It’s a great application and feature to be able to work out where your most steps come from, walking to work or going shopping?

screen322x572 (3)Endomondo (iOS/Free) (Android/Free)

Endomondo is up there with RunKeeper as one of the longest running (no pun intended) applications in the app markets. Endomondo has been around for a while tracking everything from your walk, to your bike ride to your skiing trip to your jog, sit-ups and more and more. Endomondo can track almost any exercise you can think of doing and will track it with the relevant interface for you to look at. For instance, if you’re jogging it will show steps, calories burnt and distance travelled. If you’re cycling it will show speed, distance travelled and calories burnt. You can also customise the interface by switching different stats around if you so wish. Unfortunately, this is another application that requires you to instigate the exercise tracking but if you do a lot of sports, there aren’t many better options out there.

screen322x572 (4)FitBit (iOS/Free) (Android/Free)

Finally, we have the biggest name in fitness tracking in the form of the FitBit application itself. Now, Jawbone, who offer up arguably the best fitness tracker when it comes to accuracy and simplicity do have an application, but it requires a Jawbone device to track any real data, so that won’t be featured as it doesn’t work standalone. The FitBit app however can work as a fitness tracker without having to have a device connected to it. At it’s most basic, it can track your steps, calories burnt and distance travelled. If you begin to interact with it, you can input your food, other exercises and more to have it give you smart recommendations on diet changes or exercise changes. It’s a great companion to a FitBit tracker and a great app as a standalone pedometer application too.

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