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4 Good Reasons for Having an Attractive Website Design

The internet is ubiquitous the world over. We can connect with people from across the globe and get information faster than ever. We can listen to music, watch TV, hold meetings and shop anytime, anywhere. But web design can be expensive and can take time. And once the site is designed and launched it needs upkeep and attention (like a trophy wife). If you’re a small business you may be wondering if a website is worth it; here are four reasons it absolutely is:

reasons to have an attractive web design

I. Credibility

Imagine you’re in your car on the way to work and you hear an ad on the radio for a product or company which sounds appealing. What’s the first thing you’ll do to find out more about it? More than likely your answer is to visit the website. Having a website lends your company credibility. If a potential customer can’t find your presence on the internet they may become suspicious and decide to go elsewhere. Businesses you hope to work with will similarly look over your website to learn a bit more about you or see your recent work. Even potential employees will want to see your site to prepare for interviews. Therefore, it’s incredibly important, even imperative that you have a website in today’s world.

II. Promotion

The customer or potential client coming to view your site may be coming for a very specific reason but your website provides the perfect opportunity to promote yourself, your business, services and/or products. Once a user is on your site you want to make sure that the visit turns into business results. You also want there to be a reason for users to come back! Having a website allows you to create your own press. It’s a great place to give customers, businesses, clients and everyone else an overview of your business, philosophy, and contact information but is also a forum for you to tout your achievements, community activities, new products, services or employees, and just about anything else.

III. Improved Customer Experience

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Your customers may not be able to get to your physical location or make a call to you during regular business hours because, well, they too have to work then. A website allows those customers to access your business any time that’s convenient for them. It can make it easier for them to purchase products, learn about services, or send a request for information, help or anything else. Customers are the lifeblood of a business so it behooves you to do everything you can to make, and keep, them happy. Providing an outlet that is available at their convenience is a great first step.

IV.  Save Money

Sure, there’s a cost associated with web design and maintaining the site once it’s up and running, but it can also help save you costs from other aspects of your business. For example, many sites provide self-service capabilities that many customers prefer because they like being in charge. You can have a help or FAQs section for customers to visit before having to call anyone on your support team – which may mean you can cut down on the number of people you need to hire. Similarly, customer service can occur 24/7 which people prefer. Using your site for promotion (as discussed above) can also save you marketing money as well allowing you to control how you present information.

A website is an essential business tool in today’s marketplace. The advantages are so numerous that it is not only sensible but necessary to take advantage and ensure your business has a presence on the web. So why wait another minute? Get started with your web design today!

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