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Using Wordpress to Create Your Wedding Website for Less

Thinking of setting up a web site exclusively for your wedding? Creating a wedding website not only let you have a nice souvenir but also help you plan your wedding proficiently. Most probably you are thinking of hiring some web designing service to design a site for you or maybe you are looking to buy a ready-made wedding site.

Designing a custom wedding web site from scratch might cost you a few hundred dollars. If you hesitate to shell out that kind of money you could try a ready-made wedding site which would cost you much less. However, if you are on a budget you could “do it yourself”. And guess what, you could use similar templates that are used by ready-made sites and yet save some money.

You may pick a wonderfully designed template or theme when it comes to making a web site to showcase your wedding. You could hire a web designer to do the job for you and those of you who don’t have any firsthand experience regarding web designing or blogging might be inclined to take that route but you would be pleasantly surprised how easily you could set up a wedding web site by using platforms like WordPress.

WordPress is a blogging platform but it is possible to transform it into a gorgeous wedding web site by installing a beautiful wedding theme. There are free as well as paid themes to choose from. And WordPress is a free software that is available with almost every web hosting company in this planet. A lot of WordPress themes would even allow you to customize it. You could change the look and feel of the site according to your choice by changing colors and layout of the theme.

Another benefit of using the WordPress theme is people are familiar with it. They might not be aware of the name “Wordpress” but would definitely identify the convenience it offers. With WordPress you could have a welcome message that would stick to the top of the page, you could upload and post photos, create photo galleries, post videos, create an online invitation page (you can mail the link of which to the invitees when you invite them) … the possibilities are limitless.

If you are creative and want to stand out of the crowd you could even log your daily pre-wedding activities and share funny moments on the site until the big day finally there.

WordPress makes everything so convenient. All you need to do is get in touch with a web hosting company, book a domain (e.g. kathyanddarrenwedding.com etc.) get a hosting space and install Wordpress. A domain would typically cost you about $10 and you could get hosting for $48 – 60 a year. Unless you are a celebrity, the lowest hosting plan (the hosting companies generally offer several hosting plans starting from a mere $4 per month to $200 per month) should suffice. GoDaddy.com, HostGator.com are some of the popular services that offer domain name registration and web hosting services. Sometimes they offer free domain name if you buy a hosting plan from them – so, remember to check hat out too.

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