Top 10 Best Innovative Office and Computer Desks

It’s been a long time since desks have really been updated from being just a large plane of wood with four legs, but recently designers have been moving this age old piece of furniture into the 21st century. New and exciting designs have been thought up and some are available to buy while others are still in their concept stages. We take a look at 10 of the best innovative office computer desks to see how the original basic design has been improved upon.

Innovative Office Computer Desks- kanapetkoKkanapètko

This is a great work desk designed by Krassi Dimitrov that integrates drawers and an area for a printer or scanner, a Blumotion powered light box for tracing and viewing, plus two extra pull out work spaces at the sides to increase space and encourage collaboration. This innovative office desk is on wheels so can be moved easily and the built in sockets are powered by an extension cable so you can have electricity no matter how far away from a wall plug you are.

Innovative Office Computer Desks- SlimdeskSlimdesk



The Slimdesk is a concept by Manuel Saez that’s practical and useful while taking up minimal space. The top of the desk opens up to reveal compartments that can store work tools and gadgets, plus there’s a power strip and USB ports hidden in one of the compartments. One of the hollow legs is used to hide wires and cables, making this an interesting and innovative computer desk.


The Envelop desk is a mobile workstation that can be easily moved around and changed to suit the workspace and the user’s needs. The units have asymmetrical worktops which allow communication between two people working on each side of the desk. The desk swings down for work, while the top flap swings up to allow access to accessories stored in the cupboard above the workstation. There’s also two drawers and space for a printer or other large accessory.

Innovative Office Computer Desks TableAir

TableAir Interactive Desk $2,075

The TableAir is a large smooth desk that has LED lighting in the sides which can be customised with an app, as well as a USB charging dock with a power pocket for hiding wires. The best part of this cool office desk though is that it can change height to let the user change postures throughout the day. The height is changed by silent motors that can be programmed either through the app by setting schedules or custom timing, or by holding your hand over the Smart Button which senses the distance between the button and your hand then raises the table to the appropriate height.

Innovative Office Computer Desks- Desk ConceptInnovative Office Computer Desks- Desk Concept 2

Francois Dransart Desk Concept

This is a great modern desk concept for work or home office that aims to organise the space, encourage customisation and create unity. The desk is a slimline design that allows you to integrate customised compartments such as pen boxes, cord boxes, an induction plate or lamp. The compartments have leather handles for easy reorganisation and there’s also a snap on cord tidy to keep everything neat.

Innovative Office Computer Desks Tableg


While this is just a concept design at the moment, this would be the ultimate modern and innovative desk. Instead of using old fashioned pen, paper, laptops and mobiles you could have a table that is entirely made from a touch screen device. This would make working an interactive experience which would be easier for many jobs. If the desk was angled but had an area for physical objects too it would be a real innovation.

Innovative Office Computer Desks Carrefour Smartdesk

Carrefour Smartdesk

The smart desk is a simple foldable desk designed to save on space and help with organisation. The Smartdesk features a vertical area with pockets that can hold everything from pens to a tablet computer and a handy elastic cable holder. The desk can be folded without affecting the stored items, making this a great way to save on space and making it easier to clean an office or room.

Innovative Office Computer Desks Hollow CoreInnovative Office Computer Desks Hollow Core 2

Hollow Core Connect IT 48-Inch Tablet Desk $415

This desk allows you to store and connect all your gadgets, perfect for those that work with lots of computer accessories and electronics. Large desk flaps lift up to reveal storage space underneath. There’s a slide to view area for devices where you can charge and use them, a dedicated laptop storage shelf and a built in outlet bar with phone, internet and 2 USB connection ports.

Innovative Office Computer Desks Analog Memory Desk

Analog Memory Desk

The Analog memory desk has a built in mechanism that enables you to wind 1,100 yards of butcher paper to sketch on and write your notes. When the paper becomes covered in notes you can just wind it on to get a clean desk again ready for your ideas.

Innovative Office Computer Desks Trekdesk

TrekDesk $480

The TrekDesk can combine a treadmill and desk in one, making it easy to exercise while reading or doing work for those who would like to mix the two or don’t have much time to exercise outside of work hours. This modern innovative desk fits almost any treadmill so users can walk at their own pace while working and they can grab a drink from the built in cup holders too.

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