Most Unique Unusual Gifts Which Are Surprising And Great

Halloween is on the cards and soon Christmas will follow. You will be looking for such unusual unique gifts that you can give to your family and friends. We have round up such surprising gifts that you may want to give to the people in your family and friends. These unique gadgets and gizmos are not just to give people as presents on special events you can also use them at home or while travelling

iRobot Braava – Automatic robotic mop which will mop every corner of your house 


This cleaning robot is just a click away from you which can clean your floor. iRobot Braava Jet Map is your perfect personal robotic maid. You cannot only sweep floors but it has cleaning pads solely manufactured to clean stone, tile and wood floors for you.

It can clean every corner of your house and spaces which are not easy to reach. Cleaning under toilets, tables and every nook and corner of your house is not difficult.

iRobot is a jet mop which can clean by vibrating even dry stains. You need not to scrub them. Just turn it on. It will reach them automatically. It is small in size but very powerful to do the job perfectly. It does not ride on stairs and won’t get stuck on carpets.

This device has eyes of its own. You can use it as many times a day as you like. This one just a button away.

Ultion Smart Lock – A very unusual and the smartest lock in the world

There are tons of cool gadgets these days and many of which are easily available on the market. But what if we tell you that this smart lock is really worth your penny. This ultion smart lock comes with thousands of potential combinations.

This lock is smart in every possible way. You can even get assistance from Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa to open it. It is hands free, uses GPS and bluetooth to lock or unlock your precious goodies. The battery operator is already installed which would not require any wires or cables.

It’s not just smart but beautifully designed. It serves you the best way it can to keep your room or home safe from intruders no matter how experienced they are.

Gorilla Gripper – Haul massive panels and doors or any wooden thing


The Gorilla Gripper helps you pick up large pieces of wood and drywall like they’re pieces of paper. Picking up these heavy pieces of wood puts tons of stress on your body.

You can clamp and carry big pieces of wood and drywall with ease. As if they were pieces of paper. You can carry heavy pieces which might otherwise put a lot of stress on your body. When you are picking up heavy pieces of furniture you need to take care of your health as well. This gripper is so satisfying that your back will definitely thank you for that.

It grips the wood and holds on it. You can lock it on the wood and then it provides you ease to carry it around. You need to fix it on the material you want to carry and then move it across the house.

SkySaver – Super backpack allows you to climb buildings 


The SkySaver gives you the power to rescue yourself in case of an emergency. This system has been developed and tested by safety experts so you can rest assured that you have a stable way out when in an emergency situation.

SkySaver is your true super power help. You can rescue yourself from tough situations. You can use it in all the difficult situations. You will need to strap it, hook on an anchor point and then jump out downwards.

It’s built as an emergency power bag which can give you additional power to face such situations. Even when you are up a hundred stories. There needs to be a little rehearsal before doing it. You don’t need to teach it. Just follow the basic instructions and then this backpack will handle the rest for you.

Plus Guard – Keep your information private and safe from identity theft


Identity theft has become a big problem in today’s digital world. It’s where the crucial role of this Plus Guard ID Roller comes in. It can give you control over information related to you and your family.

It comes with a typical pattern that puts you ahead and keep your data safe. Many people shell out thousands of dollars to keep their information safe. This device comes in the price of a paper.

There is a cover on it which will keep you secure and don’t worry about the ink that you think might get messy. That cover protects it.

You can make better use of this blocker which is right for documents, bills, medicine labels and bank statements. You can protect all your documents and data secure and protected.

LiftKits: Get few extra inches using these shoe insoles and look taller


Many people get worried for being short. What about if something give you a few inches of height. This LiftKits shoe insoles can give you a few useful inches that can keep you upright. Your confidence will double and you will get a real kick.

The air bubble technology is used to make them durable. You can wear these during interviews, dates and other parties. To get you through all the necessary events these insoles will help you.

You can add all the inches you want to add to your confidence building, get these insoles to fit rightfully. It has a half detachable piece. You can wear them on any type of boots. Buy them today you would not regret. You can gift these to someone close to you who might be thankful to your for this little but very useful gift to boost his confidence.

Tubble – An inflatable Bathtub that fits into almost any home


What is more relaxing after a rough day? A hot bath is what you need after a rough day of work. How about taking that comforter with you wherever you go? This inflatable bathtub Tubble is your real comforter that you can take with you.

You can drive much warmth and comfort from a Tubble bathtub. It can hold in sixty gallons of water and the size of most people. It can also hold foam, bath oils, salt water and hot water between 100-113 Fahrenheit.

You can keep your drink in the cup holder on the tub-side and there are various different features which makes it ideal for everyone specially the travellers.

CleanseBot – This Bacteria killing robot cleans your bed sheets


You can get sick a lot while on the go or when you are back. It’s mostly because during the travel you get exposed to tons of germs and bacteria regularly. You might come in contact with bacteria in hotels, restaurants or places where you are going for the first time.

This CleanseBot is one of the most reliable products that can help you with it. You can use the power of four UV-C lights to sanitize the infectant from all the surfaces of hotels, restaurants or any other places where you travel.

All you need is the pressing of a button. Put the robot on bed, push the button and clean your beds from bacteria. It will clean everything within 30 to 60 minutes.

You don’t need to worry that the robot might fall it won’t. 18 sensors are used in this robot. They help it use the cleaning to the very end. Even if it stuck somewhere still there is no need for it.

BaboCush – Vibrating bed soothes babies from crying


This rocking bed is very comfortable for babies. The BaboCush is a comforter and soother where your baby can relax. It will keep them safe from negative impact.

This bed helps babies relieve gas pain so you can put them on it directly after feeding without discomfort. The warmth is so comforting that your baby will feel relaxed just like your own arms.

It keeps your baby from crying because it does not just rock but holds your child like you. You can keep your baby from acid reflux by adjusting the incline of your bed.

BakBlade 2.0 – Shave your back with no cuts 


The BakBlade 2.0 is not your ordinary shaving machine. But above all you can shave your back with it. Which part of the body is difficult to shave? Definitely your back. You can clean your body from all the hair.

S-shaped handle provides you reach to the parts of your body that your hand can’t reach otherwise. It’s where this shaver comes to rescue. You can reach your chest and back easily.

This razor’s safety guard can keep you safe from any cuts. The wet and dry razor can give you great shaving according to your requirements.

CreekKooler Floating Cooler – You can tow this cooler to your boat 

You can store your drinks in this CreekKooler while on the go. If you are canoeing on a paddleboard you can keep this cooler with you. You don’t have to spare special space to keep this cooler. The packing is simple and the opener is just great. 

The insulators used in it will keep drinks cool. You can keep everything cool for two days. It can hold 20 12-oz cans or 20 10 kgs of ice.

The Stache Shield – This answers how to protect your mustache from liquids 


Do any of your friends have thick and long mustaches? You can gift this cool Stache Shield to him. It protects your mustache from all the drinks and foods. This mustache protector is fit for all the right reasons.

So keep enjoying your all curry meals and bowels of soups or the beverages. So strap this on your cup and keep your mustache protected while drinking anything.

Drink your sweet drinks and strap on your head this stache. This will totally help you enjoy cleanliness and wear it like a necklace. Give this cute unusual gift to any of your friends. We are sure he will thank you for this small present.

Tornador – The pressure cleaner for your car 

Do you want to clean your car properly or is any of your friends lazy to clean his car? You can clean all the necessary surfaces of your car with this Tornador Car Cleaner. Use it on carpets, fabrics or other solid materials.

Your best brand of car can get cleaned in a couple of minutes. You can combine this air compressor with a cleanser or any just any part under or over the bonnet. Not only that your car wheels, convertible tops and the body of the car.

Many reviewers and experts have tested this product’s quality. They have found it very useful. This is the right choice for those who want to keep the car clean every possible way.

For your car enthusiast friend this gift is highly suitable. You can clean your car quickly and save time, money and efforts. So before choosing any other product try this one first.

SolSource – The fastest solar cooker 


Another great gift that you can give to your foodie friends is this SolSource Sport Solar Cooker. He will find it a boon. This solar cooker can utilize solar energy to heat.

It is portable and you can take it anywhere in the world you want from picnic points to beaches. There is a bag to carry it in. As it can automatically work in the sunlight you don’t need fire permission.

To light all you need is just a little spark of sunlight to heat it up. So you may cook any type of food like oatmeal, hotdogs or even proper lunches. Do you want a cup of quick coffee? Just turn it on.


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