10 Christmas Gift Ideas For Boys

What to buy a young boy at Christmas? Our selection should have something for every little soldier, regardless of whether they prefer puzzles to super heroes or favour giant piano playmats over party games. See and find out what are the best Christmas gift ideas for a boy?

1. World’s smallest walkie-talkies – BYBOO Baofeng T3 Kids Walkie Talkies Mini Two Way Radios for Boys Girls Children


These mini walkie-talkies are perfect for any wannabe spies seeking adventure. Easy-to-use and including 8 x AG13 batteries, these pocket-sized walkie-talkies will allow their users to talk to communicate with one another up to 30 metres apart.

2.Giant Floor Piano Play Mat with Speaker Plug-in


Give the gift of music this year and keep that special someone entertained with this giant piano playmat. Jump from key to key and play a song. Requires 4 x AA batteries and is suitable for ages 6 and over.

3. Lego City advent calendar 60268


No Christmas list for children could be complete without a piece of Lego. This festive Lego set should please any little boy who loves his Lego and wants to build his own wintery scene, complete with a Santa mini-figurine. Suitable for ages 5 – 12.

4. Traditional gingerbread house kit 


Each part of this fairytale-style gingerbread house has been pre-baked meaning all that is left to do is cement the parts with white icing and have fun decorating the house with plenty of colourful sweets. Everything, such as the piping bag, foundation tray and decorative sweets, is included in the kit. Not only is this gift fun, it is tasty and festive. The finished house should be 18cm sq. x 20cm H.

5.Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Talking Telescope


This mini educational insights talking telescope makes a great stocking filler. It has 15x magnification and comes already assembled; perfect for explorers who want to get exploring rightaway. It is lightweight, easy to focus and is suitable for ages 5+.

6. Animal Planet Safari Friends


The Animal Planet Safari Friends have been embraced by children everywhere and now the bespectacled pop-culture icon has his very own jigsaw. Once the 100 piece puzzle is completed, you can try finding different animals. It won’t be easy! Suitable for ages 6+.

7. World’s smallest laser gunse – Kids Spiderman Laser-Tag for Kids


These tiny laser guns have eight different sound effects and various lights. They can easily fit in your pocket and are lightweight. Comes with a non-replaceable battery. Suitable for ages 4+.

8. Bubble Gun Blower for Kids 2.0


Bound to catch the eye of any playful pet pooches or cats, the bubbles from this bubble gun will provide a wondrous spectacle for all. The bright guns come with a pot of bubbles so you can start shooting bubbles straightaway. Lightweight batteries are required.

9. Solid Kids Watercolors Paints Half Pans with Watercolor Brush Pen + 8 Extra Bonuses Travel Watercolor Kit


This large selection of pencils, pastels, crayons, watercolours, paint palettes and more is great value for money and gives budding creative types everything they need in order to start producing masterpieces. Full of pencil case essentials such as erasers, rulers, pencil sharpeners and glue, this kit will come in handy for school as well as creative fun at home. Everything comes in a neat wooden case. Suitable for ages 3+.

10. Toy Story Buzz Action Figure 


Just like the car in the much-loved films, this cartoonish vehicle is radio controlled. Choose which of your Buzz figurines gets to sit at the front and watch them speed around. The radio control has an easy-to-use steering wheel and button for speed. Requires 5 x AA batteries and 1 x 9VV. Suitable for ages 3+.

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