Trivia Crack Cheat Codes and Answers: SPORTS

Trivia Crack is the latest big trivia game to hit mobile phones and has many people contesting for general knowledge intelligence. However, what if you know you’re not going to do well and so need answers quick and without having to think? Well we’ve compiled a list of some of the Sports answers you may come up against. Obviously questions are added all the time so if you can’t find the question/answer you’re looking for then it’s likely a new one!

Trivia-CrackWe would recommend hitting ‘ctrl + F’ or ‘cmd + F’ to find the answer/question you’re looking for quickly to speed up your answer rate!

Question: What Olympic medal does not exist?
Answer: Copper medal
Question: How many players per team are there in court in handball?
Answer: 7 players
Question: In racewalking, athletes…
Answer: Walk
Question: What’s the name of the field hockey move when the ball is lifted with the stick?
Answer: Flick
Question: What city are the Blue Jays from?
Answer: Toronto
Question: Which baseball player is behind the batter?
Answer: Catcher
Question: How many squares are there in a chess board?
Answer: 64 squares
Question: How long is a basketball game international and in the NBA?
Answer: 40 and 48 minutes long
Question: What is the name given to the NFL final?
Answer: Super Bowl
Question: Which team did Alex Ferguson manage?
Answer: Manchester United
Question: Which of the following types of hockey does not exist?
Answer: Asphalt hockey
Question: The tiger Hodori was the mascot of which Olympic Games?
Answer: Seoul 88 Olympic Games
Question: When did the FIFA World Cup take place in the USA?
Answer: 1994
Question: What country won EuroBasket 2011?
Answer: Spain
Question: Which of these positions does not exist in a baseball game?
Answer: Fullback
Question: What country has won the most Davis Cups?
Answer: United States
Question: Where were the first Olympic Games of the modern era celebrated?
Answer: Athens
Question: What player of the WWE is known as ‘The Lord of Darkness’?
Answer: The Undertaker
Question: What is the world’s most popular and most played sport?
Answer: Soccer
Question: Which team won the Baseball World Series of 2013?
Answer: Boston Red Sox
Question: What number did Michael Jordan play as on the Chicago Bulls?
Answer: 23
Question: What boxer was found guilty for draft evasion after declaring himself a conscientious objector during the Vietnam War?
Answer: Muhammad Ali
Question: Which ball is the smallest?
Answer: Golf ball
Question: Who won more cycling medals at the London 2012 Olympic Games?
Answer: USA
Question: What’s the official color of fencing?
Answer: White
Question: Which of the following is an Olympic sport?
Answer: Curling
Question: What is Tiger Woods real name?
Answer: Eldrick Woods
Question: How many points does a half court shot give in Basketball?
Answer: 3 points
Question: Who is Muhammad Ali?
Answer: Boxer
Question: ln which state of the United States are celebrated the XGames?
Answer: California
Question: Swords are used in which of the following martial arts?
Answer: Ninjutsu
Question: Wilson Kipeter broke the 800m record of what other athlete?
Answer: Sebastian Coe
Question: From which country is the athlete Maria Mutola, who won her eighth world title in Paris in 2003?
Answer: Mozambique
Question: What year were the first modern Olympics Games held?
Answer: 1896
Question: What sport do the New York Mets play?
Answer: Baseball
Question: Anna Kournikova won the doubles competition of the Australian Open of 1999. What swiss player was her partner?
Answer: Martina Hingis
Question: What country is Taekwondo originally from?
Answer: Korea
Question: Which sport originated in China?
Answer: Dodgeball
Question: What racing driver died in 2011?
Answer: Marco Simoncelli
Question: How many positions are there in Volleyball?
Answer: 6 positions
Question: Which of these activities is related to horseback riding?
Answer: All of the above
Question: In which of these teams of Formula 1 did Michael Schumacher run?
Answer: Ferrari team
Question: How many players are in a chess game?
Answer: 2 players
Question: What sport need no equipment?
Answer: Running
Question: How many goals did Germany score in the 2014 World Cup Against Brazil?
Answer: 7 Goals
Question: What’s the first name of the Italian motorcycle race driver Melandri?
Answer: Marco
Question: How many games were disputed in the longest match in the history of Wimbledon?
Answer: 183 games
Question: Which of the following is not an Olympic sport?
Answer: Small game hunt
Question: In which sport might you legally use a hand-off on an opponent?
Answer: Rugby
Question: What sport do the Miami Dolphins practice?
Answer: American Football
Question: Which is the most successful team in the Champions League?
Answer: Real Madrid
Question: What sport do you play if you play in the NFL?
Answer: American football
Question: Where is NBA’s Hall of Fame?
Answer: Springfield (MA)
Question: Who won the Formula One World’s Driver Championship in 2005 and 2006?
Answer: Fernando Alonso
Question: Which of the following is not part of decathlon?
Answer: Marathon
Question: What does WWE stand for?
Answer: World Wrestling Entertainment
Question: What do you score in American and Canadian football?
Answer: Touchdown
Question: When was the last time Michael Jordan played in the NBA?
Answer: 2003
Question: How many wheels does a unicycle have?
Answer: 1 wheel
Question: Where is Muay Thai originally from?
Answer: Thailand
Question: How many chess pawns are in a chess game?
Answer: 16 pawns
Question: Where were the first Pan American Games celebrated, in 1951?
Answer: Buenos AIres
Question: In the Winter Olympics there are luge competitions. What is luge?
Answer: A sled
Question: In sumo wrestling, what is the dohyo?
Answer: the ring
Question: How many striped ball are there in a pool game?
Answer: 7 striped balls
Question: Who has never won the MVP award of the NBA season?
Answer: Vince Carter
Question: What game need 11 player and a pitch?
Answer: Cricket
Question: How many cards does an English or French deck have?
Answer: 52 cards
Question: Which sport would you be playing if you were competing on the ATP tour?
Answer: Tennis
Question: Who is Tiger Woods?
Answer: Golf player
Question: Which is the fastest runner in the whole world?
Answer: Usain Bolt
Question: What is the name of Florida’s baseball team?
Answer: Marlins
Question: In biathlon, what event comes after cross-country skiing?
Answer: Rifle shooting
Question: Who won the first Formula 1 World Championship?
Answer: Guiseppe Farino
Question: Despite suffering from Parkinson, what athlete lighted the Olympic flame to inaugurate the Olympic Games in Atlanta?
Answer: Muhammad Ali
Question: Which athletics event is the longest distance in which competitors stay in their own lanes?
Answer: 400m
Question: Which country hosted the Olympics in 2008?
Answer: China
Question: What teams did Michael Jordan play in?
Answer: Chicago Bulls, Washington Wizards
Question: This sport was born in India, men can win the Thomas Cup and women, the Uber Cup. What sport is it?
Answer: Badminton
Question: What’s the fastest swimming style?
Answer: Front crawl
Question: Whose quotes is ‘fly like a butterfly sting like a bee’?
Answer: Muhammad Ali
Question: In 2009, Olympic athlete Usain Bolt publicized the efforts for Kenya’s conversation adopting a cub called Lightning Bolt. What species?
Answer: Cheetah
Question: Which of these is a discipline in both men’s and women’s gymnastics?
Answer: Floor exercises
Question: What’s a natatorium?
Answer: A pool
Question: Which sport do Jeremy Roenick, Mario Lemieux, and Wayne Gretzky play?
Answer: Hockey
Question: Who was the first quarterback to throw for 50 touchdowns in a single season?
Answer: Tom Brady
Question: Name the technique of judging a horse back rider’s skill.
Answer: Equitation
Question: Which city will host the Olympics in 2020?
Answer: Tokyo
Question: What’s the only Olympic throwing event where competitors don’t throw from inside a circle, but they start off running?
Answer: Javelin
Question: Where is rugby originally from?
Answer: England
Question: Which of these is the US name for the French card game vingt-et-un?
Answer: Blackjack
Question: Who was the boxer who bit his opponent’s ear during a fight?
Answer: Mike Tyson
Question: How much is the addition of all the points of a dice?
Answer: 21
Question: What is the maximum number of games you can play in a basketball playoff?
Answer: 7 games
Question: What does NRL stand for?
Answer: National Rugby League
Question: What is LeBron James nickname?
Answer: The King
Question: What country won the most medals in the Olympic Games of 2008?
Answer: United States
Question: Original regattas were ship races that took place in the Grand Canal of what city?
Answer: Venice
Question: What discipline is not a part of Modern Pentathlon?
Answer: Cycling
Question: How many white pieces are in chess game?
Answer: 16 white pieces
Question: What is ‘Texas Hold’em’?
Answer: A type of poker
Question: What’s the name of the Greek musician who compose the original hymn of the Olympic Games?
Answer: Spirou Samara
Question: How many bearings does a skateboard have?
Answer: 8 bearings
Question: Where will the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup be held?
Answer: Canada
Question: Which sport have the expressions ‘saved by the bell’ and ‘throw the towel’ been taken from?
Answer: Boxing
Question: Where was the car racing driver Emerson Fittipaldi from?
Answer: Brazil
Question: Every how many yeas are the Winter Olympic Games celebrated?
Answer: Every four years
Question: Which of these would be of most use if you wanted to play poker?
Answer: Pack of cards
Question: What player was the best soccer of the American team the Dream Team of 1992?
Answer: Charles Barkley
Question: Which Brazil soccer team won the national championship 6 times?
Answer: Sao Paulo FC
Question: How many fights did Muhammad Ali win during his career?
Answer: 56 fights
Question: What is the mechanical animal that greyhounds chase during a race?
Answer: Hare
Question: Which Canadian Hockey team won the gold metal at the 2014 Winter Olympics?
Answer: Both men and women
Question: What is the term used in tennis when the score is 40-40?
Answer: Deuce
Question: What country is big in Olympic swimming thanks to stars such as Dawn Fraser and Ian Thorpe, being only after the United States in golds and medals?
Answer: Australia
Question: Dolphin style is related to what sport?
Answer: Swimming
Question: How many numbers appear in a darts board?
Answer: 20
Question: In artistic gymnastics, how many different apparatus do women compete on?
Answer: 4
Question: Which of the following is not currently an Olympic sport?
Answer: Lacrosse
Question: In a horse race, the winner is the horse that crosses the finish line with its what?
Answer: Head
Question: What city hosted the first modern Olympics?
Answer: Athens
Question: In which board game can a piece move in L?
Answer: Chess
Question: What motor-racing team was Fernando Alonso part of from 2002 to 2006?
Answer: Renault
Question: On what kind of surface is sandboard practiced?
Answer: Sand
Question: Which was the first Grand Slam won by Andre Agassi?
Answer: Wimbledon
Question: What sport is controlled internationally by the IJF?
Answer: Judo
Question: How many seasons did the famous baseball player ‘Babe Ruth’ play?
Answer: 22
Question: What’s England’s national sport?
Answer: Cricket
Question: What’s the weapon used in women’s fencing?
Answer: Foil

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