Top 10 Websites For Discounted Travels

Taking a trip or holiday can be expensive and you can spend hours researching destinations or searching for the right deal. Luckily we have a list of the top 10 websites for discounted travels that will help you find the best offers and exclusive coupons so you can save money on your bookings.

Best discounted travel sites

Bownty is a brilliant travel site that aggregates deals from a large number of deal websites so you can view all the flash sales and discounts at once. After logging in, you’ll be able to view travel deals and discounted stays. This type of site works best if you’re flexible about where you’d like to travel to as you’ll be able to see hundreds of deals for different places.

Retail Me Not
This site allows you to view coupon codes, deals and sales from hundreds of travel stores so you can save money on your holiday. You can browse all sorts of travel related discount codes, or search for deals on particular flights and destinations to find a bargain to go along with a part of a holiday that you’ve already booked.

Travel Zoo
Travel Zoo have individual user sites for countries around the world and feature lists of the best travel deals from across the web. The site shows deals from over 2000 companies worldwide and also verifies and tests the deals itself to make sure they are available and have value to the traveller. Travel Zoo lists hotel, flight, vacation, cruise and entertainment deals so they have a wide range of discounts to offer.

Kayak is one of the best websites for finding the best and cheapest travel deals from hundreds of sources. You can search for travel dates three days before and after your planned dates in order to find the best deal and you can also check a world map to see potential destinations for your flight price range. In addition, the site offers a price predictor which aims to tell you whether you should purchase your flights now or wait until a price drop.

Travel Supermarket
This site allows you to search for everything you’ll need for your trip- from flights and hotels to car hire and full holidays, so you can find great deals for every section of your holiday. The results are displayed with ascending prices so you can see the best deals straight away.

Best discounted travel sitesHotel Coupons
Hotel Coupons gives you access to a great range of coupons for hotel stays in the US that can be used last minute. You can search by state, postcode or city and find a wonderful hotel for your interstate vacation.

Priceline helps you to haggle for hotel bargains by allowing you to place bids on your stay. You can select your dates of stay, neighbourhood and minimum stars then set your own price. You can also set your own price for flights and car rentals. The catch is that you’re not shown which hotel or airline you’re booking with until after you pay, so this discount travel website is for those who love a bargain and are less fussy about details.

Jetsetter is a great travel discount site that has around 20 flash sales at any one time and can help you save up to 50% off the price of a hotel stay. In order to take advantage of the offers you sign up to the site and can book with hotels during the limited time sales. If you’re flexible about where you want to travel to then this is an awesome site to join.

Last Minute
Last Minute is the best way to book holidays and breaks on short notice as they have a wide range of deals that help airlines fill seats and hotels fill beds. They also offer spa and theatre discounts and have a price match guarantee so you know you’re getting the best travel offers through the Last Minute site.

Air BnB
Air BnB continues to grow in popularity and is one of the best travel websites for getting a great deal on your holiday stay. Instead of hotels, this site shows flats, apartments and houses that can be rented in any area from their owner. The prices are often much less expensive than a hotel and you get the benefit of living somewhere homely with all the necessary amenities.

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