The Best Apple Watch Accessories To Treat Your New Gadget

So you’ve just bought your new Apple Watch and you’re not looking for some accessories for it. Well you’ve come to the right place! We here at Wiproo have compiled a list of some of the best Apple Watch accessories to treat your new gadget. These include stands, headphones, adapters and more! So be sure to read on and check out all the cool tech and add-ons you can get for your new Apple Watch device.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 15.22.31Click Strap Adapter (Preorder on Kickstarter $24.99-$39.99)

We all know that Apple likes to release their official versions of everything and when they do, charge incredible amounts of money for them. Most of the time this is for quality and endurance, but sometimes you can find just as good quality elsewhere for much less. Simply put, if you want an Apple Watch and not the Apple Watch Sport, you’re looking at spending an extra $200-$400 depending on which one you want. However, with the Click Strap Adapter, you can quick and easily buy a watch adapter that allows you to put most 24mm watch straps into it without having to may the extreme amount. There’s two variants, the Click M – Aluminium and the Click M – Stainless Steel. We personally prefer the aluminium, plus it’s cheaper!

51vdQjPxEDL._SL1000_Spigen S330 Stand ($19.99)

With the Apple Watch needing to be charged up every night, you surely want a beautiful little stand to hold it on. Now luckily, the Apple Watch is smaller than any other device with a stand ans o the stands are smaller, resulting in process not being extortionate. In fact, the Spigen s330 offers you a modern, aluminium, Apple-esque stand for a mere £20.

The Spigen s330 Stand offers a modern and minimal design, is made of a high-quality aluminium and looks great on any bedside table. It also includes a whole where you can thread your charging cable through to allow your Watch to charge whilst it rests on the device.

71SI7MRQpFL._SL1500_Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones ($499.99)

So you’ve just spent around $400 on a watch right? What’s stopping you from going and spending $500 on a pair of wireless headphones too? The Apple Watch has the capability of streaming music via Bluetooth to any device that can receive it, including headphones. When it comes to wireless Bluetooth headphones, there are simply no better options than the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless cups right now. Not only do they compliment the look of your watch with

Not only do these beautiful headphones compliment the look of your watch with stand-out design that will turn heads, but they also offer some of the best sound quality you’ll ever hear too. The Sennheiser Momentums are understandably those who have a truly premium budget and are on a spending spree rampage, so we do have some cheaper alternatives for those whose budget may have been a little depleted by the purchase of the Watch.

800x800_shadow_greySol Republic Shadow Wireless ($99.99)

Okay, so you don’t have a spare $500 laying around, but you do have a spare $100 and are looking for some beautiful wireless headphones to use with your new Watch. Well the Sol Republic Shadow Wireless headphones have received incredibly high praise from all reviewers, claiming them to be by far the best sport wireless headphones you can buy and up there with some of the best wireless headphones in general.

Not only do they offer a premium look and feel and design but they offer great sound quality. We know it’s important to people buying an expensive Watch to go ahead and have good-looking technology to compliment it and that’s why we’ve recommended these two headphones. They both also sound incredible which always helps the audiophile Apple Watch owners.

7644d4b6fcb4e028240cd10d4c5c7588_originalCyclip (around $30 – kickstarter project)

So you’ve taken your Watch off your Spigen stand, changed your strap with the Click Strap Adapter, put your Sennheiser Momentums or your Sol Republic Shadows on and now you will need your Cyclip on your bike to put your Apple Watch in front of you whilst you ride. The Cyclip is currently a successful Kickstarter project that looks to bring the Apple Watch to your handlebars.

Cyclip is advertising itself as being suitable for cyclists, motorbike riders and scooter riders… so anything with handlebars. The benefit of this would be being able to see directions simply by looking down (as long as you have your iPhone), or keeping up with a pedometer (as long as you have your iPhone) or answering a phone call whilst riding (as long as you’re not going too fast… and have your iPhone). It’s a neat idea and is a great accessory idea for anyone with the new Apple Watch who rides a lot.

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 16.03.12X-Doria Defense Edge Apple Watch Case ($32.99 – 38mm/42mm)

Oh no, you’ve gone round a corner too fast and you’ve come off your bike and scraped your knee! But wait.. your Apple Watch is fine because it’s got it’s X-Doria Defense Edge Apple Watch Case on protecting it from any serious damage.

The X-Doria Defense Edge offers aluminium design with a protective rubber lining that makes it easy to avoid ruining the feel of the Watch’s buttons. This would also be a worthy investment if you’re looking to sell the watch next year when the newer and better version comes out.

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