10 Cool Product Concepts For The Office

Offices are one of the places where new technology really needs to be useful, as there is not enough time nor space for useless gadgets that take up room. For that reason office product concepts use ergonomics and practicality as the mainstay of their designs, ensuring that they not only look great but perform in useful ways too. Take a look at the list below to check out some of the coolest and most useful product concepts for the office to help imagine the offices of the future.

Cool Product Concepts For The Office Tong tong pen

Tong Tong Pens

If you still use pens in your office and want them to be readily on hand, then the Tong Tong will revolutionise your desk stationary. By moving the center of gravity to the bottom middle of the pen, it will be able to stand upright and not fall flat on the desk, meaning you can grab one whenever you need to without having a pen holder or desk organiser.

Cool Product Concepts For The Office GcaseCool Product Concepts For The Office gcase 2Gcase

This cool briefcase concept would make you the talk of the office when you show your colleagues. Not only does it look stylish and futuristic but it has a host of helpful functions too. The Gcase has a built in projector, HD camera, 6 inch HD screen and state of the art security system, all controlled from your smartphone.

Cool Product Concepts For The Office asus ms monitor

Asus MS Monitors

The Asus MS monitors would be the perfect concept product addition to any office. These are especially helpful for collaborative spaces as the screen can be tilted easily due to a circular stand, and the ultra slim design means they take up as little desk space as possible.

Cool Product Concepts For The Office intelligent powerstrip

Intelligent Power Strip

This corner power strip can be placed in any nook and rotated to accommodate the outlet on any side. Large plugs can be plugged in with ease and cable clutter is eliminated with this helpful product. This is perfect for small offices and converted older spaces with wall sockets in inconvenient places, making the office look neater.

Cool Product Concepts For The Office portable pc


Portable PC and Projector

This portable PC was designed for entertainment use but would be equally useful in the office too. The design features two parts- the compact PC and detachable portable projector. This is an especially useful gadget for those that travel to meetings and conferences or often give presentations, as you would never need to worry about ensuring there was a projector available to you. Because the PC and projector can be transported separately, this makes a really useful gadget concept for the office.

Cool Product Concepts For The Office e ink keyboardCool Product Concepts For The Office e ink keyboard 2E-Ink Keyboard

Not only does this keyboard look sleek, but it also uses ingenious technology that makes it incredibly easy to use keyboard shortcuts when switching between programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, and also between languages. This wireless keyboard concept uses a small e-ink screen behind each key that changes for each program and application, plus multi-touch technology for ease of use.

Cool Product Concepts For The Office silent mouse 2Cool Product Concepts For The Office solent mouseSilent Mouse

Do you ever get irritated by the constant clicking of mice in your office? Repetitive tasks can create irritating noise that makes it difficult to think. The solution has come at last in this cool office product concept that has silent left and right buttons to cut down on unwanted sound. The mouse is also ergonomically designed and features a four way scrolling wheel as well as touch ID sensor.

Cool Product Concepts For The Office pencil printerPencil Printer

If you’re fed up of constantly changing ink cartridges for your office printer then here’s an awesome solution- a printer that uses a pencil instead of ink. This printer uses pencil powder to create the text and images, which can be easily erased to re use the paper. This is a great way to make use of short pencils as well as saving and reusing paper.

Cool Product Concepts For The Office electrolux memoryElectrolux Memory

If the coffee machine in your office has seen better days, you’ll be saved at last by the Electrolux Memory. This clever product concept would be perfect in the office as it uses palmprint identification technology to remember exactly how you like your coffee, then shows your details on the screen. Using infrared technology it can ensure your coffee is blended and poured just the way you like it.

Cool Product Concepts For The Office memory metal mouseCool Product Concepts For The Office memory metal mouse 2

Memory Metal Mouse

The Memory Metal Mouse is a cool product concept for the office that means you’ll always have a perfectly ergonomic mouse for your hand. The metal mouse is only 4.3mm thick and when not in use it is flat and thin enough to fit inside a book. But when in use, the heat of your hand changes the shape of the mouse to become the perfect fit. This mouse also uses a convenient touch display instead of buttons so swiping and clicking are super easy to do.

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