Top 8 Best Mac Like Keyboards For Windows

If you have been into developing for a long good time and have been using Mac and Windows at the same time. You might have thought about preferring Mac keyboards over windows even for your system built for windows. Those people who have worked on Mac for a good long time it becomes hard for them to use windows keyboards.

This post hints at the best Mac keyboards that work on for Windows or more specifically most suitable Mac like keyboards for windows PCs. Besides, this post will also tell you how you can use a Mac keyboard on Windows system. by enforcing some changes.

Check out some of the really coolest Mac keyboards you can use on Windows.

#1 Full Size USB Wired Keyboard (MKEYE) for Mac and PC

This keyboard MKEYE is not only suitable for iOS and Windows PCs as well. The short keys have been there to get you through all functions. It suits your choice if you want to use a Mac like keyboard on windows.

#2 Macally Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

This device can connect up to 3 Bluetooth powered devices and you can achieve efficiency to a great level. You could have a very creative environment with the amazing extended keyboard. It is very slim despite and is only 15 millimeters thick it has 110 keys including 20 short-keys, presents, number pad. The charging can last excessively long and can give you choice to choose which mode you want to use- wireless or plugged.

#3 Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard

This incredible keyboard is very much Mac inspired and gives that feel fully. It support all of your digital devices. You can pair as many as 3 devices and switch between them easily. This one product can get you the best of experiencing Mac typing on Android and PC.

#4 Goldtouch GTU-0088 V2 Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard

This one of the high quality keyboard which very much seems mac inspired and has a distinct feature that other keyboards lack. They keys are very soft to type. Its unique design is a symbol for it to be recognized as well. It works great on different surfaces and has great compatibility to a number of devices.

#5 Kensington Slim Type Wired Keyboard

This is super slim keyboard which is just 0.75 inches thin. It is very much like any super Apple keyboard that you wish to buy. However, this will work on your Windows PC, Laptop or just any devices. The keys are very soft and its smooth design makes it a decorative piece apart from a technical thing. There are hotkeys and everything else you expect of great keyboard. Buy it today.

#6 Logitech Ergo K860 Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard with Wrist Rest

This keyboard is one of the very stylish ones and has a wrist-resting part as well. It can not only give you ease of typing but you can rest your wrists on soft part as well. Besides it is very stylish and is very compatible with your different devices. It has very good posture to work and rest a lot while typing. It ads to your efficiency a great deal.

#7 VEO | Ultra Slim Mini Wireless USB 2.4 GHz Keyboard

VEO Ultra Slim Mini Wireless keyboard is the best stylish and designed keyboard for if you want something like this really cool to work on your PC or a windows laptop. A USB dongle connects it to the system and is very energy saving.
It is very elegant and ergonomic keyboard that makes your setup look stylish.

#8 Matias FK418BTB Bluetooth Wireless Aluminum

Check this very cool, stylish and uber cute keyboard that looks very chick with hotkeys, media functions and etc. Its minimal distance is amazing to write anything on your computer. Its design is very delicate and suits people who want to have a stylish set up at their disposal.

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