Myths About Eggs Debunked – 8 Popular Myths About Eggs Broken

Eggs are an essential part of our diet. In recent time, rumors have mounted with some condemning consumption of eggs while others still bequeathing the title of edible gold.

Here are some common egg myths that have been around for sometime. Lets see how these myths affect us and what we can do about it to keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Egg Myth 1 – Eggs with Intact Shell are Safe from Salmonella

Eggs -2 myths about eggs

Salmonella grows within chicken’s tract. They are well injected within the eggs before hitting outside world. Therefore, even if the shell isn’t cracked the salmonella is still present. Your best shot is to cook it well.

Egg Myth 2 -Salmonella is Present only in the Egg Yolks

egg_raw_egg_yolk - myths about eggs

People say that it is safe to eat egg whites raw, as salmonella is present only in yolk. The truth however is different. Majority of salmonella is present in egg yolk and the whites still have some. Therefore, egg whites cannot be ruled out completely as salmonella free.

Egg Myth 3 – Consuming Eggs Increases Cholesterol

eggs and cholesterol-2 myths about eggs

There are two types of cholesterol LDL and HDL. The LDL cholesterol is the culprit for increasing risk of heart attack. The LDL cholesterol lines the arteries thereby making it hard for blood flow and in turn risking heart attack. The other cholesterol called HDL helps in removing LDL. HDL is commonly known as unsaturated fat. Interestingly egg yolk contains 5g of unsaturated fat, which is HDL cholesterol.

Egg Myth 4 – Egg Whites are Best for Diet

egg-whites - myths about eggs

Egg whites are nothing but albumin. In other words, it is protein. The egg yolk contains several nutritional values. Therefore, if you consume just the whites then you are missing on huge nutrition value. Consuming egg as whole is better than egg whites.

Moreover, since the egg yolks have 5g of fat, it is advisable not to consume more than 2 eggs per day.

Egg Myth 5 – Raw Eggs have Better Nutritional Value

eating-raw-eggs - myths about eggs

You must have watched Rocky and etched the idea that raw eggs are better. Scientifically there is no proof that raw eggs are good when compared to cooked food. However, there is another proof that consuming raw eggs can lead to salmonella infection resulting in nausea and diarrhea. Therefore, it is wise to cook them up.

Egg Myth 6 – Egg Whites help In Weight Loss

egg whites and weight loss

As said before egg whites contain protein. Proteins are building blocks of muscles and do not help in cutting fat. Probably the reason for considering egg whites as fat reducer is that the amount of protein consumption through egg whites is high, indirectly reducing high carb foods.

Egg Myth 7 – Eggs from Farms are Safer than in Stores

egg-from farms - myths about eggs

We are taught that anything organic is safe. As far as eggs are concerned, they are bought from farms. Therefore, stores have the same quality of eggs than farm eggs.

Egg Myth 8 – Brown Colored Shell Eggs have More Nutrition

brown colored eggs - myths about eggs

The brown color of eggshell is mainly due to the kind of breed. Therefore, the color of shell has no effect on the nutrient value. Hence, both white colored shell and brown colored shell are the same on nutrition scale.


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