10 Apple Watch Apps you’ll want to use

The new Apple Watch has been received to mixed comments right now as everyone waits for April 10th until they can play with one. However, what Apple has always prided themselves on is their App support for their devices. The iPad has more tablet apps than Android tablets, iPhones are the first to get all the big apps and more. Therefore, Apple thought it was key that they offered some great and well known apps for their Apple Watch from release date.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of 10 Apps that you’ll want to use when you either get your own device or first have a play with one. There’s a wide selection of apps to choose from and definitely some big names that will have Android Wear scared for the Apple Watch’s arrival.

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 11.23.21Instagram

The massive imaging sharing social network has slowed down with any updates for their mobile apps recently but there’s no doubt that they are still the imaging powerhouse of the mobile world. Therefore, Apple ensured that they got Instagram on board to build an app for their Watch that allows users to scroll through their feed and like images with a few taps.

We’re not sure who’d prefer to view images on a tiny screen as opposed to their iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, but that’s their own preference and it’s still a big-name application that I’m sure a lot of people will want to download onto their Watch.


applewatch appsAnother big name is the social media powerhouse and celebrity hotspot in the form of Twitter. The social media giant has garnered incredible amounts of users, followers, tweets and more since it’s early beginnings. Therefore, Apple ensured that there would be a Twitter app for you to use on your Apple Watch. You’ll be able to read, favourite and retweet tweets from your Watch. You’ll also be able to compose tweets with dictation which is a fun idea.

This could be quite handy for a lot of people as the screen is meant to be brilliant on the Apple Watch and the ability to quickly read, retweet and favourite tweets whilst on public transport seems like a really logical idea.


applewatch appsEvernote is another massive name brought to the Apple Watch thanks to Apple’s power and influence on developers. Evernote on your Apple Watch will allow you to dictate a quick note, view recent notes, set reminders, find notes made near you and see content related to an upcoming meeting.

It’s a great idea for the watch and one I think will make Evernote users very happy to know they have the option. The ability to dictate a quick note could become very handy when rushing around and you don’t want to fumble around to get your phone out.


applewatch apps

The massive names and ideas keep coming with the ability to have eBay on your Apple Watch as well. It seems like a good idea allowing you quickly glance at your information on your wrist and react to it quicker if you’ve been outbid and need to quickly react.

It’s main features will be the ability to view the auctions you’re currently watching so you can keep on top. You’ll also receive notifications if you’ve been outbid so you can hit an instant reply and instantly try and rebid for the item again. We can imagine it’s going to make a bidding war just that little bit more interesting.


applewatch appsIf your city is supported, there isn’t really a better way to navigate through your city than the use of CityMapper. It offers some great step-by-step information along with cost of travel and how many calories you’ll burn travelling there.

CityMapper for Apple Watch will have features such as: based on your current location, it’ll provide step-by-step instructions for catching the nearest bus or train, and lists the next three arrivals so you can choose exactly when to leave. It also delivers a gentle tap to let you know when you’ve reached your stop.


applewatch appsHow many times do you find yourself in a shop or a restaurant wanting to know the song that’s playing because it’s making you tap your feet as you eat/shop? Well Shazam has always been the leading app for that with incredibly accurate and quick software to detect the song that you’re playing without any troubles at all.

How much more incredible and easy would it be to simple pull your wrist up, tap the app icon and have the song on your wrist and saved to your Spotify library or Google Play library in probably under 30 seconds? Well that’s what the idea of the Shazam for Apple Watch app supports which is an incredibly exciting prospect and will surely speed up the process of finding that song you’ve never heard before.

Dark Sky

applewatch appsThe Dark Sky app in general is probably one of the best, if not the best, weather application you can get on your iOS device. Not only does it offer incredibly accurate data and to the minute weather reports but it offers it up in a beautiful design. One of Dark Sky’s incredible and highlight features is it’s ability to send you up to the minute notifications of urgent weather changes.

Now imagine you’re out and about shopping for the day and you feel a buzz on your wrist and you look down and it shows a notification saying it’s going to rain in 5 minutes, so you go into a café or coffee shop incase and it begins to rain but you’re dry… that is the future! Dark Sky for Apple Watch does also offer up some simple weather information as a base app as well.


applewatch appsProbably the most well-known running app on mobile platforms, Runtastic is also coming to the Apple Watch with full support for tracking as well as reading and viewing data you’ve already submitted. One problem with this application is that you still need to take your iPhone on the run with you and currently it doesn’t work as it’s own individual application which stops this application from making the Apple Watch replace your current fitness tracker.

However, the Apple Watch does come with a built in fitness application that does track your steps, calories and such as you go so this application is intended more to be a second display on which you can see your Runtastic statistics.


Without a doubt, Uber was one of the biggest successes of 2014 with many companies trying to replicate their incredible success and reliability. What made Uber so popular is that they offered you the option to hail a taxi with only a few taps of your smartphone with reviews, driver information, driver GPS and more.

It was no surprise when Apple announced that they would be having an Uber application as it makes a lot of sense to do so. Not only does it minimise the effort and steps it takes to hail a cab but it allows for easier reading and notifications when your taxi arrives.

Babbelapplewatch apps

Babbel is a simple translation and language learning application that is highly used on iOS devices. With it’s introduction to Apple Watch, the company are looking to get information and help to users quicker via their watch as opposed to their iPhone/iPad.

With the Babbel app, Apple Watch shows you new words relevant to your location. So you can learn terms related to food when you’re near a restaurant. Or words like ‘flight’, ‘departure’ and ‘luggage’ when you’re near the airport. These are some really clever and interesting features.

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