LG G4 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Arguably the two biggest Android smartphones in the world right now are the LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6. We’ve written plenty about both on Wiproo and we wanted to finally pitch them aginst one another. We are going to put them against one another in different rounds and help you decide which is better and which is worse. Both phones however offer up the best of Android you can buy right now and so should both be considered despite the result.

lg-g4-vs-samsung-galaxy-s6-edge-quick-look-aa-6-of-14We will consider such topics as camera, hardware and design, screen, performance and then finally what each phone has to offer in terms of unique selling points – so what major differences there are between each device. Let’s get down to the LG G4 v Samsung Galaxy S6 fight then.


This is a great subject to start off with as both the LG G4 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 have received the highest of compliments when it comes to smartphone cameras. Firstly they are both the first cameras to have arguably beaten the iPhones’ camera when it comes to the ultimate smartphone point and shoot which is the first time since the birth of iPhones and Android phones that this has been done. However, let’s compare them.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers up a 16 MP camera with optical image stabilization,autofocus and an LED flash to support it. The LG G4 has a 16 MP camera with phase detection/laser autofocus, optical image stabilization and a dual-tone-LED flash. On paper, this means the LG G4 wins. However, from early reviews the LG G4 appears to lack a little when it comes to low light, sometimes overblowing the lighting, creating overly lit light areas to compensate for the dark areas. Both cameras offer up functionality to open the cameras in milliseconds though which is a win. However, we feel that the Samsung has the edge a little bit with the ease-of-use, however, the LG G4 is still one of the best cameras on any phone in the world.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S6


This one is a fairly easy decision. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is built with glass and aluminum design surrounding the edges whereas the LG G4 comes with a removable plastic back. The G4 does offer up leather options, but they are covers for a plastic backing still, making it feel just a little bit cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy S6.

When it comes to sex appeal, the S6 has the G4 hands-down, the curves, thinness and simple edges of the S6 make it far more appealing than the rather dull plastic and basic look of the LG G4.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S6


These two phones offer up the two best displays you will see on any smartphones these days. The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers a 5.1″ 2k Super AMOLED display whereas the LG G4 offers a 5.5″ IPS LCD Quantum 2k display. On paper, the Samsung has a slightly higher PPI due to having a smaller screen, but according to comparisons, the LG G4 simply offers up a more beautiful picture. When you start going over the 350-400 PPI mark, it comes down to less about the clarity of the pixels and more about the colors and blacks. The LG G4 wins here with probably the best display on any smartphone in the world right now.

Winner: LG G4


Performance is something that is screaming for improvement from Android phones these days with iOS becoming more and more optimised to open applications almost instantly. The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the LG G4 are both blazingly fast offering up lighter skins than previous years and more powerful processors to increase the speed of the devices to almost instant. When it comes to gaming, both devices can handle anything the Google Play Store can throw at it and when it comes to navigation, both devices offer up rapid navigation also.

We have decided to decide the performance based on battery life and this is a confusing one. Some reviewers suggest the G4 offers up nearly 2 days of battery life and that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a sporadic battery life from 8 hours to almost two days also. Other reviewers are saying opposite things making it confusing. The general consensus though is that the Samsung Galaxy S6’s AMOLED display helps it to reserve battery life better and a few software updates will keep the consistency of the longer battery life. However, despite both being large phones, don’t expect these phones to last you two days on a single charge unless used cleverly.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S6

Unique Selling Points

The Samsung Galaxy S6 offers up a fingerprint sensor and a heart rate monitor as it’s unique features and the LG G4 offers up laser-focus for its camera, more convenient power and volume buttons and also a unique way of turning on and unlocking your display. The Samsung Galaxy S6 introduced a fingerprint sensor and a heart rate monitor in the S5 and they’re brought over to the S6 but with

The Samsung Galaxy S6 introduced a fingerprint sensor and a heart rate monitor in the S5 and they’ve brought those over to the S6 but with vast improvements in accuracy and speed making them actually worthwhile this time round. In addition, they’ve made the heart rate sensor capable of taking selfies when double-tapped which is actually a very clever move as this is where your finger rests when taking those shots.

The LG G4 has the more unique features, but they’ll be less appealing to the mainstream public. The LG G4 offers up a unique laser-focus system with its camera making it the better camera when it comes to getting images with a better depth of field. The LG G4 also offers up uniquely placed buttons on the back of the device for turning volume up and turning the phone on and off if you so wish. However, the G4 also offers up knock on and knock code which allow you to double-tap to turn the display on or tap in certain places to unlock the phone if you have a code, arguably the most useful features between the two phones.

Winner: LG G4


We say the Samsung Galaxy S6 wins but that’s on the specs sheet and when you compare the two devices next to one another in an all-out dogfight. However, at the end of the day the decision will come down to whoever is buying the phone. What is nice to know with these two latest flagships though is that it appears no matter which phone you buy, you won’t have to sacrifice anything and you’ll know your phone can do something the other can’t but also your phone may lack something the other has. Either way, it’s your choice, your phone!

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