Best Celebrity Nose Jobs – How do you Achieve it?

There are just bad nose job and the good nose jobs. But so much for the hateful stuff in the internet, so let’s focus on the things that is just as inspiring as the early signs of sun rays after a rain. Okay, enough of being poetic, let’s jump to our true goal here.


Celebrities often are being bashed for having their nose done and then have it butchered into unnatural angles. But then there are just those who have done it right and have never been better. Let’s talk about the secret of this successful rhinoplasty later. First let’s check them out one by one.

Good Celebrity Nose Jobs

  1. Ryan Gosling. He was simply gorgeous and adorable with or without the nose job. The really bright thing about this is the crook in his nose has been gone. The bridge has been made straighter without ruining his features. The straight bridge also made him look younger and still a catch.
  2. Jennifer Aniston. So, who isn’t hots against Jennifer? Nobody because everybody just loves here. She is gutsy, sweet and funny. She admitted that she had the surgery and it was obvious too. Her once broken nose (broken back in high school) has been fixed. And it makes her all the more adorable.
  3. Ashlee Simpson. Everybody knows Ashlee. And her rhinoplasty was one of those that had been done for the better. The procedure had her nose bridge straightened, lift improved and the droop removed. The result, dramatic improved look for Ashlee!
  4. Zac Efron. I don’t dig Zac Efron, he’s is on the teen side of the earth but you can’t deny the fact that that little yet perfect rhinoplasty has his tip resculpted and the bridge elongated. And it created a more mature yet improved looks on the actor.
  5. Sandra Bullock. This gutsy lady sure made our day as she had perfected a look that nobody can sport. Her natural nose was not on the thin side, but after some time, I mean after the surgery (which she still denies); the finer nose came out perfect and looks just as good in her.

How Did This Rhinoplasty Come out Good

Okay, here are the reasons. Because they did not overdo it. They went natural. They had their natural nose and based the shape in it. No extra over shaping has happened. No model nose has been used for modeling. Only their natural noses’ shaped has been modified at no offensive way which created a more normal and little surgery look.

Their appearance fix, their nose job perfect, these celebrities hasn’t seen better career days faster. And again the secret is the structure harmony, the naturalness and their guts to sport it confidently.

Have you gained a lesson from these celebrities? Will you go au naturelle with your rhinoplasty? Who do you think has the best nose job?

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