Most Useful & Effective Amazon Products Research Tools For Hunting Right Products To Kick Start Selling Successfully

Amazon has a sea of products and same is true for categories. I meant, no one can imagine how much is on it for  sale. There’s a bit of too much of everything on it. From, ordinary combs to calculators, staplers to stationary there’s too much for everyone on this virtual side of Amazon. Honestly speaking, to me it’s just Amazon so vast and expansive. So, to tackle that we must have tools to sort the data and get the best of products. Int this post we are going to discuss important tools to hunt products on Amazon, I meant only right products that sell well and do not cost much in the making while people still love to buy them. We have also mentioned some of the most popular and highly selling categories. Let’s find out by diving deep into it.

#1 Helium 10: This powerful suite of tools helps Amazon sellers with product research, keyword optimization, and listing management. It’s a must-have for anyone serious about their eCommerce business.

#2 Jungle Scout: Another popular tool for Amazon sellers, Jungle Scout assists in finding profitable products, analyzing sales data, and tracking competitors.

#3 ProfitGuru: This software provides real-time profit calculations, inventory management, and pricing strategies for Amazon sellers.

#4 SupplySpy: SupplySpy helps you discover profitable products by analyzing sales data, trends, and competitor information.

#5 Profit Bandit: A mobile app that allows you to scan barcodes and instantly assess potential profit margins for items you find in stores or online.

Now, let’s dive into some product categories that consistently perform well on Amazon and which can bring a long of attractions.

#6 Personal Care: With the pandemic driving online purchases, personal care and beauty products are thriving. Top sellers include face masks (the skincare kind), nail polish, and haircare items.

#7 Games and Puzzles: As people spend more time indoors, games and puzzles have become popular. Board games, brain teasers, and interactive puzzles are in demand.

#8 Fitness Products: With health and wellness in focus, fitness gear like yoga mats, water bottles, and exercise bands (resistance bands) are trending.

Remember, building a successful business involves some trial and error, but keeping an eye on what’s already performing well can guide your choices. Happy selling!

Now we are going into deep details of these powerful Amazon seller tools– Helium 10, Jungle Scout, ProfitGuru, SupplySpy, and Profit Bandit. Each of these tools plays a crucial role in helping Amazon sellers optimize their business strategies.

I) Helium 10

Helium 10 is an all-in-one suite of tools designed to enhance your Amazon and Walmart selling experience. It covers various aspects of your business, from product research to marketing.

 Key Features

  • Product Research: Discover profitable products using Helium 10’s extensive database of over 500 million Amazon products. Identify trends, analyze competitors, and find untapped niches.
  •  Keyword Research: Optimize your listings by uncovering high-volume, low-competition keywords to boost organic traffic.
  • Listing Optimization: Craft high-converting product listings with insights from Helium 10’s brand evangelists.
  • Analytics: Elevate product performance by analyzing data on sales, rankings, and more.
  • Marketing: Build and optimize PPC campaigns to drive targeted traffic.
  • Pricing: Helium 10 offers different plans, including Diamond ($229/month), Platinum ($79/month), and Starter ($29/month)

II) Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout provides Amazon marketplace insights and market intelligence data. It’s trusted by over 1 million sellers, agencies, and global brands.

Key Features

  •  Product Research: Instantly identify profitable opportunities from a vast database of Amazon products
  • Keyword Analysis: Discover high-volume, low-competition keywords for better organic traffic
  • Rank Tracking: Monitor changes in your share of voice against competitors and gauge PPC campaign ROI
  • Competitor Insights: Benchmark your business and refine growth strategies using competitive intelligence
  • Pricing: Jungle Scout offers various plans tailored to different seller needs

#3. ProfitGuru

ProfitGuru assists private-label and wholesale sellers in finding untapped niches, identifying competitors’ best-selling products, and connecting with verified brands and suppliers.

 Key Features

  • I)- Brand Research Tool: Quickly identify wholesale-friendly brands with big potential.
  • II)- Historical Data: Access data for better decision-making when sourcing private-label products.
  • III)- Bulk Analysis Tool: Analyze supplier lists to calculate profits and avoid bad buying decisions.
  • IV)- Pricing: ProfitGuru offers a free version and a Pro mode with additional features.

#4 SupplySpy

SupplySpy streamlines product research and analysis for Amazon sellers. It helps identify profitable products, find domestic wholesalers, and stay updated on Amazon selling trends.

 Key Features

  • Product Research: Quickly identify profitable products by comparing Amazon data to supplier wholesale price lists
  • Bulk Analyzer Tool: Automates calculations for profit estimation based on factors like Amazon fees, shipping rates, and more
  • Scanning History: Keeps track of previously scanned items
  • Pricing: SupplySpy offers various tools and resources for Amazon sellers

#5 Profit Bandit

Profit Bandit is a mobile app that helps you determine profitability by scanning barcodes. It provides real-time Amazon data, including offer details, Buy Box status, and profit calculations.

 Key Features

  •  Lightning-Fast Scanning: Scan any barcode in seconds
  • Live Lookup: Get up-to-date offer and pricing data directly from Amazon
  • Profit Calculation: Factors in over 15 variables, including Amazon fees and shipping costs
  • Restricted Item Alerts: Warns if an item can’t be listed on Amazon
  • Pricing: Profit Bandit offers unlimited scanning for $9.99/month on Android and iPhone

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