10 Most Awesome Photography Gadgets Ever

Photography is one of those hobbies that can be enjoyed by everyone, whether they’re a beginner, amateur or professional, and that’s why we all know someone who loves to take photographs. The joy of photography is not just in the photos but in taking them too, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 cool gadgets for your photographer friend or even you. Whether you’re thinking of a birthday gift or just want to send over some ideas your friend would love!

1. Joby Gorillapod


The Joby Gorillapod is a tripod with a difference- the flexible, bendable jointed legs allow the pod to be secured to almost any object or surface both indoors and outside. The rubberised legs and feet allow great grip, while the compact lightweight size means getting a shake-free shot is easy even on the go!

The Gorillapods come in a range of shapes and sizes compatible with mobile phones all the way up to hefty SLRs. There are even models with magnetic feet for small cameras and a video model with a pan and tilt head. In addition, the ‘quick-release clip’ stays constantly attached to the camera and clips straight onto the tripod, meaning there’s no awkward screwing or fiddling while in a rush to get the perfect shot.

Buy Joby Gorillapod here.

2. Rogue Starter Lighting Kit


This kit is perfect for anyone wanting to get a bit more serious with their photography lighting- the Rogue Starter Kit works with almost any flash gun to create a range of different effects without expensive and cumbersome equipment.
The Flashbender Reflector attaches using Velcro to control light leakage and direct the flash, and can be rolled to create a light-focusing snoot or used with the Bounce Card to deflect light. The Diffusion Panel can be used as a mini softbox, and the Universal Filters create light and colour correcting effects that can be experimented with to get the perfect shot. This is an all round great kit to enhance photos and step up from a standard flash gun.

Buy Rogue Starter Lighting Kit here.

3. Giottos CoCo-Air Blower

Giottos CoCo-Air Blower

Air blowers are essential for keeping photography equipment free from dust, dirt and debris, and the CoCo-Air features an innovative design. Made from resistant and natural rubber, it is tear proof and powerful enough to make cleaning easy. The patented design features a valve that prevents dust from being drawn in, a movable air nozzle and a suction cup that allows the blower to stand upright and also be temporarily mounted onto any smooth surface. An essential but inventive piece of kit that your photographer friend will love!

Buy Giottos Coco-Air Blower here.

4. Pixel Stick


The Pixel Stick is an amazing and easy to use gadget for anyone who enjoys light painting and long exposures (or who just wants to try something new!). Load the Pixel Stick with an SD card and it will read images one line of pixels at a time with its 200 full colour LEDs to allow long exposure and time lapse photos to be transformed into breath taking works of digital art.

Buy PixelStick here.

5. Control My Nikon / Control My Canon

Control My Nikon Control My Canon

This inexpensive but powerful software allows PC tethering for both Nikon and Canon respectively so almost every function of an SLR camera can be controlled through a computer. This is brilliant for macro shots, long exposures, HDR shooting, portraits, product shoots and self-shot video, plus custom motion triggers make the software perfect for budding wildlife photographers too. The ease of remote setting changes, option to save different profiles, and the ability to view and save captured images instantly make this the perfect software for any photographer.

Buy Control My Nikon here/ Buy Control My Canon here.

6. Poppy 3D

poppy 3d

Poppy uses mirrors to create stunning 3D images and videos using the iPhone’s camera. As both the capturing tool and viewer, Poppy needs no power source and allows easy physical sharing of captured images. This offers a new way for photographers to capture images, whether for experimental work or just for pleasure!

Buy Poppy 3D here.

7. Hufa Cap Clip

Hufa Cap Clip

This inexpensive and simple gadget may seem a little boring to some, but a cap clip will be exactly what some photographers are wishing for. Finding somewhere to store a lens cap safely and securely is a constant struggle for some, but the Hufa Clip removes all worry by providing clean and easy storage right on the camera strap or bag. Not a glamorous gadget, but definitely an essential!

Buy Hufa Cap Clip here.

8. Holga Wheel of Filters

Holga Wheel of Filters

The Holga Wheel Of Filters is a fun gadget for those who love the old school look of Lomography and Polaroid images- the combination of nine colour filters and nine prisms create an endless opportunity to capture interesting DSLR images with that lo-fi feel. Available for both Nikon and Canon, this gadget is perfect to encourage experimentation and take your photographer friend back to their roots.

Buy Holga Wheel of Filters here.

9. StudioHut Hot Shoe Three Axis Bubble Level


Another incredibly useful gadget, this spirit level attaches to the hot shoe of SLR cameras to enable a perfectly aligned shot. The three axis design works with the camera in portrait or landscape mode, meaning accurately composed images are easy.

Buy Three Axis Bubble Level here.

10. Lomography Konstruktor DIY Kit


Surely one of the coolest kits out there for photography lovers, this Lomography kit enables anyone to make their own 35mm SLR camera using snap out plastic parts. As the world’s first DIY 35mm camera, the Konstruktor is fully functional and allows the user to learn the basics of how a manual camera works plus complete their new gadget within 1-2 hours. With a top-down view finder, long exposure mode and tripod thread, this really is the ultimate in do it yourself photography.

Buy your Lomography Konstruktor DIY kit here.

Did you like these awesome gadgets for photography. Share your views about which one you have used already or planning to buy next and add to your lighroom 🙂

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