Best Paid Free G Suite Alternatives 2022

Google is slowly killing everything that’s free. As last year they killed free Google Photos storage, now they have announced to change G Suite from a freemium to a premium service. 

According to 9to5Google, all free G Suite plans will be changed into paid plans starting from the 1st May, 2022. All those who failed to pay will have an immediate shutdown. The last date to update your G Suite package to premium is 1st July. Read the complete report here

G Suite was a boon for smaller businesses and it was absolutely free. The email could be used with the domain name instead of domain.
Since it’s ending what are other substitutes to G Suite? We have rounded up some of the best paid free G Suite alternatives that you can use. 

You can pay Google $6/month to continue using their G Suite or else use one of the free email services that we have mentioned below or even choose a cheaper service than Google Pay. 

Here is the list of the best paid free G Suite alternatives

#1 Online Office 

Online Office is the best G Suite alternative which is free and opensource. OnlineOffice is the best freemium that offers everything that Google Workspace does. On the contrary, it’s free to use. 

#2 Bitrix24

Bitrix24 comes with a complete package of suite that includes Social networking, Web domain hosting team collaboration, conferencing, email hosting, HRM, Mobile portal and much more. It’s pretty much a fine G Suite replacement. It’s a freemium for the most part up to 12 users. Standard Cloud starts at $79.20/month for up to 50 users or a one time fee of $1,490.

#3 Mailo 

Mailo is another freemium that offers free to use mail services for individuals. While for the businesses the premium service costs $1.11 USD. 

Not just Mailo offers completely free and 100% secure service for Children with zero ads it’s highly suitable for the families to share stuff in one place while working on a project together.

#4 Zoho

Zoho is a free alternative for your single domain email service. However, the free service has its storage limits yet its premium services are also very cheap which cost $1/month if your use is limited. 

For the complete suite you need to pay $4 for a single user to enjoy its all features for a complete business workspace. 

#5 Zimbra 

Zimbra Collaboration is an opensource collaborative tool which comes with email service, calendaring and task management. It has many Google Workspaces like applications. It’s very innovative and comes with amazing features that you should try. 

#6 Kopano

Kopano is an open source software but is a paid only SaaS service. Besides, there’s also a self-hosted and community-supported solution available at Kopano that you can try. It’s not a completely free service rather a Free Self-hosted service. 

#7 Samepage 

Samepage offers amazing features that truly truncates G Suite’s influence by providing communication tools, project collaboration and real-time document sharing services. 

It has amazing features including project management, meetings, online collaboration and media sharing in general that provides an ideal realtime workspace environment for businesses and individuals. 

#8 Rackspace

Rackspace can get you the same amount of apps and features as does G Suite for a much smaller fee. Rackspace is basically a Webmail hosting service designed for smaller businesses.

The basic Rackspace package starts at $2.99/month for a single user. 

#9 Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the leading Google Workspaces competitors known to date and we are all familiar with it. It offers a competitive range of features including OneDrive cloud storage, Teams, email hosting exchange and SharePoint for collaboration. It also offers to integrate other Microsoft platforms.  

You can enjoy all these features for a dollar less as compared to Google’s at $5/month. 

#10 Kolab Community 

Kolab Community offers a highly scalable and secure collaboration workspace that provides shared email, calendaring, notes, tasks, file cloud, tagging and much more. 

#11 GMX Online Office

GMX Online Office is a popular free web application to open and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It also offers ‘GMX File Storage cloud’ and is an Office Suite which is free to use.

Some more paid free Google Workspace alternatives include:

#12 Citrix ShareFile – A highly decorated fully functional file sharing real time collaboration platform for businesses with accelerating productivity features. 

#13 GoDaddy Email and Office – Most popular web hosting company now offering a foray of productivity tools and features integrated into its ecosystem. It allows you to use as many email addresses as you want under your domain name. 

#14 WikiSuite – An exclusive open-source workspace suite ideal for literary organizations with tons of data management tools and features. 

#15 NextCloudHubNextCloud Hub – is a completely free collaboration workspace with risk-free integration solutions. You can also partake to make it even better. 

#16 ContactOfficeContactOffice provides a virtual office environment for document sharing, contacts, calendaring, and collaborating with clients, students, suppliers, friends or family online.

#17 ShelfShelf is a workspace sharing platform made for teams and groups to collaborate online to organize, declutter, and instantly find resources in a single platform. 


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