Track Your Child’s Temperature And More With The Pacif-i Bluetooth Pacifier

Two-Pacifiers-with-iPhoneCould this be the first smart wear for babies? Technology is creeping into every part of our lives, but anything that makes being a parent easier will surely be a hit. Pacifiers, dummies and soothers are a controversial topic between parents, but taking a child’s temperature is a necessity that can sometimes be difficult to monitor.

The Pacif-i smart pacifier, made by UK based company Blue Maestro, is one of the newest gadgets available to keep track of your child’s health. This smart pacifier has a thermometer hidden in the silicone teat which captures your child’s temperature and sends it to a free app on your iPhone or Android phone. The data is then time stamped and plotted onto a graph so you can easily see when your child’s temperature has been highest and lowest.

The free accompanying app also allows you to input medicine data for your child, noting what the medicine was and at what time it was taken. Knowing your child’s temperature at regular intervals without having to take it yourself will leave you free to carry out other tasks, safe in the knowledge that accurate readings are being logged via Bluetooth. Monitoring temperature and medicines together is a good way to check that the medicine is working properly, especially if it has been prescribed to bring down a fever. Sometimes the only way to tell that a young baby is ill is through abnormal temperature readings, so being able to constantly check their temperature with a child-friendly gadget makes life easier.
The Pacif-i smart pacifier also contains a proximity sensor which can be set to notify you when the location of the pacifier exceeds a distance of your choice up to 20 meters so that you can be alerted if your child wanders off. This is helpful for public spaces or even garden activities, and is an unexpected but very useful addition to this smart pacifier for children. In addition, the pacifier contains a buzzing alarm which can be set off via the smartphone app so you can find the gadget if it has been lost or hidden by your child. Many children have a habit of misplacing soothers or offering them up to others as a gift, so the buzzer would hopefully avoid any moments of confusion.

The Pacif-i uses a low energy Bluetooth smart chip which allows it to transmit data easily but has an impressive battery life of over a year. The pacifier is also waterproof and dishwasher proof for peace of mind to ensure that you can clean it safely and disinfect it if needed.
This is one of the first high tech gadgets for babies that makes it easier to track their health with minimal disruption to their normal routine. Although it isn’t the only gadget that can track your child’s bodily functions or behaviour, it is one of the first that needs contact with the child in the same way that an adult’s fitness band needs contact with the skin. But if parents are becoming more interested in gadgets to make their own lives easier and more productive, then it makes sense that they would also want the same for their child. The design of the Pacif-i makes it unobtrusive and unassuming so that children and other parents will be unaware that there is smart technology at work within the smart soother, but extra features such as the proximity sensor and buzzing alarm make it much more practical than other pacifiers.

The Pacif-i is currently for sale through Blue Maestro‘s website for $40, which is not too expensive considering the price of some high end baby thermometers that don’t track or save the readings in the clever way that the Pacifi-i does.
Whether you’d like to find a way to keep consistent track of your baby’s health or you’d just like to make the temperature taking process a little easier, the Pacif-i is a great child friendly gadget to do just that.

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