10 Ways The Apple Watch Will Enrich Your Life – Why Buy One?

Apple Watch
The Apple Watch has been in the press for months but, now that it’s available to buy, are you still confused about whether you should get one? Take a look at all the ways the smartwatch will enrich and improve your life, then decide whether an Apple Watch is right for you.

Fitness Monitoring

The built in fitness tracker in the Apple Watch will enrich your life by allowing you to keep track of your activities without having to buy an extra device or use another band. The controls are easy to understand and the Watch can track everything from the amount of steps you take in a day to the amount of time you spend standing.

Health Improvement

The Watch’s Health app uses information collected by the heart monitor and activity tracker to determine your heart rate while exercising, amount of calories burned and send reminders when you’ve been sitting for too long. The Watch also monitors your sleep habits and can set you new goals to improve your health and fitness.

Prioritise Notifications

The Apple Watch will allow you to prioritise the notifications that you get on your phone in a way that’s personal to you. Instead of having to look at your phone every time it vibrates and reply to the text or email, you’ll be able to quickly look at your wrist to decide whether the event needs your attention at that moment. You can adjust the notification settings but you may find yourself less lost in apps on your smartphone and more in the moment.

Personal Touch

One of the best and most unique things about the Apple Watch is that you can use it to connect with other Watch users by means other than voice and message- by doodling little drawings or sending an emoji. The most endearing way to connect with a loved one, however, is to send them a real-time connection of your heartbeat. What better way to show your love?


The Apple Watch comes complete with an in-built microphone and Siri, so you no longer even need to hold your phone to talk to the virtual personal assistant. This means you can dictate emails, notes and texts right to your wrist while carrying on with something else. You can control Siri without touching the Watch so you can also navigate through apps hands-free.

Ticketless Entry

Along with a host of other benefits, the Apple Watch will improve your life as it is able to do away with pin codes, passwords and tickets by identifying who you are and using an NFC chip to allow you to enter events without a paper ticket. You can download further apps that make life easier too, such as being able to board planes, enter hotel rooms and unlock your car all with your watch.

Contactless Payment

Moving on from ticketless entry, the NFC chip is also compatible with Apple Pay so with the Apple Watch you can pay for goods and services with just a flick of the wrist and no fiddling on your smartphone. Apple Pay can also be used on computers in a similar way to PayPal so you can keep a record of all your transactions in the same place.

The Future of Wearable Apps


The Apple Watch is at the forefront of wearables, and while apps currently need to be run through an iPhone rather than solely on the Watch, it won’t be long before exciting new software has been developed that can take advantage of the full features of the watch. The built in NFC chip will no doubt give rise to some futuristic uses that could see us leaving our keys, wallets and tickets at home.

Improve Concentration and Productivity

Allowing you to quickly sort through your notifications, file your emails and send quick notes, the Apple Watch can help you get things done while travelling when getting your phone or laptop out would be almost impossible.

Easy Travel

travel with apple watch

Not only will the Apple Watch enrich your life by easily showing you your calendar and upcoming appointments, you’ll also have a connected map on your wrist to help you get to your destination. Crowded streets and pavements are easy to manoeuvre by glancing down at your wrist to see which direction you should be walking, and vibrations from the Watch will let you know when you need to turn.

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