11 Minimalist Car Accessories Every Car Owner Must Have

Minimalist car gadgets are the talk of the town. It appears without these small additions our cars look quite meaningless no matter which luxury car we have. We have listed 11 of the cool car accessories that simplify car rides to commutes and long journeys.
These tiny gadgets no doubt can make your car smarter, safer, convenient and more enjoyable.

#11 HUD Head Up Display Multi-color Windshield Screen Projector


HUD multi-color screen projector is the world’s smartest car assistant designed by experienced automotive engineers and is an all new head-up display that takes your car to the next level. It shows speed, GPS and a number of important things on your screen. It’s basically designed to show car dashboard information on the driver’s screen.

It’s a high definition display which you can adjust according to your liking. You can see speed, engine speed, water temperature and many other things. It flickers when the car crosses the speed limit and chances are you can drive safely.
If you are not satisfied with its performance, it can be refunded within 180 days which is an advantage to begin with. So if you are looking for new car accessories that a car owner must have, keep scrolling below.

#10 Multipurpose Wireless Car Charger


This car charger is compatible with iPhone models, Androids and any other smartphone. There is a black button at its back that needs to be pressed to position it. Once you have done that you can place any smartphone on it to charge. It’s suitable for horizontal or vertical vents equally well.

This car charger can be used for a number of different purposes that’s why it’s truly a life saver for many reasons; the side slots can charge two of your gadgets at the same time, while its razor sharp blade can help you cut anything including your own car belt and knock off the glass of the car during emergencies.
You would agree it’s much better to get ready for the emergencies before they actually happen. In any case, this gadget can be easily used as a charging device. This list of smart gadgets for cars just goes on and on and entices you. Does not it?

#9 Akaso Mirror Dash Cam


The Akaso Mirror Dash Cam is one of the best cameras for your rear view mirror. It’s a much better version of dash cams which saves you from sending footage to clouds or external servers. The auto box takes video footage from a camera positioned above the rear license plate and shows it to you on a small screen integrated with your rear mirror.

This camera offers two camera options so it can perform similarly as the front dash cam as well as the rear dash cam. It’s the Akaso dash cam so it supports WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, it will adjust to the light exposure automatically to give you the perfectly bright view during the low light situations and at night.

Akaso mirror dash cam is durable and water resistant with great design. The LCD monitor offers auto-adjusting brightness and anti-glare properties among other features. It’s the only dual dash cam that offers full HD video footage at a cheap price.
It also has a built-in G sensor that activates the car camera to record an emergency video when encountering the collision during the parking or other incidents. It also records and saves such footage for evidence purposes.
This mirror dash cam can perform similarly whether it’s a day or a night. So with this cool dual dash cam you don’t have to worry about the night mode.

#8 Windshield repair kit

This multipurpose multitool kit is everything you need in one place. With its minimalist affordable package, it serves tons of purposes. We are discussing one particular which will definitely be a lot justifying for a small portion of your investment. Get extra 5% off with PayPal purchase.

Now you can remove cracks from your windshield with this multipurpose car repair kit. Use this kit to minimize annoying little windshield cracks and chips and curb them from spreading with this cool glass repair kit.
With its advanced resin it’s easy to use and good for all type repairs on windshields. Within 20 minutes you can repair bull eyes, spider web, star damages and smaller cracks. However, it may not repair big holes which need a replacement of glass. Its liquid works on ultraviolet light rays to absorb small bumps in a certain intensity for the sake of solidification. There are a number of other things that you can repair with but it’s not suitable for mobile screens.
It’s a great DIY way to avoid a big costly repair. With just watching a video about this product, you could save real deal of money that you can spend somewhere else. All these minimalist accessories will give you ease and comfort.

#7 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge


Welcome this advanced car tire pressure gauge which is digital and can help you see tire pressure and it also enhances its durability. It has afancy backlit LED display and lighting nozzles this way you can help tire’s wear and tear.
The digits are easy to read to see and find out the tire pressure. It has a very ergonomic design, durable texture and four different settings which anyone can use. You can blow extra air if you need.

#6 Car LED Strip Light


If you are thinking about modernizing your car and want to have a highly lit interior this LED strip light is for you. Why not try these DIY LED strip lights for the illuminating car interior. This single purchase can give you 60 million color choices. The whole strip comes as a connected whole to the small box.
This light is best for dudes who often go partying. This is a DIY strip that you can install yourself. Its a lengthy strip that can go to the end and come back from the end to cover the whole car. The adhesive tape comes with it. It has a built in sensor that changes color from the app and you can pick any that you want.
There are many ways you can enjoy the ride with them. With the remote you can change the modes and enjoy the music with changing colors with friends and kids.

#5 Handpresso Outdoor Complete French Handpress


This small coffee machine is a complete set of accessories which can help you brew delicious coffee in your car. So if you have to hurry to the office every day due to a long drive, keep this handpress coffee machine.
It could prove your best travel companion and is quite simple to use. You need to add just water and coffee, connect the gadget to a 12-volt cigarette lighter, pour it in a cup holder and wait a couple of minutes. This is the best device for coffee lovers.

#4 ROAV VIVA – Amazon Alexa For Your Car


Welcome to the future. You can hear the right bells ringing in your head, when we said Alexa is for your car now. With just a push of a button ROAV VIVA can let you get directions, turn on your phone or even order a Pizza, you just name it.
It comes with two high speed charging ports, so you will never be out of options again. You can afford it easily as it comes just for $15 bucks. There are many other things that you can do like check on your smart home, ask to play the music, turn on smart lights and listen to the news. There are plenty of actions you can perform with it.

#3 Vyamie Essential Oil Diffuser For Your Car


Essential oils are becoming part of life in every way. We have realised the essence of these oils now. It’s actually the extract of something which smells really organic and is designed to make you feel good and relax.
Vyamie essential oil diffuser is powered via a USB charger and fits right in the cup holder in car. Just add a little water and essential oil and you will feel just like sitting in a spa in your car. Vyamie has its own rechargeable battery that lasts 10 hours with a single charge which is a great addition and will set your mood right during your commutes. For just $20 this is a great Christmas gift.

#2 Cobra RAD Radar Detector


A radar detector is something we all crave for. It’s going to save a good amount of money believe me. The radar detectors don’t come cheap but the Cobra RAD is all steel for just $150. This is the cheapest radar detector you would ever see.
As we all know Cobra is the popular name among radar detectors. Just DIY install it on your windshield and you will see three different wavelengths. When it beeps make sure to slow down. That’s the sign that you are being detected by a radar gun, overspeed detector or a red light camera. If you could avoid just one ticket with Cobra RAD it just paid off for itself.

#1 Cooluli Mini Fridge – Keep Drink And Ice Cream Cold In Your Car


You can have ice cold drinks all day long with this fridge in the car. This fridge is specially manufactured keeping in mind the needs of a car and is powered by a cigarette lighter in the car.
You can keep drinks and snacks frosty in any weather. That’s not the only place you can keep it. You can use the provided power socket cable that comes with this fridge, you can put it in the bedroom, kitchen or just anywhere you want.
You can also power it with a USB or a power bank, Select the color of your choice and take it away for just a fist full of dollars.

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