Top Trending Tried & Tested Dropshipping Niches 2022

When we get into an eCommerce business, in the beginning, we really do not know about the niche selection and its role in building up a successful business. It’s through the whole long process of failures that lead us to give niche selection prime importance. There are a couple of things we need to understand to choose the top tried and tested dropshipping niches for 2022 eCommerce business.

This year, 2020 has been a totally different year. Coronavirus has changed our way of life, product priorities and work ethics. So while creating the best list of popular niches for dropshipping we have taken it as a prime parameter to gauge the depth of different niches.

The Importance Of Right Niche Selection For A Dropshipping Business

Technically, niche selection plays an important role in building a dropshipping business and it’s the first step to begin with. If you could pitch the right niche you have already nailed half the milestone. For example if you have opened a store for sneakers turns out no one is interested in it. There are so many other important factors which show how important it is to pick the right niche.

Once again if you have selected the right niche still a long battle to win before actually making a good deal of money. You might think that since we know about the right niches for 2022 that will work forever and now we are going to be successful in the first month of the new year. The truth is there is no real magic we are talking about. What we are talking about is the proximity, probability and factors. Since we always predicted the right niches previously we are quite certain these niches are the best for your online store.

How To Select The Right Niche For Your Dropshipping Business?

There are few steps that you should follow. Only going through the whole process you can select the right niche.

  1. Keep In Mind Few Desired Niches Even before selecting a niche you must have few prefered niches in mind. 
  2. Do The Competitor Research – Keep in mind without knowing about your competitors you cannot succeed. If you are venturing into a business you must have some niches in mind, do the dready work of research, watch videos, read blogs and reviews. 
  3. Build The Best Website – Build the best website for your dropshipping business, use best product platforms like Shopify etc. 
  4. Do The Consumer Research – Consumer research is a very basic principle. You should keep in mind the target customers, countries and age groups. 
  5. Check The Availability Of The Products – Always check the availability of the products. Talk to the manufacturers, check on their record of supply and get verified with them. 
  6. Select Your Niche – Finalize the niches which you have finally trimmed from the desired ones, as now you know which product types will work and which would not. Add the new found niches which are store-saver or which always sell the best.

What Are The Factors That Affect Dropshipping Niches In 2022?

When the eCommerce experts were talking about eCommerce dropshipping niches last year, they did not have a slightest idea that the priorities of people could change this big due to coronavirus. So the big new change in factors that have affected eCommerce businesses globally are mentioned below:

  1. A greater percentage of people are not commuting anymore
  2. Many people fear for their lives and have become health conscious. 
  3. People have a lot of free time because of staying indoors mostly 
  4. There is literally no real travel as it used to be
  5. The upper middle class has more money to its disposal and time to spend it too. Since dropshipping receives its major sales from the Upper Middle Class now they are going to spend even more. As their money is not getting spent for commuting, lofty lunches and small office expenses. Now all that is saved with them. They are also saving a lot of time by working from home.

So these seem logical reasons to choose right niches for selling out online. There are new dropshipping niches that you need your old ones to replace with or if you are a new eCommerce vendor you need to give them real thought to make your business work.

#12 Home Hardware


This dropshipping niche is one of its kind. Since last year, it has been getting a lot of attention but still you can make an impactful presence online. Not only that, it has less competition and more profit margin if you put a lot of unique products.
AliExpress is the best platform to find such products. The prices are super low there. You can find the same products on other platforms but for cheap dropshipping products, AliExpress is the best place to begin with.

These products come in great designs and basic ease. You can create short ads with them for social media promotions and get good sales.

#11 Pet Supplies


Pet owners spend all free time with their pets, since the outbreak of COVID19 the only hygiene souls are our pets. We are not saying you should open a pet store but rather invest in pet supplies. Adding pet supplies to your dropshipping will definitely get you going. Pet supplies always sell like hot cakes. Through our meticulous research we found that for many doomed dropshipping stores, pet supplies prove saviors.

It’s a growing market for pets. Any type of pet furniture, pet food or crates etc. In short all types of pet supplies will attract the upper-middle class. The new and old pet owners always love to buy pet supplies online. It’s a continuously growing market.

#10 Kitchen Equipment


The next big niche that we want to share with you is kitchen equipment. All kitchen appliances and equipment you can sell. There could be things like ovens, automatic dishwashers, fancy knives, cutlery sets and many other kitchen accessories. You can always build an eCommerce store around that.

#9 Hobbies


‘Hobbies’ is another unique niche. You can generate a good income from so many products. This niche has a lot of room for everyone as there are thousands of different products to choose from.

This is one of the few niches which can give great sales round the whole year. You can do a little research and find out what people really like or things that common people like. You can choose technical, sports or toys to add into your niche. We told you already, it’s a gigantic niche.

#8 Bikes


Bicycles are something that everyone wants and they can buy from the local stores. Since the boom of dropshipping business everything has changed. You can keep different types of bicycles or things like three seater bicycles. This gives people a lot of mobility and ease. So this is a great eCommerce niche which you can get into in 2022.

#7 Home Gaming Setup Equipment


The home gaming setups are becoming more and more popular as streaming has taken roots into our modern lives. Now, anyone can stream, game online and earn a livelihood from it. There are many things that you can add to this niche such as keyboards, mice, popcorn machines, pool tables and everything else. Even though things will fall to normalization still there would be a big majority of people working from home and a lot would be turning to buy gaming stuff from online stores. There is a whole new market for that.

#6 Indoor Creative Workspace Furniture


Despite the fact that sooner some kind of vaccines are going to come out for coronavirus, still there indoor furniture specially home workstations for elders and kids are going to be key sellers.

Even today, most of the schools are teaching online to kids while the adults are working from homes as well. So the year 2022 is going to remain the same. In one way or the other, social distancing is going to exist. There hundreds of companies which are already making creative workspaces for adults and kids. But there is still plenty of room for everyone out there to explore. This is for sure, going to work for everyone.

#5 Interior Decoration Equipment


The people are inclined to decorate homes like never before. As every home gets attention on different social media platforms as people love to share their homes with the outside world online this is a biggie.

If you are looking for a big winning niche, choose this one instead. People are just loving to fill every small space and walls. There tons of products you can sell.

#4 Home Water Sports Equipment


This is another unique niche that most dropshipping store owners forget about. People love to do paddling, water surfing and a lot of water sports recreational activities. As the families are not traveling a lot and children are mostly missing their outdoor activities, there is only one thing left for families to do with maintaining social distancing — water sports activities at home.

This niche seems small but once you get into it, there is plenty of room for uniqueness and expansion. Kids just love water recreation activities any day.

#3 Home Garden Furniture


Once again, we would talk about the relatability and the consequences of COVID19. When you go about your neighborhood you will realize people are installing outdoor furniture. Since a select number of people we meet now, these few people love to sit around each other for quite a bit. This is a great selling niche for 2022 and so on.

This niche is evergreen and keeps selling, although it’s not unique yet there is plenty of room for it. Now, people are buying garden furniture more than ever. People are upgrading their homes like never before. They are putting more and more equipment at home for them. As the close family gatherings are becoming more common these days.

You must be thinking the market is already saturated with a lot of sellers for this niche. Yes, but keep creativity in mind, it will make enough room for you to survive despite the tight and saturated market.

#2 Print-on-Demand


If there is any niche that has boomed out of proportion that’s print-on-demand. It’s a good opportunity for you to get into it. If something really unique interests you, then there has to be this one. The people are really getting into this thing which is booming again. There are so many ways you can deliver tons of physical products by printing at home.
There are different types of prints you can sell such as canvases, sceneries and much more. There are plenty of popular print-on-demand sellers that you can take hints from such as printful, printify, zazzle, Fine Art America, society6 and Teespring etc.

#1 Home Gym Equipment


Home gym has become a more established niche than ever before. Indoor creative niches are going to rule the next year. Home gym equipment was already popular for dropshipping. Many big gym equipment have been reduced to fit into small apartments and homes. We mentioned before about home gym subscriptions as well. But this is different from that.
You can sell many things including weights, stationary exercise bikes, treadmills, yoga mats, ropes and even exercise machines. You can extend this niche by even selling muscle mass builders and what not. If you do a little research on the home gym equipment niche you will realize in this year alone, tons of such exercise equipment are sold as the outdoor gyms are closed.


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