How to Change Your Style Oh So Swift-ly

Beginning her career as the cutest of cute pop princesses, Taylor Swift has always been dressed to perfection. Who could forget her medieval style dress in her video for ‘Love Story'(?) prompting teenage and adult girls across the globe to search the high street and online for a medieval themed outfit.

Pretty much all clothes look great on her model-esc body, but she pulls it off with an air of carelessness, as though a chic white dress fell on her from above, hand sewn by angels. iT’s undeniable that the country singer has changed since she first graced the airwaves. She has grown up in front of the cameras and unlike many other stars in her position (Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber) she has stayed tied to her values and beliefs. She hasn’t been papped drunk, stumbling out of a club or arrested.

For this reason her transformation from teenager to adult has been seamless and impressive, to say the least. Her latest album, ‘Red’ chartered more break ups, and heartaches, but in a more mature way, whilst not alienating her younger audiences.

Taylor-Swift fashion and style

Her style and make-up have been the easiest ways for her to show her growth outwardly. Her recent outfits for concerts have included black, lacey and more revealing clothes, whilst somehow retaining both an air of innocence and likability. Looking at the recent photos and performances, there is no denying she’s now a woman.

It is for this reason her style is so appealing and yet simple, and achievable.

Whether it’s cropped trousers or a darling sweater Miss Swift dresses for every occasion exquisitely and can’t put a foot wrong; so how can you get the look?

I’d describe it as a mix of Jess, Zooey Deschanel’s character in New Girl and a preppy university girl. If it’s summery and warm she’s all about the dresses, the traditional boat neck also known as portrait neck, nipping in at the waist and going out again in the skirt section. These darling dresses can be worn with large hats, limited make-up, but often are subtly complimented through some well colour-matched lipstick.

Taylor knows her best feature; her long, slim legs, and she accentuates them at every opportunity. As she has gotten older her hemlines have shortened, and at the Brit Awards she made full use of them wearing the skimpiest of skimpy shorts, revealed when her wedding dress was whipped off during the performance.

Knowing your best feature is the best way to form a style as it will help you choose outfits and you can dress around that feature.

Follow Taylor’s example and go for classic and ladylike in the day time and raunchy and stylish in the evenings.

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