Top 12 Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet

Organising a closet can get the better of all us, especially when it seems we’ll never have enough room to store all our clothes neatly! But thankfully we’ve made a list of the 12 best life hacks for your clothing closet so you can have a tidy and well organised space.

Use Plastic Piping to Organise Drawers

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- PVC Piping
If you’d like to keep your scarves or ties neatly organised and easy to view then take advice from this great clothing hack- use PVC pipe cut into small sections inside a drawer then roll up your garments for simple but effective storage.

Create A Walk In Closet In a Small Bedroom

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Walk in closet for small bedroom
Use a raised loft bed to create a walk in closet for a small bedroom by using the underneath of the bed for storing clothes. You can use fabrics and curtains around the base of the bed to hide the clothes and add some style to the room

Use Labels for Days of The Week

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Day tagsLife Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Day tags
This is a great closet hack that can help you to be more organised and plan out your outfits. Use cardboard circles and patterned paper to create these labels that you can place over your hangers.

Use Soda Can Tabs to Double Your Hanging Space

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Soda can tabs
Using the pull tabs from drink cans will help you double up on space by allowing you to connect two hangers together. This is a cool life hack for your closet that will mean you can hang things at split levels and take the width out of closet.

Use a Fancy Rack

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Fancy rail
Using a fancy rack in your room will allow you to display more of your clothes and easily plan out your outfits for the week so that you have more room in your closet. Instead of using a plain white or metal rack, go for something with a bit more design so that it looks purposeful and like part of the furniture.

Use Transparent Boxes as Dust Covers

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Transparent boxes
This is a wonderful clothing closet hack as the boxes are stackable and and you can easily see what’s inside so you can organise effectively. In addition, the boxes will keep your shoes free from dust and fluff which can collect on them if they are at the bottom of your wardrobe.

Build an Ironing Board in for Convenience

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Ironing board
One of the most convenient things to have in your closet is a built in ironing board which will mean creases won’t last long and you’ll never decide not to wear something because it’s a bit crumpled. A fold out mini ironing board next to a socket proves especially useful when you’re in a hurry!

Use Luggage Tags to Label Boxes

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Luggage tags
Keeping your clothes in stackable boxes is an easy clothing life hack, but to make things even easier you can use luggage tags to label the boxes so you know exactly what’s in them. Luggage tags look more stylish than stick on labels and you can colour coordinate them too.

Use IKEA Billy Bookcases to Organise your Closet

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Ikea Billy
Both an IKEA hack and closet hack in one, using Billy bookcases for organisation means you’ll have loads of shelf space with minimal effort, plus the shelf heights are adjustable for added convenience.

Fold Your T Shirts to Maximise Drawer Space

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Tshirt drawer
If your T shirts are taking too much space in your closet or you just throw them into a drawer without much thought, consider using this method to fold them instead. You’ll be able to fit loads into a drawer and they won’t be creased when you get them out.

Hang Clothes Like a Genius

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Hang clothes like a genius
Follow this great picture to help you hang up your clothes quickly so you can get them into your closet and organised. Hang your T shirts, polo tops, jumpers or dresses on one of your arms then grasp a hanger and pull the bottom of the first garment quickly and easily onto the hanger. Then just repeat for the rest of your clothes.

Maximise Small Space by Adding a Range of Shelves and Bars

Life Hacks For Your Clothing Closet- Rails and shelves
Turning a cupboard into a closet can be a great move to get some extra storage and somewhere to hang delicate items, but making sure you plan it carefully is the key to a successful space. Take inspiration from the photo above in which multiple level rails are used along with lots of shelving and storage boxes too. A great small closet hack is to utilise the space on the back of the door with hooks and racks that give you more storage without needing much extra room.

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