Mail Quit Unexpectedly Mac? 11 Tips to Solve Mail App Issues

With the macOS Big Sur update, the Mail app has evolved considerably. Although the app has become more efficient, it begins to display several issues post-makeover. One such issue is the unexpected shutdown of the Mail app when you are in the middle of sending an email to your coworkers.

If you experience that the Mail quit unexpectedly Mac computer, iPhone, or iPad, here’s what you need to know to solve the problem.

Restart Your Computer

First things first. Before you implement any workaround to bring Mail to a normal working state, restart your Mac. You might have a specific program running in the background that might be interrupting the Mail app, making it quit repeatedly. The chances are that the app might haven’t been uploaded completely when you first start your computer.

Boot Mac in Safe Mode

If the restart doesn’t seem to be helping in solving the Mail app-related problem, see if rebooting the Mac helps. Yes, reboot your Mac in Safe Mode, as it usually fixes many minor to major technical glitches on the computer. If you are looking to fix the Mail app’s unusual quitting issue on iPhone or iPad, turn off the device and then turn it on after five minutes.

Reset Mail App

Resetting the Mail app is like uninstalling or reinstalling the app right from scratch. If you wonder how to reset Mail on Mac, iPhone, or iPad, it’s recommended that you back up the mailbox. Having a backup helps you to prevent the loss of emails, contacts, or any other item that you may need in the future for personal or professional purposes.

Force Quit Mail

Hardly anything seems to be more annoying when the Mail app quits all of a sudden when you are typing a message or have opened the app recently. The situation becomes more frustrating when you experience an unexpected close down of the app which leaves you at the pinwheel that keeps rotating. Force quit the Mail app and then open it again.

Rebuild Message Index DB

Does the Mail app lag even when you are attempting to perform the most simple tasks? If you have stored a large bunch of messages or a long list of contacts in your Mail address book, rebuilding the Message Index Database can help you fix Mail app issues. Rebuilding the database restructures the message and contacts repository, and the app works efficiently.

Remove & Add Username

Another attempt that can help you work normally in the Mail app on Mac, iPhone, or iPad is removing the username and then adding it again. Remove the username by navigating to accounts under Preferences. Make sure to do it carefully to avoid data loss. After you remove your username, add it again by clicking on the Add Account under the Mail option.

Delete Preferences File

The apps on your computer get instructions on how to function from the preference file. If this file gets corrupted, the apps may not receive instructions in the right manner, and they start to behave abnormally. Remove the preference file, as any sort of corruption might be the cause behind the frequent crashing of the Mail app.

Remove Mail Saved Folder

In your Mail app, the Mail saved folder is the cache folder. The Mail app resumes and reopens when the saved folder allows it to do that. If the saved folder is corrupted or there’s any other problem that is preventing it from working normally, you may experience a functional glitch in the Mail app. Delete the folder and then restart the Mail app.

Turn Off Mail Preview

Though it seems unrealistic, mail preview can sometimes result in slowing down the Mail app. With too many messages in the mailbox, the app turns sluggish. When the apps automatically preview messages from the inbox, it may end up displaying performance and functional discrepancies. Turning off the Mail preview can help fix the issue.


When Mail quit unexpectedly Mac system, try to reset NVRAM and PRAM for a more technical solution. You might be wondering what NVRAM is and how it works. It’s small storage that stores your computer’s settings when the Mac is turned off. Resetting NVRAM and PRAM can help resolve issues associated with apps.

Update macOS

Most app-related issues are the result of outdated macOS versions. If the outmoded operating system is the reason behind the inappropriate functioning of the Mail app on Mac, update the macOS immediately. You can also upgrade the macOS if you are using an older version, as it might not support the current version of your Mail app.

The Conclusion

Whatever solution you attempt to try on your Mac or another digital device for resolving Mail app issues, make sure to back up your important files. A backup will help you restore data, including emails, if anything goes wrong.

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