10 Best iOS & Android Game Apps To Download for Your Commute to Work

Travelling to work can be dull at the best of times and the same short journeys can seem to take hours when you’ve got nothing to do. Thankfully there are some brilliant game apps that will keep you entertained (and even get you addicted) so daily bus, train or tube journeys will never be boring again! Go through our list of the best iOS and Android games to play while travelling to and from work:

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump (iOS free, Android free)

Doodle jump is as addictive as it is entertaining with the aim of the game being to jump your little creature as high as you can while tapping and tilting to avoid monsters, black holes and falling from a great height. This simple game will keep you entertained while you work through 11 worlds, trying to beat your high score and watching out for unexpected treats such as trampolines and propeller hats.

Pointless Quiz

Pointless Quiz (iOS £1.49, Android £1.49)

Based on the TV show Pointless, this trivia quiz will add make commuting more fun as you can play offline on your own or online with friends. Each fact based question has been asked to 100 people and the idea is to come up with your own answer that is not only correct, but one that no one else has chosen- the less points you get, the better! This is a great app for travelling because it requires you to think hard, waking you up in the morning and getting your brain in gear!


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team (iOS free, Android free)

This is a great app for commuting if you’re a football supporter as it allows you to build your own dream team of players and test your management skills by competing in leagues from the English Premier League to La Liga. With over 10,000 players from 500 licensed teams and the ability to play in simulated real world matches, you shouldn’t get on the bus or train without this app!

Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2 (iOS free, Android free)

This app is the sequel to the hugely popular Temple Run game which sees you running for your life from evil demon monkeys in the temple where you stole a cursed idol. Jump, slide, run and turn as you try to get as far as you can to escape, with better graphics, more obstacles and more achievements than the original app. Temple Run 2 is a thrilling game for the morning commute and one that you’ll be dedicated to!

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja (iOS £0.79, Android £0.79)

A seemingly simple game turns into something addictive as you try to slice as many flying fruits as you can while avoiding the bombs. Blades and dojos help you slice and three play modes make this the perfect app to keep you entertained while travelling to work. If you haven’t already tried Fruit Ninja then make sure you download it for tomorrow morning!


Marvel Contest of Champions (iOS free, Android free)

Comic book fans will love this Marvel app which enables players to fight to defeat evil villain Kang the Conqueror by collecting and building an ultimate team of heroes and villains. Bonuses are given based on relationships that appear in the Marvel comic books which makes this brawling story app such a fun play.


Monopoly Game (iOS £0.79, Android free)

Monopoly is such a classic that you just can’t pass this game up! Getting a whole board game out on the tube would be awkward at best, but with the app you can play against your friends right from your device. Make your way around the board and buy, sell and trade famous London properties in three levels of difficulty to keep you entertained while commuting.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans (iOS free, Android £1.49)

If you want something you can really get into, then try Clash of Clans as one of your new apps for travelling. Build your own army, defend your village, join forces with other clans and battle against players worldwide to take their trophies and win victory with this exciting game! There are various weapons available to defend your village plus barbarians, hog riders and dragons can all be added to your army to help you lead your clan to victory.

Dont touch the spikes

Don’t Touch The Spikes (iOS free, Android free)

A simple but addictive app for short journeys, Don’t Touch The Spikes requires you to tap the screen to make the bird fly to avoid the spikes. You collect points and trophies as you move through the hundreds of levels and unlock new birds, making this a game you can play again and again!

Bubble Witch 2

Bubble Witch 2 Saga (iOS free, Android free)

This game is all about bursting bubbles as you travel round Witch Country freeing it from dark spirits and evil Morgana for witch Stellar and her cats. There are more than 60 levels to this app plus boosters and leaderboards that will leave you obsessed. This is one of the most fun games to play on the way to work and you won’t be able to wait until you can play again on your journey home!

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