Best 5 Wireless Headphones you can Buy right now

With wireless headphone technology getting more and more advanced really quickly and the price coming down really quickly, the idea of wireless headphones is becoming more of a realistic choice for the average consumer and even the audiophile who loves their sound. Therefore, we have compiled a list of some of the best options right now if you’re in the market to purchase some wireless headphones.

Wireless headphones don’t come cheap still and if you’re looking for a decent pair then you’re still looking to spend $100+. However we like to think e’ve chosen some headphones that will not only endure the physical battles of every day wear but also the technology battle they’ll face from competitors throughout 2015. We hope you find the right headphones for you.


best headphones to buy`Sennheiser is a headphone company that have been around for many years and are recently getting really popular for producing incredible sounding headphones for affordable prices. The Sennheiser MM 400X come in at a reasonable $169 and give great design with a small, mobile and portable design. They offer thick plastic that feels sturdy but isn’t the greatest or highest-quality feeling material known to man. They offer some cool navigation buttons on the side that allow you to control your music without getting your phone out, however they do require you to remember what each button does as you obviously can’t see them whilst they’re on your head.

The MM 400Xs offer great sound quality for some smaller headphones. However, they rest on your ears as opposed to over your hears which some may feel less comfortable that over-the-ear headphones as they rest on the bones of your ears. However these are a great choice for those that aren’t looking to break the bank and want some incredibly portable wireless headphones with good battery life.

SENNHESIER RS-160 ($116)

best headphones to buyWe’ve got another offering from Sennheiser with the Sennheiser RS-160s. These headphones offer an over-the-ear cup as opposed to the on-the-ear cup that the MM 400Xs offered. Some would argue this means they are more comfortable for the user to have on their head. They’re made of similar materials to the MM 400Xs also and so the same rules apply to build quality here.

You can expect the same great sound from these cups as with every Sennheiser offering. The headphones have a transmitter that needs to be near the headphones to work. the transmitter receives the sound and sends it to the headphones meaning these aren’t headphones designed for taking to the gym really, more headphones for office or home use. However you can use them with batteries.

PARROT ZIK 2.0 ($399.99)

best headphones to buyThe Parrot ZIKs are not only some of the most beautiful wireless headphones on the market but also the most filled with technology. As you can see, the ZIKs have an incredible design which was all chosen by French designer Philippe Starck which shows why they’re almost works of art. They use high-quality metals for the bands, real leather for the headband and soft-touch plastics around the cups.

The Parrot Ziks offer Jawbone recognition which is a sensor based at the bottom of the cup that senses when your jaw is moving or not so that if you’re speaking it can activate it’s microphones (there’s 4 for noise cancelling, 1 for calls) at the correct time. It also features a motion-sensor to auto pause your music when you take the cups away from your face. PLUS, they have subtle swipe sensors on the side that allows you to tap to pause/play, swipe-left and right to switch between tracks and swipe-up or down for volume. If that wasn’t enough, the ZIKs also offer NFC capability allowing you to simply hold your phone to the side of the phone and they’ll automatically connect. These sort of features, it’s incredible design and stunning sound quality make these a set of headphones that every headphone owner desires for.

PHILIPS FIDELIO M2BT ($410.89 as of 21.02.2016)

best headphones to buyPhilips are one of the biggest manufacturers in the world when it comes to electricity, they’ve recently not been in the limelight for their products, but the Philips M1BTs won many awards last year for their great sound and portability and the M2BTs look to improve upon everything whilst adding in NFC support.

The Philips offer a smart design with an open-back and uses simple black plastics. There’s nothing stunning about the design but that doesn’t away anything from the design allowing them to stay classy, but they won’t be turning heads anytime soon.

The M2BTs offer incredible sound with punchy bass and plenty of detail to your music and games. There’s not much more you can ask for from such headphones. Despite our title suggesting they are $410 right now Amazon, they can be purchased for about £185 on the UK site and so it may be best attempting to get them from there if these are the headphones for you.

With great sound, professional and smart design and NFC support, they headphones offer a great set of features for your money. They are on-ear cups once again, however this may not bother most people. These are perfect for those who want a straight-forward set of wireless headphones that are quick, portable and sound great too!


best headphones to buyIf you thought the Parrot ZIKs were the most luxurious offering we had on this list then you thought wrong. Earlier we mentioned that Sennheiser offer affordable headphones with great sound, the Momentum series slightly deter from that norm.

This is as a result of incredibly high-grade materials along with certainly better sound than any other headphones on this list but also arguably the best sound of any headphones in it’s class.  The Momentum Wireless 2.0s are made with high-class leather that feels like it belongs on an expensive couch around the headpiece along with brushed aluminium straps to keep the sturdiness of the strap. What reviewers have commented is that despite the incredible high quality of the materials, the Momentum’s remain incredibly light and comfortable on the ears with incredibly comfortable ear pads also.

The sound of the Sennheiser Momentum’s offer a best-in-class sound that is matched by no other on this list, nor many in it’s price range. They offer the perfect amount of bass to your R&B or Rock music whilst also allowing for incredible highs and mids when listening to your Classical or Pop tunes.

The Momentums aren’t rich in features such as the Parrot ZIKs, however they offer a few buttons around the cups to control volume and obviously turn the headphones on. TheMomentums do come with noise-cancelling that doesn’t dampen the music like some other noise-cancelling devices and there is also a wired option if you want to listen to the music raw.

With such a high price point you’d expect great things from the Sennheiser Momentum Wireless 2.0s and that’s exactly what you get. Unbelievable comfort, unbelievable sound and plenty of options for those music lovers that have a lot of cash to spend and want some incredible wireless headphones.


We have provided you with 5 of the very best wireless headphones on the market right now. From $100-$500 we have picked headphones for every price range. Wireless headphones are getting better and better everyday with the likes of AKG, Audio Technica, Sennheiser and even Beats all competing to have not only the best sounding but the best looking and most feature-packed headphones on the market.

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