10 Coolest iPhone Cases That Would Make Great Gifts

When you’re looking for a gift for the person who has everything, it can be so difficult to find something cool and unique that they’d love. iPhone cases make the perfect present as they are useful but also show off style and personality in a way that other functional gifts can’t. We’ve created a list of the 10 coolest iPhone cases we could find and shared them so you don’t have to spend hours trawling the internet looking for great gifts!



Casetify created the original Instagram photocase and their service is still going strong. You choose your case type from the options of Classic Snap, Bezel and Wood, then decide on your photo layout before uploading the photos from Instagram, Facebook or your computer. The options for this case are endless as it is completely designed by you so would make a great personal gift phone case. The cases are available for iPhone 4 and above.

Gizmon iCA


The GIZMON iCA5 is the perfect iPhone case for photography lovers and is made from 32 durable polycarbonate parts that come together to look like a retro manual SLR camera. You or your photography loving friend will be amazed at the detail on this case!

The GIZMON has a thin mock lens that allows the case to fit in a pocket, with a mirror instead of lens glass for selfies. All the buttons of the iPhone are accessible and the case’s shutter button triggers the real camera shutter on your phone. In addition, the polycarbonate case is impact resistant, has a mini hotshoe and is compatible with most camera straps. Available in white, brown and black.



The eXo is very unusual looking and would make a unique phone case gift. This is a Kickstarter backed project that features an innovative stainless steel skeleton and impact absorption system that is so slim and lightweight it’s almost like it isn’t there. The eXo protects the most vulnerable iPhone 6 areas to give it maximum security and includes a quick release system that allows the phone to be secured to ‘almost anything’. This cool phone case is currently available to pre-order and will be shipped in summer 2015.

Little pocket book

Pad & Quill Little Pocket Book

This case is available for the iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6 that includes a stitched and embossed leather outer that is designed to make it look like a book. The Little Pocket Book protects phones in style with a Baltic birch cradle and Z grabber grip corners that hold the phone in place while giving the appearance of book pages. The case also features a ribbon bookmark and elastic closure to give it that further notebook touch, while the internal pockets allow the storage of cards, IDs and notes. This is a very stylish phone case that would make a brilliant gentleman’s gift.


TaskOne G3 Pro iPhone Tool Case

This thin and lightweight aircraft-grade steel case houses 22 hardened steel tools that make this a brilliant and useful phone gift. The case includes tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, wire strippers and saws that make it perfect for those who like the outdoors and travelling. In addition the phone is cushioned inside a polymer layer and protected by polycarbonate edge bands that secure the phone from knocks, drops and scratches.

Cross stitch phone case

Thumbs Up Cross Stitch Case

This phone case is for the hobbyists and those who love DIYs, as the plain white case has tiny holes that allows any design to be cross stitched onto it. The kit comes with seven wheels of coloured thread, a needle, needle threader and 11 fun designs to follow. This case can be stitched again and again so is a versatile iphone case gift that will provide hours of enjoyment!

Harry Potter acceptance letter

Harry Potter Acceptance Letter

A great phone case gift for Harry Potter lovers, this case features Harry’s Hogwarts acceptance letter. The case is hard and covers the sides of the phone, leaving access to all ports, plus features a silicone sleeve that gives the phone extra protection.

Real Wood Phone Case

Real Wood Case

These real wood cases are beautiful and one of a kind, with each featuring unique wood grain. The cases are laser cut and treated with natural varnish to create a sophisticated way of protecting a phone. The designs feature a black clip on frame to make application and removal easy. A lovely phone case gift for those who appreciate the natural things in life!

Watercolour Phone Case

Watercolour Set Phone Case

This cool case looks exactly like a used watercolour set but is actually nice and clean, wonderful for artist friends! The watercolour case is made from slim plastic that clips onto a range of phone models and is meant to provide protection from daily wear and tear.

Belkin Lego case

Belkin Lego Builder Case

The Lego Builder Case is a cool phone case and protector for kids (or just big kids!) as it protects the phone from impact, scratches and damage to the buttons but turns the back surface into a blank canvas for all sorts of Lego fun. This case can be customised with Lego bricks and the possibilities are endless as new creations can be built again and again.

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