25 Must Have iPhone Gadgets To Buy – Part Two

Finding the perfect iPhone gadget is easy with part two of our list of 25 must have iPhone gadgets to buy.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- withings smart body analyserWithings WS-50 Smart Body Analyser $149.95

This amazing gadget measures your heart rate, weight, body fat, air quality and temperature, then sends the measurements to your iPhone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can also download an app to help you reach your goals and see improvements.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- logitech harmonyLogitech Harmony Home Hub $149.99

Using your iPhone to control your home entertainment system and automation system has never been easier than with the Logitech Harmony Hub. You simply need to set up through the app and then you can control your devices. The hub works with over 270,000 devices and can even control those behind cabinet walls or doors. You can control schedules, triggers and multiple devices at once whether you’re at home or away with this must have iPhone gadget.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- bead braceletBead Bracelet Lightning Cable $13

This is not just an accessory but a lightning charging cable too that can be used with your iPhone. The design clips together to create what looks like a beaded bracelet when not in use, meaning you always have it with you even without a bag or pockets.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- garmin vivosmartGarmin Vivosmart $167.99

The Garmin Vivosmart is an activity tracker and provides smart notifications too so you can pair the band with your iPhone and not be left out of the loop. The band displays steps, calories, distance and time of day, plus calls, texts, emails and notifications with vibration alert. The band features easy tap and swipe controls along with an inactivity alert and auto goals. This iPhone gadget is perfect for those who like to keep busy and on the move without missing out on anything from their phone.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- anker portable wireless speakerAnker Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker $39.99

This brilliant portable speaker for the iPhone has a 20 hour battery life and produces high definition sound that connects over Bluetooth to enable easy streaming of your favourite music.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- inkcaseInkCase i5 $79.99

The InkCase protects your iPhone while showing an extra screen so that you can view your favourite photos along with notifications. The images and content is sent to the screen via Bluetooth and controlled through a special app. The cool e-Paper display screen is useful and functional while helping keep your phone protected.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- black diamondBlack Diamond iPhone Charging Dock $50

This beautiful iPhone gadget is not just a charging dock but an alarm clock, speaker and ambient light. The BD app will allow you to customise the look of the Black Diamond, creating colour effects, plasma, flame and rainbow designs. You can also set the alarm clock to wake you with gentle lights and music.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- nomadkeyNomadKey $19.95

The NomadKey makes charging your iPhone on the go easy, you’ll never forget your charging cable again so in theory you’ll never run out of battery. The charging cable is just a few centimeters long which means you can store it on your keyring for convenience when out and about.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- novaNova $59

The Nova is the first Bluetooth controlled flash for the iPhone that uses 40 diffused cool and warm LEDs that can be controlled in colour and brightness by the accompanying app. The Nova is small and slim enough to fit in your wallet so you can always have it with you to ensure you get the perfect shot.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- clipseeClipSee $13.99

The ClipSee is a great iPhone gadget for the car- it clips onto the seat belt to create a secure holder for your phone and amplifies sound up to three time in speaker mode. The phone is held much closer to your mouth than other car holders so your voice is clearer on the other end of the phone.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- sandisk ixpandiXpand Flash Drive $94

If you’re regularly running out of storage space on your iPhone then you’ll appreciate this flash drive that automatically syncs photos and videos from your phone as soon as its plugged in. The drive is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB and has both a lightning and USB connection for easy transfer of files between your phone and computer. You can also watch movies directly from the drive.

Must Have iPhone Gadgets- okusOKU $249

OKU is an iPhone connected skin health device that scans your skin, analyses it in detail and then gives you a SkinScore value. This tells you the state of your skin and any areas that need to be improved, then gives you a daily target to reach for optimal skin health and youthfulness. OKU gives lifestyle, diet, product and routine advice for your skin.

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