List of The Best Chia Exchanges To Buy Sell Chia [Updated]

A chia exchange a place or a website that allows you to buy or sell XCH in exchange of other crypt or non-crypto currencies. Generally, any crypto exchange can include Chia in the list of their tradable currencies. There are few jobs that a Chia crypto exchange does for you:

  • Buy/sell Chia with other currencies including local currency like USD/GBP/Euro etc. 
  • Exchange Chia or trade off your crypto currency and get Chia 
  • Convert other currencies into Chia XCH or vice versa

List of the top 22 crypto exchanges that you can trade Chia coin on

CountryChia Exchanges Currency Pairs
1United States
2United States CoinbaseN/A
3United States Uphold
4China BiBoxUSDT/XCH
8Hong KongCoinExXCH/USDT
10Hong KongHooXCH/USDT
11SingaporeHuobi GlobalXCH/USDT
17Australia BWXCH/USDT
21Cayman IslandsGate.ioXCH/USDT
22British Virgin IslandsBKExXCH/USDT

Best Crypto Exchanges To Buy/Sell Chia XCH That We Highly Recommend

We have found some of the best Chia exchanges to buy/sell chia coins on. If you are going to join a crypto exchange do consider following exchanges first.

CountryChia Exchanges Currency Pairs Features
1Cayman IslandsGate.ioXCH/USDTThe best and the most active Chia exchange in the U.S. 
2Hong KongCoinExXCH/USDTA highly recommended Chia exchange
3SeychellesOKExXCH/USDTIt has the second highest Chia trading volume
4SingaporeHuobi GlobalXCH/USDTThis one is the best Chia exchange because it’s the highest trading volume
5United States Crypto.comIt’s a US based crypto exchange that you can use. They also offer a Visa card and with that you can get 8% crypto back.

Important things to do before buying/selling Chia through a crypto exchange?

Why To Choose The Best Exchange For Chia Buying or Selling Instead of Choosing Randomly?

You should always choose the best exchange in terms of trade volume and keep an eye on the exchanges which also offer XCH coins. Choose the Chia exchange from our list, the one which has been recommended instead. The recommendations are based on trade volume. 

Do crypto exchanges offer security?

Funds in the exchanges do not get secured as the money does in the bank. For example Coinbase secures the balance by keeping it in the U.S. Dollars with the insured FDIC accounts but that would not apply to any crypto balance at the same time. Many crypto exchanges get their digital currencies insured to avoid fraud or hacking crisis.

Liquidity of Chia coins 

If you are joining an exchange to trade in Chia coins you need to have enough trade value to keep your holdings liquid. If they are liquid you can sell them anytime you want to. If the Chia trade volume of the whole exchange increases, that means you have better chances to buy or sell Chia XCH. 

How do we select best Chia exchanges for better opportunities chances of Chia buying and selling?

When we see through CoinMarketCap etc. that a certain exchange has a higher trade volume of Chia coins, that means the traders get more chances to buy or sell XCH. Technically the crypto coin prices fluctuate a lot. So if the price is high for Chia or any other currency you may end up paying even a higher price due to low trade volume. For example let’s say 1 Chia coin is worth $300 today and you have decided to buy a few once the price lowers. So if the exchange you are on has a low Chia trade volume you may end up paying totally a different price for that even though the price is lower than $300. 

Therefore, we have selected Chia exchanges or crypto exchanges that have better Chia volume and offer better Chia buying and selling opportunities. 

Chia Network CoinMarketCap And Recommended Exchanges For Chia Trade 

We all need to know about the prices and trade volume of cryptocurrencies to partake in the trade. You must follow CoinMarketCap which does that. In order to buy or sell Chia coin, CoinMarketCap has provided the list of top exchanges which we have mentioned below. These crypto exchanges have high Chia trade volumes according to it:

  1. OKEx 
  2. Huobi Global 
  3. XT
  4. Pionex

Source: CoinMarketCap Chia Network

Understanding Chia Exchange Fees Structure

The fees of an exchange can be fixed but it mostly depends upon the percentage of the trade you have done. So if you hare going to trade Chia you must understand fee structure of each exchange that they charge.

Do All Major Crypto Exchanges Offer Chia Network Trading?

Although the list of Chia exchanges mentioned above offer Chia coin buying and selling except one or two which are currently unavailable or have different regulations in their region. You should always check whether an exchange offers Chia trade or not by searching through the coins they offer for trade as all the major exchanges may not have XCH included in their coins. 

Taxation on Chia and other coins 

Always keep in mind your tax information about crypto assets which you must include for the rax returns. That’s a general rule of thumb. That also means you’ll come to know the value of your Chia coins when you buy or sell it in the U.S. dollars.  Most of the crypto exchanges do not provide you with a taxation form because they cannot track your transactions when you leave them. So if that happens while buying/selling Chia you would need to keep a track of such transactions on your own and add them into your tax files. 

How to Buy / Sell Chia XCH 

This video tutorial will help you understand the steps to join exchanges to trade Chia coin. You can easily trade XCH. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. You just have to follow these steps. 

How to buy and sell Chia and some of the Best Exchange for the US miners are also mentioned in this video. 
Details About Crypto Exchanges Where Chia is Listed.

Some more crypto exchanges where Chia has been listed now. WHERE to Buy XCH?

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